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  1. Note that it's the NEXT (not any) attack and it has to be THIS round (meaning that it has to be before the Overlord --> Hero transition)
  2. Yup. Prayer of Healing doesn't say that it can't be used on someone that isn't at max health or that the bonus of Divine Fury requires healing to have occurred. There are even cases where the healing from Prayer of Healing could be reduced to 0, and the Divine Fury would still take effect (since the healing reduced doesn't necessarily negate the use of the card.) I'm fairly certain that this was addressed by FFG, but I can't find the source for it at the moment.
  3. While according to RAW, it says you shouldn't, I've thought about offering the players a class / hero change (so long as they stayed within the same archetype.) I haven't done so yet, though. My thought was possibly charging 25g, especially as a class change could allow for some more efficient XP spending. They'd also have to "buy back" their starting equipment for 25g if they sold it (they could then re-sell their new class' starting gear if they wanted). Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to continue a campaign since picking up the expansions. I've only started new ones.
  4. You use the rules for "counting spaces" to determine which empty space is "closest" to the space the monster previously occupied and then put it there. In the case of large monsters, you would first "shrink" the monster into any of the spaces it previously occupied (not necessarily the space Steelhorns is moving into) and then count from there to find out where the closest empty space is. The Steelhorns player controls how the large monster shrinks as a result of this forced movement. Once it arrives, it "expands" back. In this case, the "closest empty space" would implicitly mean "closest empty space that has room for the large monster to expand from" since large monsters may not stop moving in a space they can't legally expand out of, due to obstacles, walls or other figures. I think I'd disagree slightly on the case of where you'd have to shrink the monster to. My guess (and this isn't a guarantee) is that when the ability says "adjacent" or "closest" that it is referring to the space that Steelhorns' entered which happened to contain a monster figure, not just any space the monster figure occupied. Granted, the ability is a bit vague, but this would also put things more in line with the clarification FFG made based on moving a figure with a weapon (the monster has to shrink into the targeted square)"
  5. FFG Clarified that Monster Actions that involve an attack count as the one attack for that activation. They also clarified that Frenzy only adds a normal Attack Action, not a Monster Action which uses an attack. Not necessarily intuitive from RAW, but that's what the intent is, according to FFG.
  6. Is it a foreign translation copy? I know that some people have talked about a number of discrepancies between the original english version and the translations; and not just small mistakenly read ones, but some where abilities have additional effects. (I think one user said that a (German?) translation of a hero (Grisban?) ability that allowed an extra attack ALSO stated that the hero had to sacrifice his defense dice for that turn...) It's almost starting to sound like some of these companies that run the translations are second guessing FFG's decisions and changing the rules based on what they think will fly better in their own markets.
  7. Here's the part where it should've clicked: The card does not say "have that monster perform an attack", it says "perform an attack with [that monster]." This is similar to the Necromancer skill Army of Death that says "Perform an attack with your Reanimate." I believe FFG has stated somewhere (again, I can't remember where) that this attack originates from the caster, but uses the stats of the Familiar. So it can almost be treated like you are wielding that figure as a weapon instead of your own weapons. That said, this should theoretically allow for personal, non-weapon abilities to be used in combination with the attack. This is probably something to clarify with FFG, though.
  8. I believe that somewhere on this forum (unfortunately I can't remember where off the top of my head), someone posted an email from FFG stating that using the side-quests during a regular campaign didn't grant any XP if it wasn't explicitly stated in the quest rewards; this being counter to the "1 XP / player, win or lose" rule. Granted, they could still receive Gold / Relics, but that would be, at most, 2 extra quests per act, assuming the OL drew just the right cards. Is that enough to really break character progression? Hard to say.
  9. FFG Clarified this a while back: The hero decides how the monster moves, but that it must shrink to and start movement from the targeted space. (If you really want to get the most out of it, you may have to target one of its rear spaces, which may be blocked by its front spaces unless you are flanking it.)
  10. This is where we're leaning (that the parenthetical is a reminder, not defining the trait), but with both Nanok and Power Potions being released in the same expansion (Well of Darkness), we can see that it might have been something intentional. I'd personally love to see this straightened out in an FAQ or Errata somewhere.
  11. uhchewie said: Nanok's ability would make his armor value a 4 starting out and maximum of 7 (just by using the melee, not counting skills or other cards that could boost armor) Drinking a power potion would not increase the armor because a monster can't interrupt a heroes action and even then the power potion is gone once the attack roll either hits or misses. Sorry, but that's not particularly good justification. A power potion doesn't have to be used on the same turn. It lasts until they make their next attack, are killed, or they drink another potion. So if a power potion would increase his armor, then Nanok could attack as normal, and as his last action, spend a movement point to drink a power potion, giving him up to +3 armor throughout the entire Overlord's turn and possibly longer (until he made an attack, was killed, or drank another potion).
  12. Nanok's power reads that his armor is equal to 2 + his melee trait (the number of power dice he rolls when making a melee attack). I'm not sure which phrase defines the other. Does the melee trait determine which dice you start with, which can be added to by other factors (Pico, Power Potions, etc.) or is the Melee Trait defined by the number of dice you roll? Pico adds one extra power dice, does this mean that when Ronan gives Pico to Nanok, that Nanok's armor increases, or does Pico just add a die without increasing the melee trait? Drinking a Power Potion allows you to roll all 5 power dice on your next attack. Does this mean that Nanok's armor is 7 if he drinks a power potion, or does the power potion just allow you to roll all five power dice without increasing the melee trait? Obviously, buying training at town reads that it increases the trait, which also increases the number of dice rolled, so this increases Nanok's armor, but I feel that the other two are ambiguous because of the phrase in parenthesis on Nanok's card. (Also, I tried searching the forums, but the search tool here is pretty horrible, so this may have already been answered). Specific references to examples in official rules, FAQ, etc., are preferred as our group has already discussed both possibilities. Thanks!
  13. A situation came up (thankfully avoidable), but it brought up the following question. If a hero places a Guard Order, and a monster with Fly which is behind rubble that blocks the hero's line of sight to it, and then flies over the rubble, at which point can the hero interrupt the monster's movement to attack? Can he attack the flying creature above the rubble (targeting the square of the rubble) or does the rubble block line of sight even to the square it is in?
  14. I wish I could remember where I saw it, but I think I saw somewhere that Midnight hasn't been cancelled, just put on hold for the time being. (Or I could be wrong) As for the new d20 licensing, the only reason you have to stop selling / producing the old stuff is if you sign the new license and want to produce new stuff. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is add to the current stuff. You can't use the basics of the system and completely redo all of the classes / races, etc.
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    The problem is that while those features exist in a lot of forums, it doesn't mean they are easy to implement. A private messaging system involves a relatively significant amount of database creations, and writing whole new pages for the UI, in addition to adjusting all of the menus. If it's not built into the system they are using already, it's going to take a while to write your own. So if that's the case, I wouldn't expect one for a few months (especially since they're trying to fix all of the stuff that's already in the system first).
  16. I mentioned something similar here in regards to point awards.
  17. I believe Red Brick Limited (the same people now doing Earthdawn, Fading Suns and soon to be Equinox and Age of Legend 4e) have the license for Blue Planet now.
  18. Not sure if this is the right place for the FFG staff to see this, but I've not made it all the way through the forums yet and figured I might as well add to the discussion since it is at least on topic. One way to handle forum posts -> points would be to use a rating system like slashdot does. Each post would be rated by all readers (yielding a -5 to +5 average (or perhaps -1 to +5)). A user's points from posts would just equal the total ratings of his posts. If he posts a lot of inane or negative replies, the community will rate those posts poory (even him and his friends will have a hard time bringing them up compared to the rest of the community's opinions). Whereas if a lot of people rate one post really highly, that will give more points to the user. So people are encouraged to post funny or well thought out replies, and can be rewarded for helping the community. But users who's postings waste everyone's time will be discouraged from continuing said activity.
  19. Yeah, the white text, while readable is kind of a pain. I'd much prefer black text for the replies if they're going to stick with the same background. The contrast is high enough, but not too much.
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    I wholeheartedly agree! (I tried to just say "Agreed!", but that was apparently too short.)
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