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  1. Ok, so a few pointers: Only draw one character each, no selection - you get what you get. Relic is a random draw I have only played City once or twice, are the Pets not also a random draw? From what you have described of your friends tactics, that still takes quite a while for him to do all those things, what are you up to whilst he is doing this? To be honest it sounds like the City is causing you more of a problem than the LoD as he is using that as an accelerant. I found that although you can get good things in there it does take a bit of time and you can get left behind if you spend too long in there. It is only really any use once you have gained a bit of Gold, the best way to attain that is to go into the Highlands. I am guessing this is what he is doing. In that case, follow him in there and attack attack attack The key to Talisman is using the Strengths of your character, so although there are general tactics to think about, they are generally secondary to how you maximise your character's abilities. If he always beats you, learn what he does with each character. You could always take notes at key stages then look back and learn how things could have gone differently. As an aside, does anyone ever do that ? I have come across it in some digital games and it can be quite useful (are you listening Nomad ?)
  2. Awesome, good luck with the painting, I have never got round to doing that. Will be interested to see what you make of the differences: artwork, Fate, Raiders etc. (do make sure you read the Raider card properly.. ;-) )
  3. Hi, you are right. It is just for the single-player Prologue game to aid in the quests and she does not appear in any of the expansions of the board game.
  4. Ok, this is bugging me now. We do have the dungeon but have never much ventured into it. That said, we only play a couple of times a year. I think we finish the game on much lower stats where the dungeon is still a formidable place. On average you would need a Battle Strength/Craft of around 20 in order to beat the LoD by 8+ and get to the CoC, an absolute minimum of 15 (If you rolled a 6 vs a 1 for ol' spikey helmet) I can't think of any game where anyone had stats remotely that high. I am not sure what you mean by "infinite spells" - perhaps there is something you are not doing quite right there. There are some specific exploits to do with particular characters but they cannot be drawing that character every time. You do draw random characters don't you? If you give a bit more detail on how this other player gets so strong and your stats in comparison, perhaps we can find a strategy or a rule break that is going on.. For the record, I am with you on the "must have a Talisman" and feel that players should have ended up at the Valley of Fire instead of Crown of Command and hence still needing a Talisman.
  5. Hi, welcome to the game. I might be reading this wrong but it seems like you are waiting an awful long time to head into the inner region. If you make a move earlier, the LoD is less of a help to the chasing pack. Typically I would make a move with: Mines: Craft 9/10 & Battle Strength 6/7 Crypt: Strength 9/10 The more fate the better and may go in with lower stats if have a high fate. Although this can vary depending upon character (Dwarf needs much lower stats, as does a player with Gnome) Also depends upon the position of others and their style. Timing is pretty important, you can be mosy-ing around and suddenly bolt to catch the others unware. [EDIT] Oh, I just read your second post - you already aim to get to 9. Interesting, no-one ventures much into the Dungeon in our games.
  6. I demand a recount! On a separate note, that picture of the 2nd edition board is making me feel all warm and cosy. I do still have 1st & 2nd editions.. perhaps I should use them next time…
  7. 3-up game. Highlands, Dungeon & City + Reaper and Frostmarch : Hidden Alternative Endings Troll (winner by default), Dwarf & Tinkerer Endgame stats were: Troll S 8, C 3, L 4, G 3, F 0 Dwarf S 3, C 6, L 0, G 2, F 0 Tinkerer S 5, C 4, L 4, G 3, F 0 Briefly, the Dwarf was the only char with Talismans and with a S 8 and L 3 made it through to Valley of Fire Troll picked up a card (I don't remember it's name) that mean everyone lost all their Fate then cast Random on the Dwarf who rolled a 2 to lose all his Strength (not that it made any difference apart from ending stats) He then drew Hand of Doom as the alternative ending. As there was no Fate left, there were no re-rolls 2 - Dwarf down to 2 lives 5 - Tinkerer selected to die 2 - Dwarf down to 1 life 2 - Dwarf dead Troll won by default as the only character left.
  8. Ok, so you peaked my interest enough to go look. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=130&efcid=1&efidt=633005 Looks good, I see the dungeon is lower rather than underneath that I had in my mind, much more sensible,
  9. Hmm, that has been in my head for a year or so but never seen anything on here. That said, I have not been looking much on here recently with other commitments. I actually clicked on here by accident but perhaps you used a Mind Steal spell on me. I must warn you, you probably don't want to go digging around in there… I like the idea of it but not sure how practicle it would be - access to the dungeon would be tricky. I think the electronic game should have no such limitatios though… If you do find anything I would be interested to see it. Have you checked the Home Brew section?
  10. Croonos said: Of course I tried. Alchemist starts in City with 5G. 1st City round - buy 3 potions in Apothecary and alchemise for 9G, so totally 11G, next Magic Emporium buy 3x Scrolls and 3x Psychic Crystal (cos of 9G) alchemise them for 18G, totally 20G (so he can get +15G per one round), then he can buy powerful items in Armoury and Stabels and go for the second City round. He can make 3 or 4 City rounds end easily win for example by defeating LoD in Dungeon on a few Warehorses. I think no one can reach CoC quicker. This is first major playtesting bug and it should be clarify soon because mistakes like that dicourage playing… Aha. As I had said, not had an opportunity to play or even examine yet. The Apothecary makes the difference. That does sound like it needs fixing but difficult, Alchemist was introduced at the same time as Trinkets and they are specifically ruled to be the same as Objects in all regards apart from carrying limits. The difference before was you could not reliably acquire Magic Objects, this has now changed and then some. That said, special abilities always override so legitimate I think to overrule there. I think my preferred houserule would be to amend the Alchemist's abilities slightly During your turn you may alchemise any Objects you have into Gold. Discard the chosen Objects and gain 1 gold for each Object and 3 Gold for each Magic Object. Trinkets can only be alchemised into a maximum of 1 Gold each I think the Alchemist is strong enough as he is as so not nerfing him at all by this restriction.
  11. Of course you have different prices. From the main game: Sword, Helmet and Shield are 1G more expensive in the Village than at the Market Market: Sword 1G Helmet 1G Shield 2G Village: Sword 2G Helmet 2G Shield 3G
  12. Croonos said: With the City exp characters like Leprechaun and Alchemist can quickly buy all the powerful items. Having 2 Spellbooks can give 2 spells every turn or riding on a 3 or 4 Warehorses make easy to kill LoD in Dungeon. It will be very hard to stop those 2 especially Alchemist who can buy Scroll or potion in Apothecary and alchemise it for 3 gold. He can make 3 or 4 rounds in City and easily win the game or heal Life endlessly even if someone else reached CoC first. I think trinkets should not be able to alchemise. There are many other strong characters like Ogre Cheftain or Fire Wizard but they don't auto-win. I think this is the first time when Alchemist have a overpowered combo in hand and he can lose only by fickle finger of fate… (like Reaper) Have you tried this strategy yet? I only received mine yesterday so I have not hada a chance yet. You have to factor in how long it wold take you to do a circuit. There are 20 spaces you have to navigate to get back to the same shop. If you do not stop in any other shop, at best that is 4 turns, on average (disregarding fate) about 6-7 turns. Your profit is only 2G, big investment in time for small reward. Of course, if you get a Riding Horse (is that allowed in the City?) That would cut the time down Alternatively, as I said, if you roll a 1 on your first movement then it seems possible you could re-enter the shop on the next turn as you will be in the street space outside the shop. Having said that, this is a general rule, the Magic Emporium does have a particular exploit but for a cost The Magic Emporium is adjacent to the Town Square, along with the Soothsayer. Now this does introduce another possibility. from the Magic Emporium shop , roll for movement: 1: Market Square - back in the shop next turn (repeat) 2-6: spend a fate and re-roll 1: Market Square - back in the shop next turn (repeat) 2-6: Soothsayer - spend 1 gold and replenish that fate from the Soothsayer on your next turn, roll for movement: 1: Market Square - Magic Emporium next turn (repeat) 2-6: Magic Emporium (repeat) That means you can get back to the Magic Emporium in 2-3 turns although may cost you 1G or 1F so profit margin reduced Rough calculation, which may be wrong - only a couple of hours sleep last night… 17% no cost (1 on 1st roll) 14% 1 Fate (1 on 1st re-roll) 69% 1 Gold As the Alchemist can turn Gold into Fate, you could argue that the odds are: 17% no cost 83% 1 Gold Number of turns: 89% 2 turns 11% 3 turns (2-6,2-6 re-roll, 1 next turn) Which means that if you wanted to spam the Magic Emporium with the Alchemist it would most likely take 2 turns and 5/6 times you only make 1G profit Personally I don't see this as a strategy that would work terribly well. Of course if you have the Poltegeist, that is a different matter, it certainly takes 2 turns and you get the full 2G profit each time. Quite a combination though as you have to approach the City from the West as to not pass over the bridge. I would be very interested to see a report on how Alchemist in the City actually fares.
  13. I would argue that you can only encouter the space/shop once. That means only one purchasing transaction. You must then leave the shop on the next turn. I guess if you rolled a "1" you would only go out onto the street and could therefore drop back into the shop on the next turn, you are never allowed to double-back on yourself in any single movement . It adds a strategy for all other players that if the see the Alchemist heading towards the City you might want to get over the PDQ. A point that has not been raised as far as I can see it that you are more vulnerable to attack in a shop - you do not have to roll the exact number to enter the one you want. Therefore a stronger character can much more easily track you down and attack. If you hang around too long you may find someone coming to getcha! Characters that rely of PvP might want to hang near the City as they will find it much easier to land on their targets.
  14. The_Warlock said: veryangrydwarf said: I have seen several posts reference an FAQ - the only one I can find on the site only goes up to Dragon though, is there an FAQ I'm overlooking? Could someone please link it or tell me where I can find it? We're going to be playing in a few hours… Well, that's the right FAQ. It needs reading… However, on page 2: Cards That Become Followers Some cards and special abilities allow characters to take cards as Followers even if the card type is not actually listed as a Follower. For example, the Minstrel’s special ability allows him to charm Animals into joining him as Followers. A character that has these Followers in his play area treats them as normal Followers in all regards, except he cannot choose to ditch them. If another character has an ability that affects Followers, he cannot target a card that has become a Follower. Example: A character cannot cast Mesmerism to take one of the Minstrel’s charmed Animals because it is only considered a Follower to the Minstrel. If a character is forced to ditch or leave a card that has become a Follower (such as the Cell space in the Dungeon, getting turned into a Toad, or because the character is killed), the Follower must be discarded instead. Apply this to the Tinkerer's "animated Followers" and hopefully you'll get my point. Consider myself RTFM'd. Makes the Tinkerer a high powered character then in later game. Expect to be hunted down and killed off early if you play this chap.
  15. The_Warlock said: It animates Objects making them Followers to him, which do not count towards carrying limit. Moreover, they cannot be taken by other characters, neither by defeating the Tinkerer nor by ANY special ability or Spell. They're not Objects anymore and are "cards that become Followers", as addressed in the current FAQ. In addition, he can discard one animated Follower (a former Object, or an Enemy Construct in his possession) on draw card spaces, to discard and replace ANY number of cards. I don't see a reason why the Tinkerer shouldn't turn all Objects he gets into animated Followers. They'll be safer and lighter that way. So an object has the same purpose as before but is classed as a follower rather than an object…riiigggghhhht. Sounds like a bit of a large leap in suspension of disbelief and a FAQ nightmare. Where does it say that you cannot take these automated followers? Guessing that the Sorceress, Hag, Mesmerism spell etc would manage it unless specifically mentioned. What happens to them if they are taken, do they remain followers, revert back to Objects? What about concealed pouch, is that a hidden follower? I'm all for interesting new abilities but not sure about this one.
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