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  1. Love these cards, certainly be using a lot of them for our next game. Where do you get the 5x4" character cards printed? (would like to get my modified characters for talisman and DQ printed and MPC don't do that size),
  2. The art on the new board does look incredible though it isn't for me. I haven't liked the new dark, dingy, gritty serious direction the last couple of expansions have taken the game and this looks like its carrying on down that route to attract a new generation into the game. I was hoping for more expansions (even just card decks or characters = ninja/pirate?) in the vain of the earlier stuff and editions; something more colourful, fun (silly?), fantasy archetypes and everyday folk out on an adventure. This new board might spell the end to 'old' talisman as would FFG likely support two different versions of the same game?
  3. I'm liking the improvements for damage deck included in The Force Awakens core set, obviously wanting one for each player in our group. FFG have done upgrade packs for other games before so will the deck be available to purchase separately?
  4. Two (maybe 3) additional changes I've noticed; * When you enter the Catacombs your turn ends. (3rd Ed: You draw a catacomb card when you enter). ? * The Sun Token advances on the First turn of the game. * You do not move again after a Bottomless Pit.
  5. I was thinking of adding a couple of home-brew adventure cards to the standard adventure deck forcing you to draw from the nether realm. Get some of these nasty cards in play when not using the alternate ending.
  6. Can the Warlord choose to take followers using their normal ability (and how to mark this?) or does she only take them as conscrips?
  7. Is the Elementalist's Craft value what is printed on the card (1) or the combined total with his special rule (5) added for cards such as the warhorse?
  8. I recently had a big campaign of Dungeon Quest and like you converted the 2nd edition characters so we had more to choose from. Here's my attempt http://www.mediafire.com/view/9242oy4knhnct40/Heroes%20for%20Dungeon%20Quest%203rd%20v1.3.pdf They have been designed to use with the Classic Combat mode and a few abilities have been modified for smoother play as well as some extra fun,,
  9. Gaming mat issues solved? http://www.gf9.com/Default.aspx?tabid=227&art_id=3699
  10. Any update on a UK release? Considering this is a licenced game from GW i thought it reach its 'home' country on or shortly after release date
  11. Agree the UK price is rediculous, i dont think its worth that much . . . but ill be getting it anyway as i loved the GW version
  12. One advantage of getting the new edition especially if playing with non-gaming wife and kids is that all the rules needed (except for the tiles) are on the cards and character sheets and are some what simpler. Having too constantly ask what a card does or what their character special rules (and tables) are might be off putting.
  13. Very dissapointed with the 50 card room deck, just over half that was in the original. A small card expansion is needed straight away though i hope this game is supported and expanded unlike dracula.
  14. On 1st read through the combat rules seem much more complicated then the original GW version (which is good by me but worried that they might be abit too much for friends and family).
  15. air show said: 96 room cards Im hoping for more cards then that for more variety, making each game more unique.
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