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  1. Gentlemen, there is still a "black box" on the main page... It's a long time I wait for this great surprise... The box shape is the same of the runebound "big expansion"... Let me dream, please...
  2. iena

    Midnight Heroes

    Hein99 said: If FFG ever released a 3rd Edition of Runebound I bet then we would see these Hero's again. After all the money I've spent to buy all the existing material for this great game, the prospect of a third edition could kill me... Sorry but I would prefer an infinite series of expansions... I would be less frustrating.
  3. Gens, I know this topic is already discussed into the official FAQ but for me some interpretation problem still exist. The FAQ say that a player can interact with the pool of life and other similar as soon the player draws the place's card. Is this true for every "place" card or only for the "pools" and similar?
  4. iena

    End of Runebound?

    Sagremor, It would be fantastic!! In this case I would solve the christmas gift issue!!!
  5. iena

    End of Runebound?

    Frog, do you really think that?? I don't know... but in my humble opinion the launch of this new game doesn't look promising for Runebound... They are using the fame of Runebound and his "world" in order to launch new products (like they done with Descent) but this doesn't mean that new expansions for Runebound will be launched...on the contrary I think that Runebound will be forgot... I hope this will never happen but for the moment I see a lot of games "inspired" to Runebound but never product FOR Runebound...
  6. iena

    End of Runebound?

    Have you taken a look at all the material produced by the fans of this great game? In my opinion a future expansion could be extracted (or inspired) from this material. Personally, I would like to see an oriental big expansion with great dragons and martialist characters (samurai, monk, ninja...), I love these things...
  7. iena

    End of Runebound?

    But in your opinion, someone from the FF staff is going to read these topics? It could be important in order to "shake" the system (as here in Italy we say) and obtain some result.
  8. Hi to all, I'm an italian player of this great board game. Unfotunately the italian translation of play rules is not very clear, especially the part related to the items limit. Regarding the italian translation, I see that a character can transport max 1 armour item and 2 weapon items but... what's about others items like runes, artifacts and so on? There's no limit for these items? I could transport, for example, 4 runes and 2 artifacts? Thank you for your help.
  9. Gents, as I am an absolute novice with Talisman, I have 2 basic questions for you. On the Priest Character sheet I read: "You can defeat the spirits automatically without resoving the encounter". In this case can I increase my craft as the encounter was really happened by battling? And the same question is about the adventure card "Cross". With her a character can automatcally win the encouter with spirits and demons. But can I encrease my craft with these automatically defeated enemies? Thank you in advance for you answers.
  10. Thank you very much Torbal. Basically I have to consider the different decks as a set of different adventures...That isn't a problem!!! I'm an expert role game player. See you around!!
  11. Gents, I'm a new runebound player and a new forum user and... I'm italian so...sorry for my not perfect english!! My doubt is: It's possible to use all the espansion decks once, even if this decks don't contain any event card? As you can see, this could be problem because the probability of reintegrate the challenge tokens decreases dramatically... Maybe an home-rule is required? Thank you for your collaboration!!
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