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  1. Yeah, I think your best bet is to get a hold of the monster tokens, then plan out which figures you'll likely need and which ones are unlikely to be used (and just use the tokens if you actually do need them). It's a bit of a pain because you'll have to do a lot of sorting and prep-work, but it might be worth the easier travel. It may also be beneficial to spend some time printing out the quest maps instead of relying on tiles. There are a couple ways you could go about doing this: If you're looking for quality, I'd recommend recreating the quests on the Quest Vault (making sure you don't publish them) and taking screenshots at the higher zoom level, then do a little photo cropping and print them out. Many will probably require multiple pages taped / placed together. If you're looking for easy, scan the maps from the quest guides and print them out with a higher zoom level, but then you'll have some of the placement tokens printed there, which may be annoying. I'd really love to see FFG offer Print & Play packs of their quest maps for something like this. No rules, just the maps from the various quests that represent how the tiles would look put together and nothing else (no doors, tokens, starting placements, etc.)
  2. I'm not sure of a list for where Organized Play will be held for Descent, but I know they are doing it. They posted a co-op expansion specifically for the Organized Play sessions.
  3. That doesn't mean that they couldn't have anticipated it with more / better playtesting. It may also have been the case that they realized that reinforcing a big monster was better and thought that it was fine and intentionally left it/designed it that way, but after hearing the same thing from players as complaints, decided to change it to give players more of what they wanted. Or they could have known about it and said "Yeah, we could do something more complicated, but lets save that for the expansions because the base game is already pretty complicated and we don't want to make it more so." Or they could've realized it and just didn't have enough time to work out a new system. Simply put, there's no way to know what their motivations or design process was like, and anything on our end is just speculation.
  4. Get Labyrinth of Ruin first because it's more likely to run out of stock at places sooner than Shadows of Nerekhall, and then you'll have to wait for a reprint.
  5. It's also probably due in large part to the fact that the maps are smaller and and more crowded than they were in 1E. Also remember than things like Range and LoS are a simplified model (the same way that dice are a model for attacks and defense). Most of the LoS rules I can manage, it's the errata that doesn't allow LoS across the thin borders between tiles, but does for those farther back away from it.
  6. Agreed. I'm fairly certain that FFG has stated that expanding doesn't count as entering, and "placing" does. I'm not sure about heroes being revived / standing up, monster reinforcement, or monster abilities like split and undying, though.
  7. As for the Rune Plate being OP, remember that the goal of the Overlord is rarely to ever kill the heroes. (This is quite a bit different than in 1st Edition or in many other minis games.) In most quests, its rare that the OL needs to kill the heroes to win. I'd be much more worried about an item that made it easier for the heroes to kill the OL monsters (which would prevent the OL from completing his objective) than one that adds to Hero survival.
  8. I'd agree, based on RAW. Heroes don't have remaining HP, they have Health and current damage, and if their current damage equals their Health, they are defeated. Normally this happens from damage being applied, but it could also happen from their Health being reduced.
  9. Yeah, the rules don't say anything about it, but it just makes sense to ignore the part that says "X Quest becomes available to play"
  10. They do it by having people who know the game inside and out who can see various combos, etc. So they do it efficiently instead of thoroughly. But when it comes down to it, you can get to a pretty solid point by knowing what combos (heroes and monsters) tend to cause what kind of issues and being able to test edge cases (instead of every internal case). This is actually how most testing happens when you have a virtually unlimited set of possibilities, regardless of whether it's a computer program, board game, or anything else. You put people good at identifying edge / possible break cases and running through those.
  11. This is probably a good question for FFG via the Rules Questions link. Possible scenarios where this occurs and would be vague: Monster Reinforcement Hero Stand Up / Revive actions Monster abilities like Split, Undying, etc.
  12. ... because encouraging civil, mature, and respectful behavior clearly means that someone has "issues". *head shake* It's a matter of theme and is just as valid of a desire as someone saying "I'd love to see less wilderness and have them do an expansion in a city." These forums are read by FFG, and the desires of their customers are something that they take into consideration when designing and releasing expansions.
  13. lol, come on that was funny! Not really, no. It was the utter definition of trite: sarcastic or not, it's an overused sentiment lacking originality or freshness. Not funny, and anyone who thinks so is only encouraging blatant sexist behavior. Maybe you don't think so, but it sets an example that others may pick up on, and I personally feel that our community should hold itself to higher standards. If you want to make jokes, you're going to have to try harder to be actually funny instead of using a subset of the community as a target of the joke. Regardless of whether you personally agree or disagree with the sentiment of the joke, that type of joke creates an environment of alienation, and if you didn't realize that before, hopefully you do now and can hold yourself to a higher standard.
  14. The way I see it she can and I can imagine that there is a communication problem: Griton might have taken Whitewing's statement like: 'She would take five damage instead of fatigue (to move) after she was already exhausted' Could that be the case Griton? Ah. Yes. That is precisely the case. The context was about her moving around a bunch, and I missed that there was an implied series of attacks involved. My apologies.
  15. Note that FFG has clarified that Nimble (and other similar reaction skills) can not be used in such a way that would prevent a large monster from expanding. But moving in such a way that it can no longer make any progress after expanding is still fine. Just to make sure it's clear and to prevent the possibility of anyone needing to ask the question, also remember that Nimble requires movement into an "adjacent" space, and the space the hero is in is not "adjacent" to itself, so the Wildlander couldn't use Nimble again until the goblin moved into the next space. I'm not seeing how just two heroes could "trap" a monster between them, but if Jain moved to stand shoulder to shoulder with Leoric, it could prevent the spider from moving any farther, which is totally acceptable. As Whitewing pointed out, Nimble doesn't force a monster to move anywhere, it just may restrict options. Now, if the spider voluntarily moved into lava (taking 1 damage point), assuming it would be able to get out of it, forgetting that the Wildlander had Nimble, and the Wildlander moved in such a way that prevented the spider from moving out of the lava, then it would end its turn there and be defeated. FFG has put into the Errata that if a large monster wants to interrupt its movement, to perform an action, the Overlord must be able to declare the action BEFORE placing (expanding) the monster's figure. As such, if the figure was a Shadow Dragon, it could not declare a melee attack from that space, and would have to move adjacent to the hero and expand from that space. Yes, this is a valid tactic. And you can also interrupt the movement before fully spending your movement points, if expanding at the end of the 1st 3 movement points isn't feasible.
  16. That's a LONG time. I'm willing to bet that your group is a pretty extreme outlier in this case. I've never heard of hero selection taking anywhere CLOSE to that long with possibly the exception of completely new players (including the overlord) who haven't ever looked at the game before. For anyone else who feels like that's a big issue, pretty much everything (characters and classes) can be found on descentinthedark.com, so sending them there to look over things before your session should help speed things up. But again, I've never even heard of that problem before.
  17. As far as I'm aware, any of those abilities that reference a hero should still count towards familiars and figures treated as heroes, even if the cards don't specifically "target" a hero.
  18. If you place the Elemental right next to Belthir, it would block their movement, keeping them from getting the treasure, though not necessarily protecting Belthir. On your next turn, you can move Belthir out of the way and then use Earth and Fire against the group which has stacked up to attack Belthir.
  19. FYI: This isn't allowed in Descent 2e.
  20. Their only option is a Might check. The "ignoring obstacles" is to signify that they won't block the path from point A (hero's origin space) to point B (empty space adjacent to said boulder), but the restriction for where he can move to still applies. It must be an empty space. Also note that boulders are not obstacles. Obstacle is a specific term, and the objective tokens just say "they block line of sight and movement", which also happens to be what obstacles do, but anything referring to an obstacle does NOT include these boulders. For example: Any figure with FLY can ignore obstacles while moving, and they could NOT ignore the boulders. Another hint is that all actions unless otherwise specified can not be interrupted, so you couldn't perform one Awareness check, then while floating somewhere in the middle, before being placed in an empty space, perform a second Awareness check. Each one has to be fully completed separately.
  21. They tried this in 1e and it was possibly the worst official product in the series. I imagine they COULD make one that's up to snuff, but I think they're also really leery of this (in part because the player base is going to be).
  22. I'll often do this just for variety's sake unless I feel a compelling reason to grab something else.
  23. Golems, as the OP mentioned using, are immune to Pierce and all conditions. Descent is definitely a competitive game, however it's also a dungeon crawler with a story, so there are different playstyles. Some groups play to win, and for them, winning is the only way they can have fun, and if they aren't winning, they aren't having fun. (Comments from the OP suggest that this is either his personal playstyle if not also that of his group). Other groups play to win, but have fun so long as it is a good game. Winning isn't the only way they'll enjoy the game, so long as it doesn't seem completely pointless. Other groups just play to play (often coming from a Pen & Paper style RPG background) where the OL is more of a game-master who tries to ensure a good story and good session, leaning towards some victories, and letting the heroes win as well. That said, if your heroes are finding a difficult time going against what you're throwing at them, chances are they may need to change up their tactics. Golems are pretty strong, but they don't take up as much space as shadow dragons, so are a bit harder to use for blocking. Chances are your heroes can probably avoid or ignore them to some extent, depending on the quests. And yes, there are some monster groups which are just flat out better than others in MOST cases, and similarly, some that are worse in MOST cases. But you should always keep in mind the quest objectives and play to that. Smart heroes will eventually start positioning themselves so that blocking is less of an option for large monsters, and using other strategies, including sometimes giving up on a lesser quest objective to get more gold for future quests. As is, if you want some specific tips to give to your heroes, let us know what they're running and what you're running and we can try to help on both sides.
  24. Another option to consider is this: Are you actually worried about players needing the ability to swap back and forth for variety, or are you just worried that they might get stuck with something they don't like? One thing I always allow is that any time before the 2nd session (regardless of how many quests were done in the first session, but usually not in the middle of an encounter), any completely new players can call a mulligan, at which point we'll start the campaign over and everyone can pick different heroes. After that, though, they aren't completely new players, so they can't mulligan again. No problems so far.
  25. While you may realize this, it's not entirely clear, so I just want to reiterate (also for other readers): No Lieutenant Packs are actually "bound" to expansions. All lieutenant packs are their own expansions that only require the base game. Many "Lieutenant" Packs feature "Agents" that represent the same in-game character as a Lieutenant from expansions, but these aren't necessarily the same thing. However, if you DO have the expansion and the Lieutenant Pack associated with it, you ALSO get to replace the Lieutenant Token from the expansion with the figure from the Lieutenant Pack.
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