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  1. Thank you for the information on the game map. I too was put off by the price of the original maps, I'd much rather spend my money on more planes etc. On the other hand it must be much more fun to play on a map than on simply any surface. I'm now thinking of trying to print the maps and than maybe seal them in plastic, oh can't remember the proper name for that. Than again that might cause a problem during the game cause all the map pieces are indivudal. Hm, on other option might be to buy a piece of plexi glas ( I think it's called) and glue the map pieces on that. Ofcourse it is a good point that the map is not realistic in that it does not show the battle field and the trenches, but I wouldn't really fancy on playing on a black and white gameboard I must admit. Yes I aggree I would like a map wich shows the battlefield, but would like it to be really collourfull like the one our japanese friend shows us. okay I'll now stop nittpicking about game maps, as afterall we shouldn't really get to worked up about what the game map shows or doesn't, it's just a background to make our 'flying- experience more realistic, and have a go at having this printed. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Thank you both for your reply Xandria said: *The content from the expansions does not use content from other expansions; especially Road to Legend could use Well of Darkness and Altar of Despair much more than it does. Also, Tomb of Ice provides little Road to Legend content. Do you mean to say that each expansion is sort of standalone. So you can go for any you like without necesarily needing any of the other? The dark side: who is the dark side, from the little I've read about this, I understood each player controles a team of heroes on a quest. So who is playing the dark side?
  3. Well you know how it is. You've can barely move through the room for boxes with games, some of them still waiting to be played some day, but still you can not resist to go out on the internet and look for MORE.... I know it is an addiction, buying games, but probably on of the better ones. So now I've stumbled on descent and am wondering, what is this game all about. Is there a promotional movie explaining the game anywhere? It looks a bit like a combination of Battle Lore and Hero Quest...... yeah I know, I'm just guessing as I haven't got a clue. What seems clear to me, having had a look on this site, is that it is another game with endless expansions.
  4. Ask him for a discount for advertising his site. I'd never heard of it before you mentioned it.
  5. Now that seems like a perfectly good reason to put the epic expansion back on my list. For some reason, probably missread something, I was under the impression the epic one came with a paper map. On the down side, epic doesn't come with any figures if I'm not mistaken, wich I find rather offputting. So why exactly do you like epic. So if I understand this correctly the map of the throll expanions is the same map as the one you can make (using the basic map) with the epic expanansion. But the throll map allready has the unitpositions indicated, wich means you can only play the throll scenarion on that map. Somehow I think that is a pitty, as it also prevents us from adding this paper map to the reall maps and go for a really epic game. I'm still hoping for a game scenario (that'll probably need a huge map, that'll allow us to use ALL THE UNITS we have. It still can't get myself to buy units knowing I'll only use them so often. Why not have a scenario where additional troops may enter the field after you've lost a certain amount of banners. Just a curiosity question: does anyone know how many units we have if we buy all there is to buy at this moment?
  6. sagitar


    Lucky you, coltsfan, was this an expansion or did you buy the base game twice? Good to hear those extras may come in handy later on.
  7. sagitar


    You're right Zurgling, about them dwarfs needing to be microscopic and it just doesn't really bother me. It was just an observation. I'm more 'disturbed' by creatures of the same race, being of different sizes. I'll try your painting advise, if I ever get lucky and find all I'll need for that.
  8. sagitar


    Yeah not very locical. There's 10 banners for one army and only 5 for the other. So this is just extra, like the 2 ugly little sword waving critters (goblins?) I found in the box. Two don't make a unit, but wo knows, I may find too many in an expansion some day. Indeed I too could only explain this as maybe you needed them in some scenarios, where mabye some units needed up or down grading by use of banners.
  9. sagitar


    Thanks. Yeah I know I'm probably being to difficult again. I suffer from a disturbing eye for detail (allthough I still can't find where I put things) and such little things can at times annoy me. As for the units filling the board, are there actually scenarioes for wich we can use everything? I could imagine even an epic map being to small if you use all the expansions. Truth be told I was rather keen on buying everything, but if I won't be using most stuff I buy extra, unless mentioned, it sort of seems a bit pointless to me, or am I see-ing this whole wrong? In my box there are also a number of spare banners. I reckon this is nice in case you breaks something, but is there a logical reason why one army would have more banners than the other?
  10. sagitar


    Finally it happened, I finally managed to find some time and a place to put my gameboard and place all the units on it. Well you know how these things go, you get this game and are keen to give it a go, but suddenly everybody seems to need you. Suddenly all sorts of things have to be done and when you think you have some time, something new and unexpected needs your attention. But today I finally found a quiet corner and put my stuff on the board. So now I can try and learn the game when I find a quiet moment. Quite an impressive number of figures I must say. When you put them all on there the board is full and leaves little room for movement. And here I was allready planning to buy, almost, every expansion. But now I'm not so sure, as (as said) the board is allready full with what I've got. Am I right in assuming that you only use a limited number, wich are named in scenarioes, and you'll never ever use it all? Somehow that sounds a bit disappointing. But than again with this games system, where you have to conquer a number of banners, it's likely the game is over before you've even mover every units. Also. looking at the armies, I've discovered one thing I don't like about the miniatures wich is the difference in scale. No I'm not bother by enormous creatures, I think it is fully acceptable they are larger than human figures. But I do find it a bit annoying that the red sword and archer units are so muc larger then the other sword units. Oh sorry I'm talking about them ugly critters, what are they orcs? It jus doesn't seem right, it looks akward to me. Surely it can't have been so much trouble to get them in the same scale. Afterall the did manage to get all the mounted unit on the same scale. Same thing with the human, the archers and red sword units are much larger than the other troops. Oh wait, can it be that they did this on purpose to indicate these units are stronger? Still I don't like it, to me it looks akward. No such problems with the dwarfs, they all are the same size, so there goes my theory about the red swordsmen out of the window. Allthough ofcourse it than again collides with my sens for scale that the dwarves are actually the largest footsoldier figures on the field. Now I don't know why but for some reason I had expected dwarves to be small. If anyone can explain the logic of the different scales, please do, I'm allways eager to learn.
  11. No problem Toddrew. So if I understand this correctly the epic expansion actually gives you a reall map (well not paper)? I'm sure I read somewhere it was a paper map. I assumed the first epic map was made up out of two basic game boards put together. Wich obviously ment having to buy the game twice.
  12. Aegis, did they give you those (40% off ) packs at Christmas? I for one would be very annoyed if they talked me out of buying them and than didn't buy them for me. Lucky you for finding such a discount, mind you, if you're not allowed to buy them...... I'll have to try and get my wife into the game, so she won't object to me buying more. Women are weird that way. They don't seem to understand we really MUST HAVE those expansions. Why do you need those, you can play the game as it is, can't you? Yeah.. sure...... Mind you they don't seem to apply that kind of logic when it comes to buying shoes. Why do you need another pair, you've allready got 40 pair upstairs...... (hey, maybe we could convince them we need the new expansions, cause the old ones have gone out of fashion) women.......
  13. something seems to be wrong with this site, instead of the last message displayed underneath, I get all sorts of error messages. Weird! ahwell at least an improvement from last week when I couldn't even acces my previous written missages. Anyway. First let me say that sofar I have not been convinced to buy any epic game. I find the whole idea of buying a paper map very offputting, especially when it is clear, after buying the basic game, that they are capable of making better maps. You may find it worth the money, because it has extra tokens etc, (maybe you are right and I'm just being difficult, but I for one would like to see some extra miniatures rather than just paper and cardboard after paying that kind of money. Afterall pay a few (dollars- euros) more and you can get a load of new troops, wich to me, seems far more interesting and better vallue for money. Asfar as maps go it's slightly confusing, but as I understand it when we have the basic BL we can use the back side of the map for epic games. All we need is a friend who has the game, to make our map complete. Or if you really feel like spending, you can buy a 2nd box. Now as I understood it they came up with the epic sets so we wouldn't have to buy a 2nd set of BL and could save us some money. That made me wonder why trollbridge comes with an epic map aswell. Surely there is no point in having two epic maps, unless you want to play an epic epic game. But as coltsfan now explains to me, I have clearly missunderstood. Apparenlty they've come up with the epic maps, so you can easily transport them, should you wish to play the game with friends. Now personally I wouldn't mind some hassle if it ment playing the game on a real map, but than again I'm not likeley to travel with my game, so maybe I'd change my minds if I would have to do so. Now am I correct in understand from one of the previous posts that the epic maps actually allready have all the terrain features on them? So this means you don't have to bring you tiles. Wich I reckon could be good for easier travel, buth than you'd still have to bring your armies - just a moment while I check - Yeah your right the reall wait is in the map etc, the armies don't weigh anything at all. So granted you may have a point there. On the down side this ofcourse means that you can only play one scenario on an epic map. (maybe I've missunderstood?) So you use the troll bridge epic set to battle the troll and if you want to play a different (epic) game, you'll need a new map. (surely I must have miss understood). Looking ahead to epansions probably still to be bought, I can imagine that at some point I will need an epic map. Well if you go through the trouble of buying all them armies, you ofcourse also want to be able to use them in a game and not be forced to just play with a selected part of your army. Where's the fun in that. If I look at what is for sale, it seems to me the gameboard will soon be filled to capacity and you will find yourself unable to move for the number of units. Now what I'd like to see is a more flexable game board. And a real board, not a paper one. With flexable I mean, you'd be able to expand it. Make your basic map larger by adding new additions to the map, thoes making a larger map. You'll probably say this idea won't work as a map would soon become too large. Than again if you want to use your armies you'll need more room. At least this would give you the opportunity to play with all your units in one game, have a reall epic war, with all you have. No doubt in future FF will come up with even more new units so where will it end? Will this mean (provided we keep up and buy all) that at one point we'll only be able to use a small part of our armies. Use the rest of them as an audiance perhaps? It probably does, and I for one think that would be a reall shame. ,
  14. I like the idea of having a feature made up out of one large tile, rather than having to stick several tiles together to make, say a castle. with all them loose tiles theres a real danger of terrain moving, wich is rather annoying. mind you with FF now owning the game there may be a good change we may get exactly such tiles as they've allready been using such 'multi tiles' in Tide of Iron. So they actually allready have the templates (is that the word I was looking for?) to make them, they just have to print them. I could be mistaken but aren't these tiles all the same size in BL - ToI and M44? Ofcourse I do aggree with you all that expansions should be worth buying i.e. valllue for money, especially in these times when money still refuses to grow on trees and our partners will no doubt give us a hard time for wanting to buy games, when the money could better be spend on other things. Obviously, being enthousiastic about the game one wants to possibly have it all. But I think we should be buying with our heads rather than witho our hearts and not simply buy anything they offer us for sale. I for one shall not be buying the epic game and am reasonably sure I won't bother with the troll either. Mind you I might change my mind if I find it at a more enjoyable price. We as customers should show we are not charmed by certain expanions, because it's not really worth the money by not buying them. Lets be realistic, they are not likely to change it because we moan on this site after we've allready bought it. But if they get stuck with their supply of a certain expansion it may make them think the next time they come up with something new. And if no one buys them, they may feel obliged to change the price. Cause lets be realistic, it's all about the money and we can only influence things and get WHAT WE WANT by holding on to our money. Come to think of it, wouldn't it be a possitive input if the designers etc. would actually ask us on this forum what we actually would like to see next in the game? I know we all assume they actually are keeping a close eye on what is suggested on this forum, but is there actually any proof that they are? I for one would really like to see a discussion with the actual game makers, in wich they'd let us as buyers help create the next expansion. Wouldn't that be fun?
  15. You'll be pleased to know I finally managed to get them out. In one piece and without the use of knives or stuf (as I that didn't work for me either, them nubs wouldn't budge.) Apparently, as the designer informed me, the trick is to push under the wingtips. I must admit it took more force than I was comfortable with, but apparently these little planes are stronger than they look. And no, I won't stick them back in the box, with all the trouble I had getting them out, a quick game would be out of the question. Thank you all for your advise. p.s. does anyone else have trouble with this site when trying to read previous contributions? I get an error message and haven't a clue asto where to report this.
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