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  1. My myrmidon cogboy uses engraved D’laku Pattern Hellgun with chainbayonet attached. When there is time for more covert operation he uses Sacrystian Boltpistol and Hellpistol as a backup. But D’laku is sufficient for almost everything, especially with overcharged packs (1d10 + 4 with pen. 4). It slices most of the foes except for Slought and Tank (so far). But as so far the most efficient weapon was armoured SUV with which I trampled a Pit Fiend with no effort
  2. Don't forget about Lexicanum
  3. Great work guys, keep on. I’m looking forward to possibility of printing the created character.
  4. Stygere (Hateful) is home of my players in my RT camping. She is Cobra class destroyer over 10k years and its navigator Euphrati Victus is kind of living saint suspended for most time in stasis field. She is almost as old as the ship itself. But that is another story Gemina Astra (Twin Star) is a large RT cargo vessel captain of which is a husband of Styrenge captain. Some day maybe I’ll post a full background of those ships
  5. Can anyone tell me what the point of making astropath and navigator classes is? They are not exactly playable professions, especially astropath whose role is to communicate over the long distances... What fun will be playing someone who is constantly tied to the ship?
  6. Hakken


    N0-1_H3r3 said: Wikipedia is the modern substitute for actually knowing things, just like TvTropes.org is the modern substitute for having your own opinions. Just like books I'm sorry if I offended somebody giving links to wiki instead of writing long post myself... Is there any problem with that?
  7. Hakken


    Peacekeeper_b said: Wikipedia has spoken! Off course it has. Wiki is powerful, especially, when one is to lazy to write
  8. Hakken


    Actually Eldars ARE evil race, especially in the eyes of the Empire, i.e. look at DoW2 story. (warning, minor spoiler) When they are trying to stop a Tyranid invasion, they are fueling Orkish Waaagh on human worlds so the greenskins could be at peek of their abilities, when time to face hive fleet comes. Off course it’s a good plan, but not exactly “good”, especially in the eyes of humans Off course Empire is evil in the eyes of Eldars, it works in both ways. BTW “Corsair” is not equivalent to “pirate”.
  9. Peacekeeper_b said: Option 1: You and your crew awake from Warp Travel and find yourselves crashing on a feral world. Once landing you soon discover the humans of this plant are of a stone age culture and are hunted by extremely hairy humanoid apes! Option 1: No ordinary apes, they are called Jokaero, and thy are orange furred, mute and extremely adept at microelectronic Option 2: This alien is in fact genestealer retrieved from some ancient space hulk Responding to a distress call your crew finds and ancient xenos ship. One of your crew becomes infected with some alien virus and it bursts from his chest. Now you must hunt down the "Alien" and stop the rogue science servitor from wrecking the ship! Option 1: No ordinary apes, they are called Jokaero, and thy are orange furred, mute and extremely adept at microelectronic Option 2: This alien is in fact genestealer retrieved from some ancient space hulk
  10. N0-1_H3r3 said: The author of the Liber Chaotica books, amongst others. The inclusion of 40k elements in them was a decision by Black Library so that the books could be sold to 40k and WFB players alike... but the books as a whole are comprised of the ramblings of a scholar whose mind becomes increasingly unstable as he deals with a subject that no mortal should consider. The official line is that both settings are distinct from one another, joined by their respective connections to the Warp and the Chaos Gods within. Essentially, the Immaterium sits in the middle between the two universes... Really? Please, show me where anyone from GW said so? AFAIK GW remains silent on this topic and never said anything about Warhammer Fantasy world being part of WH40k universe. They could be or they could be not the same, in fact it is up to you, and guys from GW left it this way (and probably they are looking at similar topics and make fun from fans arguing on countless forums ).
  11. ClockworkGecko said: In truth both Warhammer settings have been in seperate universes since day one. Who said so? Look at Liber Chaotica, it begins in WFRP and ends in WH40k. Elves and Eldars got the same pantheon, the same with Orks (and who said that in WFRP they are not fungi?). And these are just examples. For me personally Old World looks like Slaan Playground.
  12. Hakken

    Blood Bowl!

    Arnora said: My dark eldars team were so **** cool ^^. You mean "Dark Elves", its a fantasy oriented game
  13. HappyDaze said: I'm just looking for someone that can put my tables and text into something more attractive than a MS Word (or Excel) document. Including art is something I havn't even really thought about. My gaming-fu is rather good, but my computer skills are pretty terrible. It is pretty easy when you have right tools. Email it to me, and I will make it PDF file in no time. Only problem is that I don’t have right layouts so, I can’t make it look more “pro”. If you are interested, I will give You my email on prv.
  14. In the eyes of empirials, yes. But in the eyes of their fellow mechnicus, no.
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