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  1. I need a bit of help finding out how many cards are in the base set and the 2 expansions. Thought there would be something on the description page, but theres not. Does anyone know the quantitys?
  2. I was browsing Board Game Geek and came across the above game (Reins of Power). This seemed to be like Twilight Imperium and Runewars but based in the near future. I saw that the bossman was developing this game and keeping it to himself. I’d like to know how far on it is, as it looks like it should have come out a few years ago.
  3. Got to say I too agree. I think it would be a great step forward for FFG. Maybe initially have it as a quarterly release. Just looking at upcoming releases and new varients for existing games would be great.
  4. Tallgeese said: Roughly £7.99 - £9.99 depending where you buy it, have a hunt around. Best to support your friendly local games shop, especially if it is in Aldershot. I would do if you were anywhere near me. I'm in Lancaster all the way up the country. Did visit your shop years ago, well I think it must have been your place. I wish you would come and open a store up here. Thanks to the postee above, never thought of doing that. Checked Gameslore where I buy all my boardgame bits and they have them listed at £7.49, so hope they will be the same price.
  5. What will the price be of the booster packs? Cannot find any stores that have a listed price. I'm in England, so I'd like to know how much it is here.
  6. mikelosaurus said: the UK release date is still a couple of weeks away. Do we know exactly when the release is for the core set and the booster expansions?
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