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  1. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/401649/clan-chief-weapon or for those who just wanty an answer... It is a short sword. DOW gave official confirmation that if a weapon is not specified, it defaults to a short sword for foot units and a long sword for mounted units.
  2. Looks great. My guess on the terrain in 'impassable hills / mountains'
  3. A little bird told me that it has a Oct 31st release date... so, early November is looking good !
  4. Race specific heroes ? Goblin and Dwarven Loremasters ? Goblins - Shaman / Mystic / Warchief that kind of thing. More creature stats based on the most common D&D minis (these make GREAT BL creature figs) Extra lore spells for the 4 classes ? the list goes on !
  5. There's a post over on BGG - where someone notes that FFG are trying to get them out next week. Here's hoping !
  6. /start RANT This topic and similar astounds me... New BL player goes into store and buys Heroes / Creatures or Dragons.... He wants to play as many of the scenarios out of the base game and his new expansion.. He doesn't want games where he needs to find out of print expansions. Old BL player goes into store and buys Heroes / Creatures or Dragons.... He wants new adventures and since he has the old expansions... he can use any specialist cards to play with his new and old toys at the same time. Also, FFG have given him 1 or 2 out of 4-6 adventures where he does need to dig out his older expansions and mix them up. FFG make games... their support for these games varies from great (parts etc) to non-existant (web based tools etc) They'll state it time and time again.... they will not waste the time and money developing a site that looks like and reminds you of the good old days at DoW. Whilst we can all dream... those days are over people ! The old scenarios are still out there. http://battlelore.aeneagames.com/scenarios/ and http://static.battleloreadventure.com/en/ should keep the average player happy for a very long time. DoW sold us BL as a KIT... heck - I had 2 base games on pre-order. Use your imagination and use it as such. Don't like a rule ? CHANGE IT. !! I wanted Epic from the start, I was never sure why DoW gave me a free Epic, as I didn't need the maps and had more than enough of most of the counters.. but they did... and that was nice of them, but don't expect similar service from FFG. Want to use all the minis in the box in a campaign ? Go for it.. get a Kingmaker or similar map out and move tokens around on there and fight any battles that happen. You have a base game and Heroes ? You have ten plus six scenarios.... now, throw in a varying War Council and different Heroes, the possibilities are almost endless. Elberon has an interesting set of ideas for home brew expansions - I suggest you all take a look and see what can be done with some thought and play testing. I didn't like some of them, and have used others. If we are lucky, Descent gets one expansion per year - we were spoilt at DoW, yep - the releases weren't always the best (troll map anyone..) but BL was a big deal to DoW and is 'just another game in the catalogue' to FFG. I'm not pro DoW or pro FFG - I still feel annoyed at having to wait over a year before DoW told me what was happening with BL Both companies policy's of not announcing future plans / releases is something I will never be able to understand. IF FFG tells me that they are releasing an elven army pack next year... I'll start saving now. I'd probably buy more goblins / dwarves and I'll be hitting the website everyday for info. If we are lucky - we may get a state of the game' posting but don;t hold your breath. Battles of Westeross is one I'll skip however, the books actually have very few battles in them, no LORE worth bothering about and I wanted FANTASY - not seven variations of human medieval. I'm not unhappy its coming out though, hard to market a 'battlelore game system' where the base set isn't supported anymore... Yes, it might take developement time away from BL - but I can live with that. now, Battles of Middle Earth.... I'd buy that in a heartbeat ! /RANT OVER Looking forwards to seeing replies !!
  7. Really ? just looking at the first 3 scenarios.. Crecy.. uses arbalasts Poitiers - uses spears, halbards and arbalasts. cocherel - uses hornblowers etc suggest you look at the maps again.
  8. actually - all the info is already in the online FFG catalogue. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=15&esem=2&esum=20 this is the missing BL 12 !!!!
  9. Sadly, you've probably missed out on it. FFG only are distributing it in the USA etc - they got what they were allocated from Nexus and that's it. Your best bet is to wait until the Wave 2 hits, and then try to grab a copy in a few months. Or Phone around gaming stores and see if any have been allocated a Wave 2 copy and order that.
  10. when i placed my order - the day wave 1 shipped. Got it and I have your order setup in the system and will send you one as soon as they come in. I've been hearing April, but don't have any concrete date yet, and probably won't until a few days before they ship to us. Hopefully it will be on time. Thanks for the order. I wanted to see how the wave 1 version looked before i placed my order as preview pics of the minis didn't thrill me too much. Now I'm glad I have it coming in April / May. Good luck to those of you still looking for a copy.
  11. Recycle ? I'm keeping mine !
  12. You can still buy copies for the UK at the Nexus site. Good luck finding one in the US. Australians and Canadians.. well - you may find a couple now that they've been hit with an addition to the shipping costs. It's either pay up or cancel on that.
  13. That's the only reference we can find to it - so that's the way we play it. Seems to work for us though.
  14. the number of Red infantry is different too. Why do you think something is wrong or would you rather play even match ups on symetrical terrain in each game ? why are we even having this discussion ?
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