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  1. And the guard have artillery, tanks and unlimited numbers. The guard would be stupid not to completely destroy the entire district if they find that the arbites are there. The winner can always rebuild.
  2. Don´t warn your players unless their characters have some way of knowing. Make it a nice suprise just as they prepare for their next activity. For example: Make the navy jump into the system just as they prepare a mission. And remember that a small frigate that moves slowly and sneaky will easily be able to sneak up on your player and fire a barrage of torpedoes before they know what happened, use submarines for reference. As your players´ ship is burning they are boarded by murder-servitors and inquisitorial stormtroopers. Even one of these servitors and stormtroopers should be a match in a one-on-one fight for your player. And the inquisitor´s themselves will probably not even break a sweat as they gut the heretics. Show no mercy. I suppose you could make them into servitors or mind-cleansed, but why would you?
  3. I would actually recommend to take the scout path. This way you make the already versatile guardsman even more versatile. The guardsman´s strength is the ability to deal with any combat situation. Shootout, no problem just get the heavy weapons out. Close combat is just as easy just get the chainsword or bayonet out. Really heavy and chaotic combat means explosives and endurance. The guardsman in our group may not be the most efficient at any nische but I have yet to see an enemy that she cannot defeat with her arsenal of different weapons and tactics. Now that she has started down scout the is **** hard to pin down since she sneaks around and plays hit and run.
  4. Definatly something wrong with that damage. There is no way that any shotgun should out damage a bolter. I would say 1D10+5 maximum for any non-astartes shotgun, scatter will ensure that everything at point blank range dies anyway.
  5. They fired their ship´s guns on Malfi? One of the most powerful planets in the sector... I would say that they are dead, no way around it. If the Imperium´s retribution doesn´t get them the nobles will. I would say they have about 5 minutes left to live after firing those guns. Kill your players (or rather their characters!) and tell them that if they continue to behave like this you will not GM any more. Let them, both players and characters, take responsibility for their actions.
  6. Ear-of-Terror said: I just started to think about a Cleric character/protagonist and the diversity of imperial creed and then I came to this. Who and why has to be celibate? Sororitas because they are nuns and 'married' to the Emperor? AdMech because flesh is weak and they remove the proper parts first? Astartes because the are so rebuid and conditioned that they lack any sex-drive? All clerics? Some clerics? Does it depend on the rank they aim for, the certain one of the sub-cult they are part of? Is it a vow they can take on by choice? Sororitas and celibacy is a debated topic since everyone seem to view them differently. If you want them to be pure fanatics married to the Emperor I would say make them celibate. If you see them as more political schemers everything goes. Personally I would not say that a sororita who cheats on her husband (the Emperor) is worth the robes the wears. But that´s just my take on it. I think that AdMech would see "normal" reproduction as ineffective and wasteful. Why occupy a valuable worker with a child when you can just grow another human? And emotions is something to avoid, meaning that they would never have sex because they feel like it. Mechanicus are coldly logical. Astartes are, in my view, both sterile and totally not interested. I would not even allow them to be aroused by such trivialites. They are the emperors chosen and are far above such behaviour. With clerics it would depend. Some orders most definatly demand that a cleric be celibate. Others would not care in the slightest how depraved their clerics become. I have a hard time believing that a cleric of Maccabeus and one from Sinophia would view the question of celibacy in the same way. It would very much depend on what order the character is a part of. To some extent rules would differ between ranks, but seeing as celibacy is something touching the very core of being human I do not think that higher rank let´s you break that vow. If anything the rules would be even more strict the higher rank you become since it is expected that you are "better" then mere initiates.
  7. I have only just recently begun game mastering this trilogy so I haven´t yet been at the end but I have read through the books and I have a few thoughts. What really is missing is a huge boss fight at the end, Haarlock simply leaves and that is simply not cool from a game design perspective. We need to give the players a fight they will remember for a long time. Maybe they fight the Dusk Hag in the swamps around the final obelisks while the tyrant star blazes down upon them. They would need to fight a powerful warp-creature while staving of the mind-flaying powers of the star, the star might even amplify the Hags powers. Local wildlife would be rushing in to aid the Big Bad. The only thing that would need chaning would be that the Hag has made some kind of deal with Haarlock or maybe he enslaved her? She wants him to return and the acolytes stand in her way. After the battle the acolytes, if they survive, will have ended two major threats that were allied with each other and they will be stranded in the deadly swamps of Dusk. No one knows where they are and they have zero influence or possibility of support, this is a great start for the next series of adventures titled "The escape from Dusk".
  8. It is worth remembering that there are alot of different puritans just like there are different radicals. A mono-dominant and a Thorian may well come to blows over their agendas. I find that the terms radical/puritan are cosmetic and doesn´t really mean anything, all inquisitors are individuals and these broad terms are simply stereotypes we try to apply to easily categorize them. The truth is that both camps have their extremists but most would probably be commited to an "the ends justify the means" mentality. They are all on the same side and the moderates probably get along reasonably well.
  9. If the Spectres/Ghosts are not warp creatures or has some psychic connection to the warp then no, psyniscience will not detect them. For psyniscience to detect something there must be some connection to the warp. However, wouldn´t ghost be rather strongly warp-related since they are, in essence, souls stuck in the material world?
  10. If the Logicians know that your acolytes are working for the big I a few thing could happen: 1: They hide and wait until the eye of the I passes from them. The logicians are a very secretive group and I don´t see them taking risks when they can avoid it. 2: They try to assassinate the acolytes in some smart and very unfair way. 3: If they deem the acolytes to be radical or maybe doubting their duty to the Emprah the Logicians may try to reqruit them, this is a very risky move however since if the offer is rejected the situation for the logicians becomes much worse. A rejectoin would probably be followed up by number 2. I would think that the logicians in general would treat psykers as they treat all science, if they can be made to work for us in overthrowing the Imperium that´s great. But if they can´t we had better kill them or ignore them (the psykers that is). There was once a logician who tried to reqruit our group, it failed because the acolytes were loyal to their inquisitor and the result was alot of dead people, including the logician cell and anyone they had ever had contact with on that world.
  11. Sounds like heresy Inquisitors Handbook states that they are chaste. It´s right there in their description. Hard to be both chaste and an "escort".
  12. Shouldn´t this work the same as when attaching an exterminator to a weapon? And I don´t think that there is any penalty except increasing weight to attaching an exterminator to a weapon. The battle sister in our group is armed with an ordinary wooden pilgrim´s staff with an attached exterminator. The heretics won´t be expecting that!
  13. Feral Worlders are rarely faithful to the creed as preached by the ministorum, doesn´t make them any less fanatical to serve the Emperor though. The quote is from the DH core rulebook, skills chapter. It is taken from someone named Kross Vorgt, Drill Abbot. It remains to be seen just how puraitan Jungo´s inquisitor is but if he/she reqruited a feral worlder he(she must be tolerant of their ways.
  14. Zakalwe said: That's still awesome Storm. Perhaps I need to start a new thread called something like 'Intra Party skull duggery and hijinks associated therewith'. Unfortunately only having returned to gaming a few months ago I have nothing yet except for the Psyker PK I've already mentioned. Though my Assassin did a lot of prancing around last session in his brand new xeno mesh just to make sure everyone in the party knew that it was alien, and that he didn't care that they knew. We've just finished Tattered Fates and a Black Ship has finally turned up, next session I have to explain to the Inquisitor, but with by far the largest bodycount of heretics and demons, and generally coming up with the plan to foil the Pilgrims of Hayte he's like like: "What's she gonna do? Nothing that's what. Probably give me a medal for my trouble". "Educate men without faith and you make them nothing more than clever devils." He may be skilled, but is he faithful to the creed?
  15. I would seem that your players are about to become friends with death. Psykers are hated when they don´t use their powers, but when one dominates one of the rag kings the **** should really hit the fan. The other kings should be terrified that such a character is running around in their turf, the psyker knows who they are, where they are and may very well decide to destroy them. The rag kings should ally to try to eliminate this threat. Your players should find out that being all alone without allies in a very hostile place where everyone exept Constantine hates them is a very bad idea. Given that even to nobles are indebted to the rag kings and other criminals there really is no where to run. Deadly ambushes, straight up kill squads and general ammo shortage is the least of what they should suffer for their choices. Always remember that your players are on their enemies home turf and the criminals will fight dirty. Bombings, toxic gases, floodings and other creative ways of killing well armed people should be employed. They are all alone and there are 150 million people on that planet who would kill them simply because the rag kings tell them so, and they will be more afraid of the rag kings than some far away inquisition.
  16. We use location specifik critical damage. We like it since it makes the characters little more than walking meat and tubes and the adventure´s end. When you have between 2-4 crit in every body part the effects really start to show. Also, it is much more bad ass to be shot to pieces and still keep on going.
  17. There are actually several RPGs that use this approach. Each and every hit you recieve will cause damage. However, those RPGs are built from the ground up bearing in mind the deadly combat. These games are also mostly investigation/horror games. I agree that the hit point system in DH is silly but removing the wounds isn´t the solution to the problem. In this system such a tweak would simply leave a trail of dead characters. Which may very well be exactly what you are looking for . After playing RPGs where one-hit kills are common and you have learned to fear a simple kitchen knife DH is a welcome break. I suppose the hit point system make a game more "epic" in the sense that you can take alot more damage before you fall, it´s all in the tone the game wish to convey. DH is at it´s heart an epic combat game with a little investigation thrown in, why else would we have entire books filled with combat related stuff?
  18. The description of holocaust states "Holocaust calls forth a raging white-hot firestorm ignited by the psyker´s own soul." It is not a matter of simply tolerating the heat of the physical flames, the psyker uses his soul as ignition and expends his soul to manifest the power. Nor is it possible to heal damage caused by holocaust with seal wounds or any psychic power for that matter since the errata states that "Wounds caused by Holocaust may not be healed by any Psychic Powers". Now, if this power was simply a conjuration of physical fire the psyker may very well be able to be unhurt from the manifestation, but sadly that is not the case. And by making the power not hurt the psyker on the round it is activated opens up for an interesting exploit where any psyker simply only activates the power every other round and as such is completely safe from the primary cost of the power. Surely this is not what the writers intended?
  19. For the sake of balance I would say that the psyker would be burned while manifesting holocaust. It is after all the power of choice for suicide bombers.
  20. I would rule that you need to percieve the object you wish to manipulate. Meaning that you must either see the object or percieve it through psychic means. Otherwise you won´t know what to manipulate. It woul be strange if a psyker could just say "I know there is a key somewhere inside this tank, I will turn it.", the psyker still would not know where that key is located and as such can not turn it.
  21. My take is the same as yours, with the number of levels in the tens. Seldom higher than 20 in my case. The fewer levels you use the easier it becomes to make each level interesting and distinct.
  22. If your acolytes have high enough awareness and paranoia they will ambush spectre cell 17 I´m preparing to run this adventure and I have no doubt that even with only 3 rank 6 acolytes they will win. They are simply too paranoid, sneaky and clever to get caught in an ambush. Don´t be afraid to throw bad stuff at your players, they will always find a way to surpass any challenge. Players are funny in that way. They may be banged up and shot to pieces but they will win.
  23. Psykers loose their usefulness when you´re up against untouchables, such as the slaught.
  24. I believe that this is a balance issue. Dual wielding accurate pistols would give an insane damage potential. And let´s not even consider what it would do to dual shot, makes me shiver...
  25. Lightbringer said: It's actually exactly the sort of condescending attitude that would drive your average citizen of the Imperium insane with hatred. Which means that the Imperial authorities must approve of the Tau´s attitude. They do like hatred and approve of insanity.
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