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  1. When worded in the way that example was given, then yes. The Hunting Horror moves 3 spaces toward the investigator within range with the most Items. I read that as "If there is no investigator in range, then the hunting horror doesn't move" That is very clear and helpful thank you.
  2. Always a pleasure to help a fellow cultist !
  3. Ah thanks ! So those monsters only attack if within range... So if behind a door they do nothing !
  4. Wall takes prio but anyways the app will tell you.
  5. Julia although I havent played yet I was rummaging through the components last night and was sure there were some door-counters. How does this fit with the no-doorways concept? Thanks in advance These are used to add doors where there are walls.
  6. Hello fellow cultists ! I have 2 questions : - About evade : "If an investigator in a monster’s space attempts to move out of the monster’s space voluntarily or perform any action other than the attack action or move action, that investigator must resolve an evade check. " What does this mean ? It is written just before that if you move out of a monster's space you have to resolved an evade check. Why would you do a move action to not move ? - About monsters target. Most monsters specify the targer and how they attack it : in range or in it's space (or adjacent). For example : " The Deep One Hybrid moves 2 spaces toward the nearest investigator. Then it attacks the investigator in its space with the most Items.". But a few specify a type of investigator but no range/space. What do we do in this case ? The Hunting Horror is a good example. "The Hunting Horror moves 3 spaces toward the investigator within range with the most Items. Then it attacks that investigator." what happens if the investigator is not on the space ? Many thanks.
  7. Those sound great. Myself I would like to see something with Nyarlathotep. Maybe something with a story along the lines of the CoC RPG Masks of Nyarlathotep. But really anything with him would be great! So excited! Yes, I was reminded of "Masks of Nyarlthotep" as well. I like the globetrotting aspect and the narrative focus. I will definitely get this and try it out, looks good to me. Yes we think that the Masks of Nyarlathotep would be a great first small expansion.
  8. Tibs said: Not sure if I'd have time to do all of that. But I think that most of the errors in the original were corrected; I believe that one was not. Thank you!
  9. Tibs said: There is an official fail condition to (3). IIRC, you're supposed to lose all your spells and move to the street, or something. Check the "official answers" sticky thread. Tibs since you seem to be reference man can you help me make a list of specific Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Revised errors and problems?
  10. Silver Twilight Lodge The lights go out; you hear chanting and feel a knife at your throat. You may: 1) Flee. Lose 1 Stamina and move to the street. 2) Allow them to cast their ritual. Lose 2 Stamina, but take the Visions card, if it is available, and gain 1 Clue token. 3) Attempt to take control of the ritual with a Lore (-1) check. If you pass, the Lodge offers you a Silver Twilight Membership. This one suppose?
  11. Hello, We are reworking on the French version of this expansion. Could you please tell me if on the English version anyone had questions, doubts? If there were known errors? Bad phrasing or otherwise? We will then endeavour to make the best French Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Revised Edition expansion possible. Thank you all for your time and answers.
  12. Night said: Hi Everyone!, I have some stupid question; When can I switch the weapon/spell I have equipped? I know this can be done on the upkeep, my question is directed to switching them during the combat with a monster but where does this take place? And can this be done before the first combat check, or do I have to suffer the first combat check this the weapon I enter the fight with? Thanks a lot in advance! You only choose your items just before attacking the monster , it can even be just after you made the horror check. You can change your weapons between rounds and even more between monsters. You do not choose them at the beginning of the upkeep.
  13. Tibs said: Uh, so does that necessarily mean that Motorcycle and Map don't work? Is that because there is no movement phase? But if there's no movement phase, investigators do not receive movement points, which means Ghatanothoa's attack is meaningless because the investigators can never survive it. No, I don't like this ruling because there is a glaring logical disconnect where exceptions are not explicitly stated. I will be ignoring it. I agree and I had explained that. Maybe he just meant items do not work? I am sorry I do not know what else to tell you.
  14. Avi_dreader said: grouik said: Each investigator can only use the Ruby once and the Ruby does not work with Ghatanotoa. (sorry for mispelling) What?! They said the ruby doesn't work vs. Ghatanotoa? That would mean that Motorcycle etc. also wouldn't work. I am surprised by the answer :When fighting the Ancient One, investigators do not receive a Movement Phase and so cannot use the Ruby of R'lyeh."
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