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  1. I like to use little green glass markers to mark corrupted units. I find it easier than making room in my battlefield or wherever to shift a unit sideways which is a bit subtle on a busy board anyway. add nice visuals such as a pox or something covering half the opponents units too
  2. I made a similar deck that focuses on corruption to buff Melekh and the winged furies, as well as diseases to control the other player and combo with Beast of Rot. I found initially its lack of support destruction a big problem so i added Burn it Down. I played a couple games and it was alright, the most difinitive thing i can say is if u get 3 effulgent boils and a beast of rot in ur first hand u do really well. HOPE THIS HELPS OR IS OF INTEREST. 20 Units, 14 tactics, 18 Supports = 52 Total 22 Distinct Units: 1x Bule Lord of Pus 3x Festering Nurglings 3x Beast of Rot 3x Savage Marauders 2x Esli'an 2x Wight Lord 2x Winged Fury 2x Melekh the Changer 2x Braying Gor Tactics: 2x CLoying Quagmire 3x Burn it DOwn 2x Bersek Fury 3x Seduced by Darkness 2x Tzeentch's Firestorm 2x Flames of Tzeentch Supports: 3x Warpstone Excavation 3x Contested Village 2x Tainted Well 2x Curse of the Leper 3x Effulgent Boils 3x Necrotic Spasm 2x Bloodboil Fever
  3. Your sentence wasn't super clear about this, but the indirect from both will be combined to a total of 5 (or whatever) and applied at once as they both trigger 'when this unit attacks/declared attacker" I think?
  4. Does he have to be attacking and a unit declared a defender for his 'opposed in combat' 1 uncancellable damage to occur? Or does it work when he defends!? I guess he would be the opposer, anyway - an easy answer for someone who knows.
  5. I just wanted to spark up any comments people had about the popularity of control decks and the meta of decks, I remember getting the core set and the only option available to us was swinging hard during the battlefield phase. Now decks rely on indirect damage, development shifting, board destruction, until control and destruction etc. I'm loving all these control decks but I feel bad for my friends who prefer the blunt approach which is not really an option in this modern climate.
  6. lame, i wondered what awesome content there was to keep this thread alive... its just whytefang hate. You've all said your point, move on. RE: Legends, can anyone guess how legends attacking or targeting legends to kill them in combat / with tactics will work? (I bet whytefang knows )
  7. I made a dark elf deck similar to this. I find I am using Innovation a lot more than WE. I also discovered when i nearly decked myself that i have no 'finisher' units in this deck ! Units: 3x Shades 3x Vile Sorceress 3x Walking Sacrifice 3x Season Corsiars 3x Wight Lords 3x Veteran Sellswords 3x Lobber Crew 2x Mortella Tactics: 2x Pillage 2x Smash Go Boom 3x Innovation 3x Chillwind 3x Seeking New Slaves 2x A Slave For every occasion 2x Whip the Slave Supports: 3x Contested Village 2x Har Ganeth 2x Orc-DE Loyalty 3x Slave Pen
  8. melbourne, australia. I have a 3 friends and we play.
  9. Hey All, has anyone got some decks they have made taking the new restrictions into account that they can share?
  10. Thanks for the explanation Grove (and I don't see why soul stealer is on there either to reply to another post). But by 3+ turns isn't it impossible to reset to first turn as they will have enough development they can at best be grouped into a single zone?
  11. I feel like in the new development-focused environment Innovation is the better choice since you'll be playing dev's anyway. Especially in something like Empire with Shrine of Taal and other cards such as amoury that benefit from it as well.
  12. I've never played an uber competitive Verena deck, how does WIlhelm work? Does he shift units to zones where there are few developments that can be controlled to kill that unit as well? or...
  13. dwarf take a minor kicking. They can have Innovation OR Warpstone excavation OR reclaim the fallen OR mining tunnels, that's how it makes a difference and time will tell.
  14. I wondered this when I saw the new restricted list too. It states in the FAQ that it is an ongoing effect and the Unit returns to the owner's control if destroyed. I really dont see how this was ever a good card with Vaul's Unmaking ready to waste your 4 resources.
  15. Very Interested to see as the game has become a bit of a *****/counter fest regarding dwarf cards, however no warpstone excavation and innovation in the same deck will affect EVERY deck! I guess they chose this option instead of restricting the quantity of particular cards, this is much cleaner. Anyone familiar with how CCGs usually handle bans and restrictions?
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