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  1. I lost my latest game due to Lycanthrophy despite being way ahead. The other players had taken all the available talismans and as long as it was night I could not take them. I spent hours trying to get one.
  2. Before our latest game I purchased a large board consisting of 2 pieces that when we ducttaped them together became 175x120cm. This left enough space on the edge (12cm) to fit a Character card and then spreading their cards (objects, followers, spells etc) on either it's right or left side rather than underneath. We placed as many decks as we could on top of the board itself like the Path Deck on the Woodlands Entrance, the Wanted Deck on the City Gate and the Warlocks Quest and Quest Rewards on the Warlock's Cave. It was possible to have spells, spell discard, 3 stacks of adventure and adventure discard, one ending card and the day/night card on top of it in the center of the main board. We had 5 players helping out moving eachothers characters and reading spaces on the other side.
  3. You roll the die, you move to a space, you encounter the space, and some card or effect move you to another space... can/do you also encounter the new space? For instance, after defeating the Eagle King, taking a relic, can you move your character to a Pool of Wisdom on the main board and pick a Craft from it before ending your turn? You fall through a trap door to the Dungeon Entrance, already occupied by another character, can you attack that character before ending your turn? You just met your Destiny at the end of Woodlands and your path allows you to move to the Warlocks Cave, can you pick a quest there before ending your turn? You are defeated by a Roc who drops you at the Mountain Pass, where there is a Cloud Dragon - do you have to fight it before ending your turn? A Harpy drags you to the crags - do you need to roll for the Crags before ending your turn? You pass through the Oberon's Gate and since you're lightbound another player place you on a Firelands Token in a Plains space on the main board - should you also draw a card there before ending your turn?
  4. I am likely to grab it for the characters but I confess I feel nothing for "alternate play" expansions since Talisman tend to have a lot of variation as it is. That said, there are limited ways remaining to expand the game now me thinks. The new board looks good though. Can it be played with the other expansions I guess picking one board or another per game is ok.
  5. A Mountains <> Woodlands expansion seems obvious to me. The vicinity to the Graveyard and Sentinel space is interesting. I would connect the Ravine to a dwarven stronghold with the potential to claim a mighty warhammer or other dwarven treasure. This is a homeage to Karaks Doom and Morak's Hammer in Talisman 3rd edition. In the same vein the Thicket could be connected to elfs with the potential of claiming elven treasure. Making these options to what is available from the City board may make the Woodlands and Highland attractive. That said I wouldn't mind seeing more use of some of the mechanics introduced in other expansions, such as the trap, burn or night/day mechanic.
  6. I wish to play Talisman with a group of new players, but I kinda want to have the corner regions in. That said, I would like to reduce further complications as much as possible. So I wrote this on omitting stuff... When introducing Talisman I would like to keep the very basic formula "roll dice, move steps, encounter space", trying to skip all other steps. I would also refrain from using any odd strategies, trying to limit myself. * No alternative endings on the first go, Crown of Command it is. * No extra characters on the first go, such as Werewolf or Reaper. * No dragon expansion. I can keep the adventure deck with everything shuffled in, but with some slight changes: * I would treat burn as discard (firelands) and ignore the fireproof symbol. * I would keep the time card (bloodmoon) but ignore the -1/+1 on it. This avoid questions that pop up when an adventure-card refer to the time card. This is how I would introduce things: Characters: Explain strength, craft, life. Psychic battle and combat and trophies. Explain items and followers but wait with gold/fate. Main Board: Explain the goal of the game. Introduce the Crown of Command, the Valley of Fire and the concept of Talismans, then the Warlocks Cave and quests. Also introduce the Portal of Power, the Sentinel and Rafts. Explain the concept of alignment with the help of the graveyard and chapel. City/Deep Realms: Explain gold and tip the players to go to the City if they got plenty. Experienced players should probably keep out from the city or try to behave like a new player. Introduce the Deep Realms as a dangerous shortcut between realms. Regions: Explain that the Dungeon, Highland and Woodland just extends the main board and can be explored at any time. Explain that going deeper is more dangerous but end with a challenge and a reward (treasure/relic/destiny). Highland is good for gold. Dungeons is filled with monsters. Woodland is mystical and one should be prepared before one go there. Explain the concept of paths. Explain the concept of dark/light fate.
  7. My greatest concern while waiting for the "Forest" expansion was if it would be able to offer a viable fourth route next to the other three realms. That is, if it offers a new viable strategy without making older strategies obsolete. It seems now that the Woodlands will be focused on fate and a quest mechanic, which is quite interesting. I worry that it might be complicated and not rewarding enough to compete with the other routes but time will tell. It's clearly different from the other realms in content and feel and perhaps more strategic for characters with a high fate or specific reasons to take a path (like protecting oneself from spellcaster-players). Very interesting.
  8. I agree. I had an old note about this and just had a second look. I do not know where I got this from.
  9. When I mentioned that Sword it's in part based on my experience of what the forest offered from a tactical/strategical point of view (when playing 3rd edition with all expansions); a place you go to grind your craft-based character. You gain a couple of craft points, a few spells and hopefully that sword, then you are viable to take on the inner region.
  10. Why did you remove Inquisitor? From what I can see: Astronomer = Prophetess (in) Ogre = Troll (in) Orc = I suspect we will never see any orcs in 4th edition for some reason Black Orc = Orc Chaos Warrior, Warrior of Chaos = Dark Cultist Shaman = Gypsy Wardancer = Highlander Witch Elf = Warhammer Personally I believe they will avoid Zulu to avoid accusations of racism.
  11. The board and enemies of 3rd edition Forest favor Craft and the board an enemies of 3rd edition and 4th edition Dungeon favor Strength. I suspect the forest will be slightly better suited for craft-based characters with a higher chance of drawing opponents with craft and a slightly higher average. In 3rd edition you had a strong chance of replenishing spells, earning more craft and you could even get the gamebreaking awesome Sword of Power. I would personally like a corner expansion that connects the woods and forest spaces. 3rd Edition Forest Enemies Strength: 7 cards, 17,50% chance, 3,14 average Craft: 9 cards, 22,50% chance, 4 average Wraith Lord: Craft 6, Talisman, 2 gold Dungeon Enemies Strength: 12 cards, 31,58% chance, 4,58 average Craft: 2 cards, 5,26% chance, 5 average Lord of Darkness: Strength 6, Talisman, 2 gold 4th Edition Dungeon Enemies Strength: 44 cards, 34,38% chance, 3 average Craft: 33 cards, 25,78% chance, 2,8 average Space: Guard Room: Guard of Strength 5 Lord of Darkness: Strength 12 and Craft 12, gain 1 treasure
  12. I just go all in. Much of the appeal with Talisman for me is that the game is simple to grasp and that every game is unique. The cards drawn creates the theme for that particular game. I belong to those who believe that the token-draw for dragons and the night/day cycle might be *too much*. If the night/day cycle is used I would just use the card without caring for the -1/+1 on it just to keep things simple. I would love to use the dragons board, but so far I haven't been able to add it in a way that avoid slowing down the game.
  13. Time between Talisman Timescape and Talisman Dragons = 5 years
  14. So far 4th Edition follows the 3rd Edition formula. A forest or near-forest themed expansion is expected and regardless of quality it will be accepted even by those who wish to see something else. Breaking this expectation is a "jump the shark" gamble that can be highly controversial. Thats a gamble I wouldn't take as a business.
  15. If there ever is a Timescape expansion for 4th edition, it's likely to come in last and be considered Talismans answer to Carcassonne The Catapult.
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