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  1. Anyone know anything about this game? It doesn't seem to be related to the Fantasy Flight version.
  2. Really don't know how I missed this news until now! I was in this from the beginning; running the "A Day Late and a Shilling Short" demo at my local store as well as the "Journey to Black Fire Pass" demo later on. This game reawkened my love of RPGs and I'm glad to have been a part of it. I still have all by books and paraphernalia and fully intend of using them and expanding upon them for decades to come. Thanks to all, fans and production team alike! This game IS awesome!
  3. The physical description on the products page does not mention a new wizard, which I find regretable, but perhaps the sixth wizard will be in a future release. Eitherway this expansion sounds awesome.
  4. I second that…on all counts!
  5. I kinda wish there was a 'Like' button.
  6. I do find 3rd edition lacking in background material, to the detriment of the game I'd say. Fortunately I still have my 1st and 2nd edition books to pull from. That said I feel the 3rd edition system is far superior to the 1st and 2nd editions. Although I really have little problem with 2nd edition and find it is better than a lot of game systems out there. I'm happy for all the additions really. Now I just wish future material/editions would expand Warhammer Fantasy beyond the classic Empire setting. 2nd edition did a good job at this with books on the Borderlands, Norsca, Kislev, and Bretonnia but I'd like to see material for Araby and other lands to the East and South. The Dark Lands or even Lustria would be awesome!
  7. No worries. Do what you can when you can, and take care of yourself.
  8. Along the same lines why does Grave Robber have Coordination, it seems Athletics would be a better fit? Also when I wrote this I thought that perhaps they gave Grave Warden the rogue trait to make Grave Robber a natural career exit, or vice versa. Stick with what you know, right?
  9. Yeah the devoted trait seems wrong, especially when paired with rogue (perhaps if this where a Ranald career…). I guess they are trying to fill out devoted which, if I remember correctly, is only found in one other basic career: zealot. Also I don't see why ranged would be favored over melee. For what it's worth here is a write up I did for the Grave Warden a while back. I wanted to put in Folklore but that would put me over the standard 5 skills for basic careers and the others seemed too important to drop any one of them. I never got around to coming up with a good career ability though. Grave Warden Basic, Combat, Menial, Religious Basic Human Stance Conservative x3/Reckless x1 Characteristics Toughness, Willpower Skills Discipline, Intimidation, Observation, Resilience, Weapon Skill Talents Reputation x1/Tactic x1 Advances Action 2 Talent 2 Skill 3 Fortune 1 Conservative 1 Reckless 0 Wound 1
  10. Both Toolkits, Adventure's and GM's; then the Creature Guide and Creature Vault.
  11. Great news, very excited to see the game being expanded, especially into a niche of darker characters and themes. I've always felt the grave warden career was needed and at one point a while back I even wrote up some stats for it, but I would have never dreamed of a necromancer career. Whats next? A demonologist with an imp follower?!?!
  12. Most people didn't like it but I really enjoyed Battle March for the 360. I still have tremendous fun playing it, so the idea of a new warhammer game is awesome!
  13. Nice! I've never played Total War but I've talked others who have. This is welcome news, thank you for passing it on.
  14. The Enemy Within is shipping, finally. What a great holiday gift!
  15. This co-op idea is old school for me. Back when I played D&D every player would alternate as DM at some point. It worked for us and we enjoyed it. Another idea we implemented once was one person GMs while another plays the villians/monsters. This worked well in that the adversary player had the ability to focus on how the enemy might act in a given scene based on their own motives rather than how the story is "supposed to go"; but, it does make it more difficult for the GM to alter certain story elements on the spot or fudge rolls if he wants to the help the PCs in combat. For Warhammer I think this method could work well since even small combat scenes can be a lot for a GM to keep up with: A/C/E, action cards, wounds, and creature abilities. The GM could still control important adversaries, such as Nemesis, if he wants or allow the adversary player play him as his "character"; this can make things more interesting for everyone even the GM. Ultimately the GM is still the final arbitrator and as long as everyone understands it is all for fun and that the GM will still guide the story and jump as needed then it can lead to some exceptionally good role-playing. Good luck and happy gaming.
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