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    griton got a reaction from Alarin in Familiar minion rules   
    Familiars do not have anything like "Summoning Sickness", so they can be activated on the same turn that they are summoned. (However, because they weren't on the board BEFORE they were summoned, their activation must happen after the hero's activation on that hero player's turn).
    Also, you can't activate a familiar, dismiss it, re-summon, and activate again. (It's still the same familiar and has already activated that turn.)
    Familiars get 1 move action, period. Extras come from specific familiar rules. e.g. Reanimate also gets 1 attack action, so has 1 move and 1 attack total (no opening doors, reviving heroes, quest actions, double moves, double attacks, etc.)
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    griton got a reaction from Dommus in Question regarding Rylan's "Influence"   
    Here's the reasoning: The rule you're thinking of where Monsters can only attack once is limited to "once during its activation" (See p. 11 of the core rulebook). Since this attack is happening on a different activation (Rylan's), it is no longer limited by this restriction.
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    griton got a reaction from Drasai in mixing (mini)expansions   
    I believe that somewhere on this forum (unfortunately I can't remember where off the top of my head), someone posted an email from FFG stating that using the side-quests during a regular campaign didn't grant any XP if it wasn't explicitly stated in the quest rewards; this being counter to the "1 XP / player, win or lose" rule. Granted, they could still receive Gold / Relics, but that would be, at most, 2 extra quests per act, assuming the OL drew just the right cards. Is that enough to really break character progression? Hard to say.
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    griton got a reaction from oddjob in Transition from Interlude to Act 2   
    So according to the FFG Sez response, It's effectively a special Campaign Phase that goes like this:
    C1. Receive Gold from Search Cards
    C3. Receive Rewards
    I1. Level up Monsters
    C5/I2. Clearance Sale (Everything Must Go!*)
    I3. Upgrade Shop (out with the old, in with the new)
    C2. Cleanup
    C4. Spend Experience Points (so any current or future skill/OL cards purchased here that may affect shopping don't apply to the special phase, but would to normal shopping phases, and it's not REALLY a shopping phase anyway)
    C6. Choose next quest
    C7. Set up quest
    C8. Travel
    * Ordinary Shopping Rules, special offers, promotions, hero abilities, and overlord cards may not apply in your area; see BGG, Community Forums, and/or Errata for details.
    Not the most elegant of solutions, but at least it doesn't have weird contradictions or scenarios that don't make sense, effectively forcing everyone to operate on house rules.
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    griton reacted to any2cards in Crusade of the Forgotten Hero & Monster Collection - Question   
    I knew I liked you.    We all agreed that the first person that provided a name that equaled one of ours would decide the contest.  I always called it the Sorcerer's Staff.  You wouldn't even believe what some of them called it, even after I pointed out that each and every H&M expansion took it's icon from some characteristic of one of the monsters.
    Ohhhh ... I can hear the whinning and moaning already.  Let's see ... I am thinking of making them take me to Vic & Anthony's ... a great steak, some good beers, and then a very nice cognac and victory cigar to end the evening. 
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    griton reacted to any2cards in Holiday Wishes   
    So I just received some good news ...
    Santa was delayed, but Nathan from FFG has confirmed to me that his goal is to have a new FAQ for D2e released prior to the end of this month.
    Whooo hooo !!! 
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    griton reacted to any2cards in Holiday Wishes   
    Dear FFG ...
    I wanted to give you my holiday wish list far enough in advance, so that you have time to make all of my dreams (albeit just a few) come true:
    1) The last FAQ for Descent Second Edition was released on May 22, 2014. In my humble opinion, we desperately need a new one.  I would love to see the new edition flesh out the Shadow of Nerekhall and Lieutenant Packs sections.  Further, it would be nice if a new Manor of Ravens section was added.  Finally, perhaps you could review all of the e-mail answers you have provided, especially those in the Unofficial BGG FAQ responses, and get them incorporated into the FAQ.
    2) I would love to get an official Rules Reference Guide for Descent, similar to the one released for Imperial Assault.  I really don't think it would be all that difficult to create, even "after the fact".  Just look at the great effort started by Zaltyre, and leverage your own edition for Imperial Assault.  I know you can do it !!!
    Anyway, I promise to get some cookies and milk together (or Beer and Bacon) for when you deliver it.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration, effort, and cooperation in this matter.  It is appreciated.
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    griton reacted to Alarmed in "Ignoring group limits?" - Castle Derion Encounter #2   
    If you allow the use of CK monsters, then your group needs to allow the use of CK heroes that were 'tweaked" as well, like Mok.
    What's good for the goose is good for the gander and if the OL is allowed to use non-nerfed versions of mosnters, the heroes need to be allowed the same.
    That being said, I consider the new release to be the "official" version. Like an app or a computer program, you can continue using the "beta" version, but the offical one is the one with all the updates.
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    griton reacted to Whitewing in "Ignoring group limits?" - Castle Derion Encounter #2   
    I can't support using a conversion kit version of the monster when there's a more recent update of the monster. The more recent update of the monster is clearly the intended one to use, or else they wouldn't have updated it.
    That said, you can still win this, but it's hard. It's going to come down heavily to whether you can get a throw on him with the ettin or not. Careful use of overlord cards can guy you enough time to get one, but if Palaman gets to the entrance, you can pretty much give up.
    This quest is hero favored.
    My personal opinion of act 1 on balance (note, this is a general rule and doesn't take hero composition into account, which can swing them either way, so this isn't always true):
    Fat Goblin: Hero Favored
    Castle Daerion: Hero Favored
    Masquerade Ball: Overlord Favored
    Cardinal's Plight: Overlord Favored
    Death on the Wing: Hero Favored
    I generally go straight to Masquerade Ball if I won the introduction to get it going before the heroes learn a bunch of skills. The relic reward (Bones of Woe) are spectacular, and are a major game changer. Having a 1/3 chance each turn of drawing an extra overlord card whenever there's a lieutenant on the map is extremely beneficial.
    The Shield of Zorek's Favor from Death on the Wing is an exceptional relic for a few quests (any which feature a high might hero like Baron Zachareth), but is very hard to win unless you can get into quest 2 with a couple web traps and other trap cards. It's very difficult to win the first encounter, and unless you can stall out the heroes immediately in act 2, they make mincemeat of Bel'thir before he even gets to take a turn.
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    griton reacted to Underworld40k in "Ignoring group limits?" - Castle Derion Encounter #2   
    Got to agree with Whitewing on using the updated card if its available - Some heroes/ monsters have been left alone as they have been deemed OK, others have been tweaked quite heavily.

    While there has been no official word that these supersede the CK stuff i would say that the intent is pretty obvious and thats how my group and i play.

    That said i would also agree with you that the reason for getting rid of undying is a cost/size issue with the packing and that as long as the game group is happy to play with the older CK version that using a product FFG produced and you bought is well above board.

    Mostly as i consider the newer ogres to be looking distinctly sub par. (the only thing in the H&M kits that i can think of that have been made worse...)

    Back to the quest though - with the errata sir palamon is such a colossal pain in the !"£ to deal with, i would have to say that that the first and maybe second turn are critical. If you can get alric to overrun him then you are going to be doing serious damage very quickly, if he gets away you are never realistically going to catch him.
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    griton reacted to Indalecio in My house, my rules   
    The quest rules say that the OL can pick any attribute except the one imprinted on the door, so the presence (or not) of other doors should not affect that particular choice. Then if the hero passes, he can choose the door he teleports to, even if it's the same door (if it's the only door left). If the hero fails then the hero is sent to the objective token corresponding to the attribute imprinted on the door, which is always there. Skarn "links" to them and a fatigue token is placed on the shard to show that, but the token remains there.
    Well that's what I get from reading the quest rules, feel free to object if I got that wrong lol.
    ...and Nathan replied

    The question I asked is if the hero may move to ANY space adjacent to ANY door.
    So yeah, that's basically the confirmation that the "any door" instance is correct in the rules. Heroes will effectively be flying over that particular map while Skarn tries to get his carcass to these shards before then.. Looks like a tough objective for the OL if the heroes are good at testing, like Nathan foresaw.
    Ah well I´m going to throw some Hideous Laughter at that to see what happens
    Thanks guys for the discussion, it was cool to get that much feedback so quickly.
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    griton got a reaction from Whitewing in How Imperial Assault can change Descent?   
    I disagree that Descent's skill checks are more straightforward than IA's. With new or returning players, one of the most common questions is along the lines of "Ok, you just said to test X, what does that involve again?" or "Tests are done with which dice? Where is that info?" Whereas in IA, you tell them to test their attribute and they can see on their sheet what dice they roll for it, and the test itself will call for what's needed (that is assuming that it isn't always just "get a surge")
    Try to keep in mind that just because you're familiar with item A and not with item B doesn't mean that A is straightforward and B is not.
    I'd also argue that IA's is still just as simple: "Roll Dice on sheet, check for result" versus "Roll Black + Silver, compare shields against number on your sheet, remembering that this is the one case in the game where rolling lower is better". To me, it's more intuitive, and the "masturbatory calculations" that you seem so against aren't actually needed. If someone wants to theorycraft that and produce tables with percentages, they can, but it's not like people are doing that in their heads with Descent anyway.
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    griton reacted to Zaltyre in How Imperial Assault can change Descent?   
    A good number of the changes to IA do indeed sounds like a swing back to more of D1e. Having not played it myself I can't offer any strong opinions, but I know a good number of players who appreciate the variety in OL objective rather than "kill all the heroes."
    That being said, mechanically, some of these things have already been discussed on these forums even before the announcement of IA, like more limited knowledge of quests for heroes, and the use of a value system for summoning monsters, rather than the straight counting of D2e.
    Some of these things (like the LOS rules) wouldn't be that hard to house rule into D2e. Other things like the quest guide knowledge would be quite difficult. I think the alternating hero player/monster group activation is interesting, but in order to house rule a D2e mode that plays with that, there would need to be serious consideration for how to change a lot of OL cards that activate at start of turn, or end of turn, or are in effect "during your turn" or "until the start of your next turn." Since heroes would still only be able to activate once per round, I don't think it would actually change any of the timing language of hero abilities.
    Also, just because they would be interesting D2e variants doesn't mean they should necessarily be implemented. D2e is a different (though remarkably similar) game than IA, and things that work for one might not work for the other. Furthermore, the updates from D2e to IA don't suggest that those changes were mistakes to alter from D1e, just that IA is intended to have a different feel.
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    griton reacted to any2cards in Official Nerf Pack   
    @amoshias ...
    I am retired.  This means I have no life.    It also means I, and my friends, have a lot of time on our hands.  We game virtually every day for more than 12+ hours a day, splitting that time between Descent first edition, Second Edition, Catan, and X-Wing.  It is virtually all I do.  I can assure you that I have played this game many, many, many times.
    I am pretty sure I know what I am talking about, and fully realize the impact of the opinions I am expressing.  If you happen to disagree with them, that is certainly your right.  But then, I would expect you to make a counter argument, with facts to back you up, rather than to insult me by implying that I have no idea what I am talking about.
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    griton reacted to Whitewing in Official Nerf Pack   
    You know, you don't need to make assumptions about other people or insult other people simply because they disagree with you.
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    griton reacted to Whitewing in Official Nerf Pack   
    Even if they don't lose actions to the knock down because you somehow kill everyone but the bard and the bard gets them up with his song passively, he's gotta babysit them and they have no fatigue at all for anything, and have only 1 hp, meaning knocking them all down again is trivial. Sure they can rest, only to be knocked down again.
    Knocking people out in this game has never been the optimal tactic anyway, unless the party is particularly squishy.
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    griton reacted to Whitewing in Official Nerf Pack   
    It's not like there are no consequences either, they all have their stamina maxed out and come back with only 1 hit point, and you get overlord cards or threat when they get knocked out.
    And it's not like knocking out the heroes is the only way (or even the best way) to win every quest either.
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    griton reacted to Zaltyre in Large monsters and Blast   
    I'm sorry, but as I understand it, that's exactly wrong.
    Blast reads "This attack affects all figures adjacent to the target space." Target space, not target figure. The large monster is not affected by the attack twice (even though it has spaces adjacent to its target space,) but all other adjacent spaces get affected. In this manner, blast is actually less effective against large monsters.
    This is consistent with the general mechanic in Descent where attacks target a specific space that an enemy figure is in, they do not target the entire enemy figure.
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    griton reacted to Zaltyre in Stalker Set Trap: Triggered when stepped on?   
    It's my understanding that Prayer of Healing, being a healing ability, could indeed target a knocked out hero's token (see the box about knocked out heroes on the top right of pg15 of the base rules.) Unlike The prophet's insight token (which has been ruled ineligible for this exception,) I definitely think prayer of healing is primarily a healing ability that would allow the knocked out hero to recover some (small) amount of damage.
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    griton reacted to Covered in Weasels in CSI: Manor of Ravens & Skarn - In Stock   
    I read the thread's title as, "Crime Scene Investigation: Manor of Ravens & Skarn - In Stock." This got me all excited for a new hit TV series featuring Alys Rain, Thaiden Mistpeak and their trusty sidekick Skarn wandering around Stockholm, Sweden solving crimes. Naturally, Skarn talks just like Scooby-Doo: "Ruh-roh, Ralys! R-r-r-radow Ragons!!!"
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    griton reacted to Whitewing in Giving this another go. Advice?   
    Using fatigue to move does actually generate movement points, it's one of those things that specifically states that it does. He is correct, Jain could spend a point of fatigue to gain a movement point before using the heroic feat, use the heroic feat, have the movement point the entire movement to be safe from pit trap, and then use it after the feat ends.
    Of course, this would mean she'd have to burn a fatigue every time she used her heroic feat to be safe against a pit trap the overlord might not even have, but yes, it's a viable move. Given that fatigue on Jain is at a premium due to her heroic ability, I don't have a problem with this.
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    griton reacted to Whitewing in Giving this another go. Advice?   
    It sounds like you're focusing way too much on actually doing damage to the heroes. Very few of the encounters actually require the heroes to be knocked out, and you almost always have the tools to do that.
    Proper use of overlord cards and pursuing your primary objective with delaying tactics against the heroes is basically the way to go. Focusing on killing them all repeatedly is usually not successful.
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    griton reacted to Extortion in Expanding Expansions   
    Honestly I think FFG should have just bit the bullet on this and included the condition cards and tokens from previous expansions in the new boxes as they released them. Are people really gonna get on these forums and say "There's no point in buying Lair of the Wyrm cuz FFG is just gonna include the burning condition in the next expansion!"? I really don't think the community would feel cheated by that nor would FFG lose out on sales and it would give them more freedom in monster design if they knew everyone had all the condition cards and tokens. It may too late to do this now but I would appreciate it if they did that with their expansion going forward.
    The only other solution I can think of would be to include a new set of Basic overlord cards in an expansion with cards to the effect of "Play this card when a monster attacks a hero, after dice have been rolled. This attack gains: [surge]: if this attack deals at least 1 [heart] of damage, after defence dice have been rolled, apply a condition of your choice" 
    This is not the most elegant of solutions as it requires an overlord card which would make the condition more costly to inflict and it messes with the game a bit thematically because then an ettin could inflict the burning condition but it would get the job done. Just my 2 cents  
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    griton reacted to Carbini in Cardinal's Plight, Enc 1, Relic of Dawn placement   
    Also a quick note about the secret search token: Players with keen eyes will notice that when you punch out the tokens there's a curved side and a flat side. For the white search token, the white gem is on the flat side. Make sure to put all the normal tokens "flat side down" or a clever player can rule 1 or 2 of the tokens out. I was glad I caught this while playing as overlord, as I would have felt awkward mentioning it as a hero mid-quest.
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    griton reacted to Megamanred in Rulebook variations - Sir Palamon   
    In My Rule Book Sir Palamon has a Defense of Grey Brown and the Errata States that the Brown should be replaced with a Grey Does it not? So it would end up that he has Grey Grey.
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