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  1. mjfilla

    Any news about new addons?

    Given that the core game is in their holiday sale, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  2. mjfilla

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    I'm thinking of buying three extra copies of each unique game that FFG puts out just because of Lace Jetstreamer's ridiculous crusade.
  3. mjfilla

    New California Expansion

    Yeah, that's what I was looking for, as I think the game is pointless as the victory conditions currently stand. I like so much else about the game, but they really need to fix that. I guess we'll have to wait for more information.
  4. mjfilla

    Overall Variety in MoM

    If you don't want to buy it, then don't, but to say FFG "flubbed" this game is ridiculous.
  5. mjfilla

    Full cooperative version

    Played my first game this past weekend, and while I liked almost everything about the game, like some others who have posted here I disliked the victory conditions around the agenda cards. The best part of the game to me is the detailed quest chains and encounters, and one of my issues with the victory conditions is that all these interesting quest chains just get interrupted and the game ends without their resolution. I would love to see a version of this game which is fully cooperative and where victory comes from some other process than drawing the right agenda cards. I won our game because I happened to draw three cards which gave me additional points based on one faction being ahead of the other on the track - all three cards were for the same faction, which happened (through no action of my own) to be two points ahead of the other faction. When I drew the third card - boom, 9 points and victory, but it was very unsatisfying.
  6. Unless that was the royal "we", speak for yourself. I myself will not be losing my anything if they do not do this.
  7. mjfilla

    What! Minis not prepainted!

    Whereas I personally am not willing to pay any additional money for pre-painted minis. If they want to throw them in at the same price, I'll take 'em. Otherwise, it's not worth it to me - I don't see the value.
  8. I hate the minis and don't like to paint figs, so I use the counters exclusively and am very happy doing so.
  9. mjfilla

    Shrivelling Spell Card Question

    Cards that are discarded when they run out of "charges" will say so on the card. https://arkhamdb.com/card/01071
  10. mjfilla

    Question About Expansions

    No problems - you can add expansions in any combination you want, large or small.
  11. mjfilla

    Dunwich Legacy - horrible box!

    Eh. My box was likely going into the recycling regardless, so if a better box would add anything to the price, I'm against it.
  12. Wait - what? Everyone gets three actions per round unless some other circumstance changes that. 2.2.1, page 24 of the rules: During his or her turn, an investigator is permitted to take three actions. An action can be used to do one of the following: <omit action list> The three actions an investigator performs during his or her turn may be any of the above, in any order, and may even be the same action three times in a row.
  13. mjfilla

    Problems with miniatures...

    I do just use the cardboard tokens. My minis haven't even made it on to the table.
  14. mjfilla


    How is cheating even an issue? It's a cooperative game. Cheating is pretty much impossible (or at least irrelevant).
  15. mjfilla

    Beyond the Threshold box content

    Exactly. If you think it is too pricey, don't buy it.