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  1. An intelligent fighter -- like a military officer, a tactician. Maybe Shrine World --> Imperial Guard --> Sage.
  2. Call of Cthulhu's pages of rules on combat (what, 5 or 6?) are also longer than its pages of rules on investigation (there are none). Investigation is the fun part of the game. Speeding it up by summing everything into dice rolls would be dull. Might as well just roll a die: "did I survive the adventure? Hmm I roll 33, yay! Now let's watch TV."
  3. Well what would you be interested in?
  4. Poke around here http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=62407&date=1428250153 and see if you're interested; send me a request to join if so. It started out as a Vampire game but we decided to do DH2 instead. Don't read the adventure in the book please, but do read the fluff on the Askellon sector. Though I tend to trust my players, there is a dice roller on the rpg.net website that we use, the results of which are visible, so cheating is impossible anyway. Basically what I do to ensure that the group is rounded out is ask that no characters repeat each other in terms of Home World, Background, or Role. Meaning that each will be unique to a single character. So far the characters in the groyp (and HW/B/R that are taken) are Void Born --> Adepta Astra Telepathica --> Mystic Hive World --> Imperial Guard --> Assassin Highborn --> Outcast --> Desperado And no Untouchables as there is a psyker in the group and think they would step on each other's toes. Most anything else is viable though. Thanks for the interest!
  5. Not if you know the BC/Only War system. It's pretty much the same. I'd have to walk you through the char gen process but it's quite simple. (Do buy the book though! Give FFG money! )
  6. No, I decided not to use point-but, because 1) it leads to min-maxing, 2) it conflicts with the "more or less normal people" feel for starting characters, and 3) because the range of starting stats is lower and character flexibility higher in DH2 than DH1 I feel it is less necessary (which is to say that it is relatively easy to bump a low stat to tolerable levels, and nobody starts out with a stat over 40 in any case). On the other hand, I do let players reroll the whole batch of stats if they really don't like them (which one player has already done!). Can you live with that?
  7. Hi everybody, I'm looking for two (2) players to round out a DH 2E PbP game, which hopefully will last longer than the previous one that was derailed by my father-in-law's illness. The real hitch is that due to time I'm stuck using the adventure in the back of the book, in the unlikely event that anyone hasn't read that and wwants in on the game, let me know!
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for a couple (2) players for a PbP game of DH 2nd ed. (Hopefully this game will not be interrupted by personal matters as was the previous one!). I'm asking here instead of on the 2nd ed. forum since I'll be using the adventure at the back of the book, I think, and it's much less likely that people posting here would have read it. So let me know if you're interested. I'll be playing up the horror aspects of the game, as is my taste.
  9. In my experience, pre-errata stats work fine if you couple them with the OW rules set.
  10. I know what FFG's fluff says, but it doesn't make sense. Marine and regular bolters are clearly not firing the same shells, because the Marine bolter is clearly larger with a clearly larger muzzle, which is what you would expect when you take a gun and scale it up. If you take a knife and triple its size, it's not a knife anymore. EDIT: normal humans _cannot_ get to a point at which autoguns etc. lose their scare without power armor. Max autogun damage is 13, maximum human toughness bonus in the BC/OW rules set (not counting things like Marks, bionics, and so forth) is 6. 13 - 6 = 7. This has indeed been gone over in various threads, and it has been repeatedly demonstrated to you that you are wrong, yet you continue. Now you can go on declaring that the sky is green for as long as you want, or stop saying that humans can get to the point where autoguns cease being a threat.
  11. That a gun that is a clearly a scaled-up version of X would do more damage than X is simply logical, as the calber has increased. In fact, it's not the same gun. A .22 that has had its size doubled is not a .22, but a .44.
  12. Heavy bolters were, but I think the talents apply mainly to small arms (?). Boltguns are not a Guard weapon (or weren't until earlier this year!). You can also get bows and arrows as standard kit, but there aren't any talents for that either.
  13. I haven't played it, but isn't Inquisitor notorious for its horrifically overpowered Space Marines that can do more damage by throwing a bolt pistol than by shooting it? Or is that just Internet babble?
  14. Don't forget that psychic phenomena are not a Test and thus cannot be rerolled with a Fate Point.
  15. Because prior to the 2014 codex bolt weapons were unavailable to guardsmen except for bolt pistols.
  16. In the new IG codex they are specifically mounted lasguns.
  17. Characters in Only War are freakishly accurate when firing single shot, but this is to balance single shot vs. semi and autofire.
  18. If you are aiming at a specific point on the ground (say, a man-sized area), which is what you have to do to get a blast centered in a specific area, you are in fact aiming at a man-sized area and not the planet Earth.
  19. Well, mostly they can carry their standard kit all day long while marching. 10+ clips of ammunition is not standard kit. Actually they can carry that and a bunch of other stuff as well; they'll just gain Fatigue.
  20. If you have a jump pack, you already have something on your back, so nowhere to keep your missiles. No opinion on the other stuff, except that as a GM I wouldn't allow you to "shoot the ground" to get a bonus for a couple of reasons; e.g., that's what the to-hit roll with a blast weapon pretty much already represents to begin with,
  21. Enforcing encumbrance rules really helps with this BTW. 10 lasgun clips weigh something like 10 pounds.
  22. Tau have no special abilities at all, they are physically inferior to humans and not superior in any way, and do not have a much different psychology. They are for all game intents and purposes human beings with lower than average stats who will get burned on sight by Imperials. So I'm not sure what the point was in making separate rules for them.
  23. Well, you remember it that way in any case.
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