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  1. I haven't played Sea of Blood, so I don't know much about converting it. So while this post may not be the most helpful, along the lines of looking for other campaigns, you may want to look up The Silken Thread (I believe it's posted on BGG). It was a custom campaign someone made. Either way, best of luck in your conversion. Apologies if this post isn't exactly what you're looking for.
  2. Interesting. I feel like that contradicts some previous rulings, but it's just a gut feeling and I don't have anything to back that up with. Then again, it could be that the "once players have had the opportunity" to mean that you have to allow for that opportunity and can't just rush through. I might have to see if I can find why I think it might be contradicting something.
  3. I'm not really sure that "things specifically not sold by FFG" is at all related to "finding a section of FFG's website". There are already other threads dedicated to miniatures and replacements, and if you can't find them after looking, go ahead and create a new topic. It appears pretty clear that you misinterpreted the subject line and didn't read the post. Maybe not, but it sure looks like it to everyone else. I also wasn't being an ass (I didn't call you names, and I wasn't being rude), I was politely (including saying please) asking you to follow some standard forum conventions for behavior (reading a thread before deciding to hijack it) and you got defensive about it and started name-calling with cuss words. (It's possible that I was mistaken in my interpretation of what happened and you did actually read the post and thought it relevant, but I think many will agree that there are better threads to ask your question than this one, including starting a new post.) I recommend stepping back from the situation and re-assessing before attempting to start a flame war.
  4. In this case, Andira isn't suffering fatigue from the hero she moved adjacent to, she's suffering it from the card and the trigger condition is moving adjacent to another hero. Small, but important difference.
  5. Another major difference is that the Agents / Lieutenant Packs are expected to be able to be used without access to the original expansion they came from, causing any features not included in the base game to be removed/replaced.
  6. That's the section that FFG has generally used for all things "treated like figures". If not explicitly, then they have generally (I can't think of when they haven't, but it's possible) followed the rules listed there for clarifications regarding non-familiars treated as figures.
  7. Not related to this topic at all, actually. "Mini Site" means the section of the main site dedicated to Descent, not a site about "Minis" / miniatures. Please take the time to read the thread instead of just hopping in after looking at the subject line.
  8. Yeah, her ability "Each time you suffer 1 or more (heart) from an adjacent figure" doesn't say anything about melee attacks without reach. It would also apply to ranged attacks from adjacent spaces and other non-attack effects which cause direct damage (probably wouldn't apply against fatigue loss while at full fatigue, but might). That said, I might be reading an older version of her card.
  9. She could suffer fatigue to gain movement points, but those movement points would have to be spend outside of this ability and she wouldn't be able to get the automatic searches from them. So no, the movement from the heroic ability where she gets to search tokens on her way past them can not be increased beyond double her Speed. (Now, if her Speed was increased above its base amount, that's a different story.)
  10. You mean this? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite.asp?eidm=176&enmi=Descent:%20Journeys%20in%20the%20Dark%20Second%20Edition If so, the link can be found by going to the upper menu: Catalog > Board and Card Games, then scrolling down to the game you want.
  11. A lot of people feel the same way before they visit their optometrist and they will often come out realizing that "fine" isn't necessarily as good as they could have been seeing. It's almost definitely time to get a check-up and probably pick up some glasses from them. (As a side note, if you get your glasses elsewhere, don't expect your eye doc to do all the maintenance on them for free; they might, but it's considered extremely rude.)
  12. I think you missed that he wished that when people shared their opinions, that they'd do it without whining / hyperbole. It's not that their opinions are wrong, it's that they are sharing them in a way that isn't productive. Don't forget that a large part of that is that if people are happy with something, there's very little reason for most of them to take the effort to say something about it; when people are unhappy with something, they think their complaints will cause things to change. Unfortunately for the latter case, most people apply the "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" method instead of being constructive about it.
  13. I think it'll be more likely that something like this would come up in a Lieutenant Pack. Include the condition in the Lt. Pack and have one of the cards say something to the effect of "Play this card at the start of an encounter. For the duration of the encounter, each attack from a monster with the Fire trait gains "(surge): Burning".
  14. Definitely my recommendation. Though this should be handled as 2 separate things. He should go, regardless of whether she comes back. It's that, or he has to stop doing what he's doing. After he's gone or has fixed his behavior, then bring it up to her and say "Hey, so we finally told him his behavior wasn't welcome, and (result of him leaving or stopping), so if you are interested in coming back, you're welcome to." But also be aware that she may have other reasons and that his behavior was just the last straw, so she may not come back, and if so, that's ok too. Either way, your group will be better off without his toxic behavior.
  15. Assuming that official published rules are misprinted in the absence of other official published rules creating contradictions is generally not a good plan. As is assuming that the original design team (these things don't happen in a vacuum) intended something other than what is printed. Balance issues aside, I think one of the big problems with Immobilize is the name on the card. If the name of the condition was "Hampered", "Slowed", or "Restricted Movement", there wouldn't be quite as much confusion about it since it wouldn't imply (just by reading the name of the condition and not the rules on the card) that all movement is prohibited. Here, I think the big problem is less the way movement is handled and more the fact that there are traps that make handling it that way a necessity. "Play this card when a hero enters an empty space during a move action ... end his move action" could have easily been changed to "Play this card when a hero enters an empty space ... loses all remaining movement points". Likewise the card that allows for movement of monsters based on fatigue movement could just be changed to suffering fatigue to gain movement points without too much issue. There are very slight differences, but I don't think they are so significant as to be majorly game-changing (though I could be wrong). This way, you only change the cards that cause problems instead of all of the movement rules AND the cards that cause issues.
  16. I'd tell him that the next time he does it, he sits out the rest of the quest while everyone gets to control his character while he watches. It's one thing to argue strategy, it's another to completely take over. IMO, it's better to not play with those kinds of players.
  17. There are definitely some players (thought not all) that are of the opinion that gold/gear is the biggest determining factor in the end-game, more than the quests won/lost on the way there. (You'll see a number of people decrying the Treasure Hunter as OP, etc.) These players will almost exclusively focus on collecting all the treasure first, then try to win the quest (unless it's for a quest that they know has a particularly good reward for them or the overlord.
  18. This is an issue that should definitely be addressed out of game. It's a trust / respect issue really. If you play with players that feel like you're the kind of person who will cheat / pull the wool over their eyes, this needs to change, and is ultimately the root of the entire problem. There are a few things that can help alleviate it, but they are band-aid solutions, not a cure. A bit off-topic, but I'm unsure of what rule/ability you're referring to. We might be able to help provide the actual rules-based reasoning for each case. This is possibly the biggest game-rules fallacy that people try to use. NEVER assume that just because something makes thematic sense that it suddenly should have a rule for it. Board Games are not table-top roleplaying games. So, in general, here are a few tips I recommend you take BEFORE you play your next game. Perhaps an email discussion is better so that there's lots of time for people to discuss things. Do them in your own way and with whatever level of sugar-coating you feel is appropriate, but I'm going to be blunt here. Lay out that the guilt trips / constant assumptions that you're cheating or twisting the rules to your own benefit have to stop. Your players may not realize that they're ganging up on you, but they definitely are. Since others are likely to have a chance to play the overlord at some point, your goal is that the rules should fall on the side of what FFG intended, not necessarily in the OL's favor since you know you'll be a Hero soon anyway and that should be everyone else's goal as well. If they can't trust you to know all of the rules and make the final call based on your own research, have everyone read them on their own. Link everyone to the digital rulebooks, the most updated FAQ and the FFG Sez post (linked above). Ask everyone to take some time to read those posts and replies so that they can see the mysteries behind the rulings that may not yet be published. Anyone attempting to argue from a place of ignorance should not have a say in the matter; if they want a voice, they need to do the leg-work to be well informed. Tell them that reasoning for arguing rules must come from a rules-based perspective. Everything else is the equivalent of a logical fallacy and should be avoided. These points should pretty much apply to all board games. (Storytelling tabletop games like D&D are different. They are non-competitive and everything is up to the GM anyway.) Thematic enforcement of rules DO NOT APPLY. Ever. It's ALWAYS better to come up with some thematic idea to fit the rules than vice versa. (e.g. Khorayt doesn't have Shadow because he's turned it into extra health.) And even if you can't, that just means you're not being creative enough, and does NOT mean that you should change the rules. Just because it kind of works similarly in one case doesn't mean it always works that way in other similar situations. (e.g. A Lieutenant can "stand up like a hero" does not mean that Lieutenant is treated as a hero for all intents and purposes. The "like a hero" stops at his ability to stand up and doesn't affect anything else. Anything else explicitly mentioned in that process supersedes everything else, including the bit that mentions it only takes a single action. Reasoning being that since no monster gets a Revive action, it'd be too easy to keep the Lt. down) If the rules don't say you can, you can't. (This should be a golden rule that is only superseded by situations where you don't have a choice.) Encourage your players to read through the quest guide, read all of your available overlord cards and monster abilities. If they have any questions, they should be asked before a quest starts. None of this is secret anyway. I encourage you to point out any weird rules issues, Errata, or other combos before a quest starts. If you have a strategy that you know is legal, but that you think your heroes will find unexpected and as such will get defensive about when they see it for the first time, point out that it's legal before the quest starts. Yeah, you may be giving up some of your strategy, but it's better than a debate that you have to lose to and play wrong just so your players don't flip the table. Lastly, if none of the above continues, playing a game is often not worth the stress of dealing with these kinds of players. Find another game, or find other players. Hopefully it won't come to that, though. Best of luck!
  19. Except that Allies don't have turns and don't activate during turns, so Mok's ability can't trigger during an Ally activation since that activation is not during a turn. It's not nonsensical, you just defined it (as it's self-defining). There are turns in the game which are clearly defined. Anything that happens between those turns is time that is not part of a turn. There's nothing saying that the game solely comprises turns and that nothing can happen outside of a turn. You're going to have to provide examples for this statement to be credible. I can't think of it breaking anything at the moment, and as it appears to be pretty clearly intended by FFG, I'm pretty sure they've thought about it a good deal too. It's certainly possible, but no more than any other rule, all of which could be game breaking in the presence of other situations that don't exist yet. 1) This is possibly one of the only times I'll say it already fits in the existing rules, because it's not stated that it doesn't fit. (Because FFG has made a statement that leans heavily towards it actually existing with their wording and nothing else they've printed contradicts it). You continually insisting that "time between turns" doesn't exist or is "nega-time" simply because it isn't explicit doesn't make it so. 2) Zaltyre already pointed out how it is different, but I'll quote him to put the point in again: While it doesn't change the maximum amount of healing done, it does increase the chances for the heroes to reach that maximum amount; therefore: definitely not "in all ways ... exactly the same".
  20. I tend to use the MultiQuote button a lot. And when I need to quote different parts of a single post, I will cut out everything but the first part, make that, then position my cursor where I want the second one and go click the Quote button again. It takes some extra time, but I find it worth it for the sake of clarity.
  21. That depends entirely on who is bribing / demonically controlling whom at the time.
  22. *glares at Steve-O* I'm pretty sure the same people answering emails are actually reading the forums: They clearly are reading them and getting feedback / information from them, so it's not like they're useless. That assumes that hosting / moderating / watching the forums is a significant cost compared to the cost of a designer's time. Hosting costs are relatively low compared to man-hours unless you're running large server farms. Moderators often only look into things that look important or are flagged, and designers will spend a little bit of time reading each thread. On the other hand, responding to forum posts in a way that is constructive is a relatively time consuming process, especially when the community is likely to handle most of the answers on their own. Then when the community can't come up with a consensus, they direct people to the email form, and it helps to eliminate dealing with repeat questions.
  23. ... which indirectly enforces the concept of "activation" as being a specific moment in time (when you pick your monster basically before executing its actions), which conflicts with the idea of an activation covering the whole time while a monster is performing its turn (as per discussion about Dash and Frenzy in the other thread). Semantics seem to matter. I don't think it enforces it at all, directly or indirectly. Dark Host doesn't mention ANYTHING about activating a figure. It just says you may perform 1 move action and 1 attack action. But there's also nothing saying that move/attack actions have to happen during activations or that they are always separate from activations either. An activation is simply the period of time encompassing the actions of a figure (most heroes only have one on their turn, heroes with familiars have 2, allies have 1 that exists between turns, overlords have 1 per monster). If it was meant to refer only to the start of that activation, it would say "at the start of turn/activation".
  24. Do you mean at the start of every round (one round = 2–4 hero turns + 1 overlord turn)? Otherwise in a 4-hero game, The OL threat gets maxed out pretty quickly.
  25. According to the rules, there is nothing saying that Allies get turns. They are merely activated (the way that monsters and familiars are activated), but that the activation happens outside of the turn structure instead of during a player's turn: So it seems like FFG almost went out of their way to imply that Allies do not get turns (without explicitly saying it).
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