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  1. Thx for answers BUT... As I said I want to play with my friend... My friend isnt so involved into this so I need to build 2 Armies. Since Im not a big fan and dont know what skills characters have and etc I asked for help. It doesnt matter Organisations or Light and Dark. If it wouldnt bother u... Write me just few cararacter with plot and equipment cards for both sides. They have to be balance somehow that with right strategy both sides could win. Coz starters are not balanced! I knew that there is Army builder. Im gonna use it. But 1st I need characters.
  2. Nobody plays Anima? Cant help with 2 armies? Pls.... Doesn't mattter what faction or allignment ....
  3. Hi, I wany to play this game but dont have enought minis but i have 2 starters but it sux to ply with it. So... I need really good advise. Can somebody write me what character to take and with what adv or/and plot cards to take? I think this is mo interesting to play 300 point... I really need help with it. And as u can see i need to armies to play with my friend.
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