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  1. Problem is not randomly throwing the dice … problem is what happens when you know how to roll the dice to get the result you want … Some gamblers could tell its easier to roll some sides with this dice than with ordinary ones.
  2. ZXTR said: I have made 500 rolls to test blue die just using my hands and dice tower. Results are listed below. X - 77 (15%) 2 - 88 (18%) 3 - 82 (16%) 4 - 88 (18%) 5 - 79 (16%) 6 - 86 (17%) You have done it on computer ? My test 400 attemts. Also all attempts was done same way … throw the die long distance on carpet so it will roll. X - 76 (19%) 2 - 60 (15%) 3 - 50 (12,5%) 4 - 62 (15,5%) 5 - 68 (17%) 6 - 84 (21%)
  3. well it says future quest will reward winner of this quest … so … not so much … also … i would like to present the game to other people and since they dont want to play OL i will have to commit to his "doomed" role.
  4. Hi, how do you like Dices in game ? I dont know why FFG makes dices that are imbalanced ?! They have different patterns on each side cut right into each side of the dice … Is that feature to make some sides "lighter" and some "harder" to roll ? I thought Descent will be played with balanced dice, each side with 1/6 probability to roll. Especially "X" side of blue die is super cut. X makes the die have great crater in a shape of X in it … i hate this dices …
  5. oh … im blind, but still its nearly impossible to win this as overlord … we tried it many times, but still… when OL successfully escapes with 2-3 archers he has no monsters to fight with … also they are quite fregile to make it through … dont know … i knew it is hard to win for OL but not this much hard. In some games, i manage to knock down heroes many times … but never the warrior / knight. He is impossible to knock down. Mostly only get him down to 9 lives … ridiculous. Shield is imbalanced. Dont like it…
  6. Hi, i have a question about first scenario. I really dont know how can overlord win. Rules say that he can escape with archers through exit. And when he scapes with 5 of them he wins. But how can he win like this when he have only 3 archers in two player game ? etc ? Rules doesnt say what happens to monsters walking off the map … nor the quest guide thanks
  7. but i dont have these cards at the start of the game to punish them for using all stamina … and sure they can move and use stamina for skills, just make 1 step less to save it for special ability. even then, its not that punishable for what they get out of it … moving more than their movement speed every turn or move and attack with fatigue to use for special ability … I dont know i dont like this when heroes do that …really guys its annoying
  8. hi, First i take a look at heroes in the game and i just wonder … its a bit weird that hero can use stamina for movement instead of taking action … what i mean is this. It is often more useful to choose Rest action instead of Move, and move by playing stamina. Your stamina gets refreshed at the end of your turn so it doesnt matter you waste all of it for moving. I dont like this at all. Heroes use this flaw in rules to rest every turn there is monster nearby, so they can use their stamina abilities, get near the monster to attack it and finally restore their stamina back to full. Again and again and again …. Also, some heroes have more stamina than they have movement points … i thought it will be their disadvantage not to move as fast as other heroes … but no … Grisban for example has 4 stamina and 3 movement points … he can easily use rest action, move 4 squares for his 4 stamina … and regain stamina at the end of his round. Do whatever as 2nd action …. Very much dont like it … it should be resource for heroes not as easily recovered, saved for special moments, not to use it all every * turn. what do you think ?
  9. Bleached Lizard said: 1) No. The torch specifically states that *all* investigators in the room can ignore darkness. Yes but what ignore darkness means ? Ignore -2 penalty to fights ? ignore text on keeper cards ? or makes the room not in darkness at all ? i want some rule quoting instead of opinion...
  10. As i see it "take sample" card should have an errata. The text that you can place tokens on altar at start of your turn should be printed in bold text (to indicate ongoing effect that doesnt need to use the action, as on the other action cards).
  11. Well we finished the game in round 3 when i enter the freezer. All players (including keeper) were very disapointed with this objective card and the game as a whole. It ended before it already started... setting up the game took most of the time, which ended so soon. There is no way players can be warned before entering freezer if they play like always (lets explore the house and see whats going on). I dont like this kind of game where you are forced to do something (in this case only follow the clues and pinpointed path). That is time when you arent playing the game, follow the clues is important but there are many players why not to discover some mysteries of the house even there is nothing "you want for winning the game". It is thematical game, the investigators dont know they should do something in the house to be safe. **** that was the worst scenario we played so far and very, very disapointing. Also i dont like mythos card "when you die, you are eliminated from the game". What can that player do after that ? Sit for another 2-3 hours and watch ? hmmm Anyway i have a few questions. 1) Can keeper play card that requires room in darkness on an investigator that is in the room with someone(or has) who have lantern or torch ? 2) ****, i forget other questions
  12. Dam said: Back of the Keeper Guide: "Lone Investigator: Any investigator who is in a room that does not contain other investigators." so he is lone even there is a monster already :]
  13. When we played, we was wandering about this too ... it seems little odd that you can cast shiverling on a monster you cant see no problem, but when you want to shoot him with a gun, suddenly you have a penalty because of darkness. Doesnt seem very realistic. Also, spells are much more OP than weapons already ... like there is almost every time good effect even if you fail casting ...
  14. You forget that most people on BGG are euro-games oriented players, so it is unlikely to see some coop random ameritrash succeed against them.
  15. antherem: did you get the answer for the question ?
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