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  1. It does, but that doesn't mean it has to be played before rolling dice. Some cards say "before rolling dice", some say "after rolling dice". If a card doesn't say anything relating to the dice roll, then it can be used at any point during the resolution of the attack. (Though it doesn't make any sense to use it after the Spend Surges phase of the attack resolution.)
  2. There's a difference between "disagreeing, providing feedback, comments, opinions, etc.", and being disrespectful and insulting while doing so. I like to think we tend to have a higher standard of common decency than a bunch of 12 year olds throwing insults around (though it's starting to become more and more likely that I'm wrong about this) and I'd like to help maintain (or elevate us to) that standard. Call it "holier than thou" if you will, sink to that level if you will, and I'll point out immaturity and rudeness as I will. If you've paid any attention, you'll see that I've called out FFG for their bad decisions in the past, but I've never dropped to the level of calling them names. I also try not to assume that I know all of the factors that go into their decisions. Everyone is a critic and thinks they know better from the outside, but few actually have all of the information and few actually step up and run their own company of their scale, so unless you can prove that you do have what it takes to do so (by doing it), you've yet to prove that you can actually make those calls better than FFG can (FYI: hind-sight doesn't count, and I'm sure they've realized themselves that they've made bad decisions in the past. But clearly they're doing something right and seem to be making more good ones than bad ones or otherwise they wouldn't be one of biggest booths at almost every major gaming convention there is.)
  3. Ad hominem logical fallacy. If you can't directly attack his logic, don't resort to saying he's wrong because he is <insert conveniently attackable quality here>. Whitewing is correct in that Rune Mastery may be used at any point before surges are spent. That doesn't however necessarily mean that the Overlord MUST play his card IMMEDIATELY after the dice are rolled. We could look in The Golden Rules on p. 18: However, it's still a bit vague because can you choose to NOT resolve Rune Mastery after it's been exhausted? I'd say no. The order doesn't really change things here, and I also believe that surges are spent "all at once, but in order", so you can't have some surges spent, play the cards and the OL gets to choose the order of the rest. The important part that we're unsure of is where "after dice are rolled" can be used. I believe that so long as the attack has not fully resolved, it can be played at any time during the attack after the dice have been rolled, which means even after the Runemaster has exhausted Rune Mastery. Unfortunately I can't currently find any specific clarification from FFG on this. As such, it might be best to submit a question via the Rules Questions link at the bottom of the page.
  4. This product was possibly one of the worst products ever released in the Descent 1E line. While it had some good and/or interesting ideas behind it, it had a number of issues. Many of the quests weren't properly edited / playtested, so you had to house-rule a bunch of stuff that wasn't clear or was just broken. Each quest also required a number of different expansions, so unless you had all of the expansions, you couldn't run half the quests in the book. My guess is that FFG knows how poorly this thing did and how badly it was received overall. Combine that with knowing that their players also realized it was a flop, they are probably really reluctant to sink their time into another one. Honestly, instead of a Quest Compendium with a bunch of random one-off quests, I think we're more likely to see stand-alone campaigns that require only one or two expansions released as a PoD (Print on Demand) product. Though this is unlikely to happen until they at least get all of their other PoD stuff for Descent lined up and working well. And even then, with the replayability/randomness of the CoOp stuff they're doing, that may fill this niche well enough that they don't bother.
  5. Because I'm sure you know the gaming business WAY better than this company which has made it their sole focus for almost 20 years now. I'm sure they have a number of reasons for everything they do, and they aren't ever required to tell us what those reasons are. Try not to insult them, especially so naively and in their own home (i.e. on their own forums); it just makes you look bad, not them.
  6. Ignore the card if you want, but it's generally a bad idea to assume that the wording on a card is NOT what was meant by FFG unless specifically countered, which in this case, wasn't done. There was a clarification that it didn't apply to only a single hero/monster, but when conversing with the community, you can't just say "Well, that means NOTHING on the card is useful and expect it to stick."
  7. He did post the errata'd version (keep 2 cards)
  8. Aren't games always lost on the last turn? ;-) (I'm not familiar with the quest, so I don't know if there's some other turn/timer mechanic)
  9. That is an interesting observation. Though they did say that it's just a "Rule of Thumb" and not a blanket statement. My guess is that they would rule Tomble's Heroic Feat as counting as entering the space, but it's hard to say. Probably best to get a clarification.
  10. You can always run them as Mini Campaigns instead of full ones.
  11. According to the RAW, I'd probably say it would work. But that does seem like something that wouldn't be allowed because also according to RAW, it completely removes the hero from the map and doesn't provide a way for the hero to come back.
  12. I believe it was posted on here a while back, but may have not made it over to BGG. But the way the card reads, it certainly implies it. The card doesn't say "Whenever a monster receives damage or a hero regains fatigue, exhaust this card." It has two separate pieces. The clarification from FFG lists two separate cases too, calling out "any ability" twice, so I'm leaning heavily towards that not contradicting the separation of uses on the card as written.
  13. Both of these are pretty broad blanket statements and there's discussion of them all over the place. It used to be (when it was just the base Shadow Rune campaign) that a lot of people felt 4 Heroes was the most balanced because of the addition of full monster groups. Whereas 3 was Hero favored because the upgrade from minion to master on large monsters (which were predominantly used over the small monsters) wasn't enough to compensate for the additional hero compared to adding another monster. I think really it all boils down to party composition and quest specifics. 2 is definitely harder in general for the heroes, but that's largely because it's difficult to cover all your bases, and a 50% increase in actions (going up to 3 Heroes) is a big jump. Anyway, take a grain of salt with anyone saying "This extremely vague blanket statement is always true" unless they back it up. (Especially if you see multiple people disagreeing about it)
  14. Not quite. FFG has clarified that you get to use the card for EITHER the monsters OR the heroes, but not both. There are two separate sections of the card that can be used; using one exhausts the card and makes it unavailable for using the other. All FFG has done is clarify/errata that if the triggering condition involved multiple figures, the affect can apply to all that were involved. However, you still can only choose one of the sections on the card to activate, even if both were triggered at the same time.
  15. FYI: Semi-Official response from FFG is that all Melee attacks (I'm assuming even with Reach) require 0 range (even though it's not anywhere in the rulebook or FAQ/Errata)
  16. FYI: FFG has said that Ancestor Spirits affects either all monsters or all heroes: http://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Descent_Second_Edition_Unofficial_FAQ#toc12 So I'd agree that Concentration would follow the same rule.
  17. I am honestly curious and not trying to be flippant: So did you know off the top of your head how many times each lieutenant was in a quest without flipping through the quest guides?
  18. I disagree. Just because most of these players speak in hyperbole doesn't mean that it should be encouraged. If you follow actual game design professionals (particularly for big-league games), they'll say the same thing Whitewing says.
  19. I believe so. I think these were unofficial (i.e. FFG Sez) rulings before that specific Errata had been implemented.
  20. This depends largely on how you interpret how often they appear. Many of the repeat performances are mutually exclusive. In the Shadow Rune Campaign for example, even though Sir Alric Farrow appears in both "The Dawnblade" and "The Desecrated Tomb", you're only ever going to play one of those in a given play-through of the campaign. The Finale often features multiple Lieutenants, though.
  21. I imagine Treasure Hunter would be good for Raythen. For Serena, something that generally focuses on single target healing would be nicely complemented by her AoE Feat.
  22. From now on, I am referring to him as Leoric Jenkins, descendent of the brave warrior.
  23. No. Everything on the Survivalist Card is a passive effect. Also note that Health is the Max HP, not the Current HP. (Figures in Descent don't have Current HP, they have Health and Current Damage.)
  24. Frederick attacking is definitely part of the quest rules. It's not fluff/story information, and it is specifically under "Special Rules".
  25. Yeah, it can be easy to underestimate the rising costs of printing large quantities of plastic miniatures, packing, etc. and shipping them overseas, combined with variable currency conversion rates.
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