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  1. Take a look at this: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/225648-hoth-campaign-diary/ I am one of the rebel players at this camapaign. We loose the most games. It is absolutly possible to win as imperial player, of course we had no luck in drawing upgrade weapons
  2. Hi! I played this list on the local regional tournament and became 2nd http://ia-armies.com/army/FWOl5S3Q I replaced celebration with urgency. Of course I had luck with played maps. But shooting 3 times in one round with ATST is pretty fine. Use one guard to defend the ATST and the other 3 to conquer objectives and both officers cowered behind ATST. More a defensive play style list with lot of offensive shooting power. BTW: I would not play an ATST without 1-2 Elite Officer
  3. I use this one for the mini cards storage http://www.arcanetinmen.dk/products/gaming-boxes There is space for 2 rows in upright position with sleeves
  4. Hi!Did you get a feedeback regarding your questions?
  5. Hi! Loose Cannon will be our next Story mission. Just a strategy question to open groups selection for this mission: I am pretty sure that the Rebels will bring Chewbacca as an ally into play. If they do so, I think about to choose as the optional deployment for the ally a 2nd ATST under IP command (ATST expansion is available). What do you think? Which open groups and optional deployment would you choose? I see no chance to win this mission as IP without on ATST
  6. Hi! My qeustion is a mix between rules and mission about interact with tokens. "Healthy heroes and Stormtroopes can retrieve recuits" (neutral mission tokens) This means figures spend an action to interact with these tokens acc. RRG to retrieve tokens. Right? "When a hero carrying a recruit enters a space containing an exit, the heroes claim that recruits mission token." Does this mean that the player claim the token automatically if the hero enters the exit space or does the hero have to spend an interact action to claim the token?
  7. And what is about a meele attack within the same space? Because RRG refers only to "adjacent target/space/figure" RRG page 5 "Attacks" -For a melee attack (P), an eligible target is any hostile figure adjacent to the attacker. For a ranged attack (O), an eligible target is any hostile figure within line of sight of the attacker.
  8. Hi! Can I use a ranged attack to attack a terminal in the same space as the attacker? What do I have to roll for accuracy in this case? 1 or zero?
  9. Hi! I played my first Aftermath mission today and have a question about Winning condition. Mid of Round 4 Rebels destroyed the last terminal but in campagin status phase the Probe Droid use self-destruct and defeated/wounded the last non wounded hero. So, who won the game? Does the winning condition fulfilled immediately? What about the winning conditions for IP: wound all heros. Does the game end immediatly if all heroes wounded or does it mean that the IP needs to defend the terminals until end of round 6 anyway?
  10. Hi! I have question regarding Executor ability of Royal Guard Champion Executor: When a friendly figure within 3 spaces is defeated, this figure may interrupt to move up to 2 spaces and then perform an attack. Limit once per round To which figure refers "this figure" in this text? a) Royal Guard Champion or b) defeated Figure
  11. Hi! I am looking for some possibility to speed up the game too. In the rulebook I found the optional rule "Age of Empire", which limited the game to 7-10 rounds regardless of the VP. Does somebody have experince in using this rule? Does sombody tried the following combination: Using "Age of Empire" rule fully and include the winning condition with 10 VP Does this speed up the game?
  12. Hi! According to rule book page 24 you need to check for the closest obstruction to the lowest unit. According to page 46 hills are blocking terrain. So you want to shoot from lvl 2 to lvl 0 and between ther is a hill which is according to the rules a blocking terrain. In my interpretation of the rules the flak can not shoot at the tank on the street because the tank is in a blind hex. If you shoot from a higher location you got +1 range for this unit. To balance the game there must be an disadvantage for this position, i.e. you can not shoot to the submontane. Do not try to explain some situation in this game with "reality"! Just play the game according to the rules A perfect example you will find in the LOS example pdf Attached you find a link where you could download the LOS example pdf. Normaly this link is valid for the next 5 days, me be it will be deleted after the first download. I dont know. If some problems with this link please let me know. http://mbf.me/tREnT
  13. Hi! Sorry, you´re right! The community is still alive! The support of FFG for the game is dead.
  14. Hi! I think TOI is dead. Why? Look at Civilization! That was anounced later than FotB but now you can download the rules. At the moment there are no rules download availbale for FotB. I think that would be a minimum support of FFG to the game. But why isn´t it?
  15. Lynyrd

    Fury of the Bear

    Hello @ all! Today I ask my favorite local boardgame dealer about the release date of "Futy of the bear" He told me the release for middle europe is planed for July 2010. He thought that realistic date will be the 3rd quarter of 2010. That is a long time to wait :-(
  16. Lynyrd

    Fury of the Bear

    Hi! I can not await to take a look on the new rules. Does anybody remember how long did it take from announcing the new expansion to get a download of the rules from the FFG support page?
  17. Hi! That is a good question. I´m intersting too on this book, but i will not buy it until all errors are corrected. Does anybody know anything?
  18. Hi! I´m not sure how many systems can an active player activate during an tactical actions. Only one system or a various number of systems during one tactical action?
  19. Hi! Here is the link to the magnets http://www.supermagnete.de/magnets.php?article_id=S-03-01-N#S-03-01-N I bought it in this online store. The disadvantage of magnets are the costs. To modify the starter box are nearly the same costs as the starter box of TOI (you need ~500 pieces) I will try to make some pictures of my modification in the next view days and post it. Greetings
  20. Hi! I modified my figures and Bases with small magnets (diameter 3mm, height 1mm)
  21. Hi! Maybe somebody write a mail to FFG and write the answer in this Forum The rule support is very fast! I tried it two times. Greetings
  22. Hi! I got a official answer from FFG: The unit would be pinned/suppressed if hit by a suppressive attack. I hope that this answers your question! -Corey Konieczka Fantasy Flight Games Design and Development I Think it is clear :-)
  23. Hi! The new american tank M10 from the expansion "Normandy" get a special rule: "Open Top: This vehicle is vulnerable to suppressive attacks" I think only the mortar crew is an additional weapon that benefit from this rule, but how does ist work? After a suppressive attack is the tank lightly/heavily damaged or pinned/suppressed? I can not found it in the rule book. Thanks for help.
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