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  1. Railway Labor Act needs to be expanded to cover commerce shipping... http://www.wsj.com/articles/douglas-holtz-eakin-how-to-free-u-s-ports-from-chronic-union-problems-1417822537
  2. So maybe FFG can add a tablet to the game, jack the price up by 400 and everyone wins!!!!
  3. I built three for the various lengths with this http://corseceng.com/omni-ruler/
  4. I second fionn5's preference... Let FFG run this into the ground with expansions before creating starting something new..
  5. I am going to say it will not be 100% compatible with the old sets. For one, the ranged combat is different between the two games....
  6. I totally agree... FFG is turning into WotC and putting a lot on card games. I guess the profit factor is higher making paper cards then plastic miniatures... If you could see my game shelves you would think I worked for FFG, but alas things have slowed down with the FFG purchases around here. I guess on the bright side of things I am saving money
  7. I have to throw my hat into the ring…. Axis and SSU get more vehicles and they throw us what more Infantry… I mean when they start to release the Japan stuff for the Axis then, by all means, throw the Marines our way, until then lets see an even distribution regarding vehicles…. Down the pipe even the Axis get aircraft, just drop the Allies line instead of making it less and less competitive…
  8. Pete C said: Ebonsword said: I'm still hoping that FFG will surprise with optional co-op rules out of the box. What exactly do you mean...like a D&D automated encounter deck that circumvents the need for an overlord? Sacrilege!
  9. I attended Vul-Con, actually placed second in the DT tournament, and was present at both video feeds. I had an opportunity to ask questions about Dust Warfare but FF has the lid on tight and neither one of those gentlemen gave up any information that is not already available. I was assured that Dust Tactics and Warfare will be support and Warfare is not a replacement for Tactics. I look forward to playing both so to me that was good news, I like Tactics for those quick pickup games.
  10. Makes me sorry I moved away ... I grew up outside of Bardstown... Good to know that when I move back there may be a place to get my Dust Tactics on...
  11. Looking forward to Vul-Con. Dust Day is gonna be my highlight. Cya there Rick.
  12. My son and I play and would be up for some games. Give me a shout and I posted on another thread the DT league at IO is for real and starts in March.
  13. Psykostevo said: I'm debating on going. It might be my first time actually playing with my minis. Imperial Outpost Games said that someone is trying to start a Tuesday night league up there. But they don't sell the minis. I was just there Saturday afternoon and Darren had a few items in stock, with more to follow. Jay and Rick, the guys behind Vul-Con, will be heading up the Dust Tactics league. I spoke with Jay and he indicated it will start in March, due to Vul-Con taking up their time. That is the latest information I have on the Phoenix league.
  14. You can find the info here at www.advancedgrafixonline.com/vulconsite/index.html The specific day for the event is on Saturday from 1900 hrs to 2300. Google doc the info at docs.google.com/document/d/1ZPOTGif4_IFuYjOH5jMpBd1AYDOQoFbkS8HmLnpgaKc/edit My son and I won the tournament at a mini con they sponsored at Imperial Outpost. Lots of fun and we look forward to playing with more fans, especially since the release of Hvy Walkers and command squads. See you all there.
  15. Poyet said: Yes we need soviets. .....and Airplanes? Would love to see the Soviets, long before the Vrill truth be told. Airplanes I say don't bother, there are enough plane games out there to satisfy that itch. But hey just an opinion.
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