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  1. Well, I was thinking about set three player cards. (Sora's and Riku's) sorry about not putting that first...
  2. Roxas said: Yeah so I have way to many rares and I need to get rid of them, I am only interested in SR's. Mainly I want the Following SR's but I will consider all offers Obtained - Card Name (_)Jack lvl 3 x2 (_)Sally (_)Parasite Cage (_)Behemoth (_)Destiny Island lvl 0 x2 (_)Hercules lvl 3 (_)Leon lvl 4 (_)Yuffie lvl 2 (_)Moogle lvl 1 I have the following (in no order) Ariel lvl 3 Bambi lvl 4 Curaga lvl 4 Firaga lvl 4 x7 Tinker Bell lvl 2 x3 Winnie the Pooh lvl 0 Winnie the Pooh lvl 1 Monstro lvl 2 x2 Olympus Coliseum lvl 2 x2 Captain Hook lvl 8 x3 Ursula lvl 8 Pot Spider lvl 3 x2 Agrabah lvl 1 x3 Trickmaster lvl 7 Wizard lvl 7 Wendy lvl 0 Jasmine lvl 0 x2 Peter Pan lvl 3 x3 Fairy Godmother lvl 2 Wonderland lvl 2 x2 Oogie Boogie lvl 8 x3 Alice lvl 0 Halloween Town lvl 2 x2 Tinker Bell lvl 0 x3 Stopga lvl 6 x2 Tinker Bell lvl 4 x2 Aeroga lvl 5 Chesire Cat lvl 2 Lord Fortune x3 Tinker Bell lvl 3 x2 Sally lvl 0 Beast lvl 3 Aquatank lvl 5 x2 Halloween Town lvl 1 x2 Agrabah lvl 2 x3 Wyvern lvl 8 x3 Wight Knight lvl 5 x2 Blizzaga lvl 4 x6 Thundaga lvl 4 x3 Do you only trade it for those cards? In any case, can you do me a favor and hold up for me 2 Tinker Bell's Lv2, and a Fairy godmother Lv2? Please......
  3. Well, back in business! Like I said, trading the Tinker Bell Lv3 SR for a Tinker Bell Lv2 and a Oathkeeper (non-foil).
  4. Jasmine and Cresendo Super Rare! Trading it for a Riku, Dark Riku or a Sora Player Card.
  5. AlexKid36 said: and giova you know that is in tag is junito my partner or Roxas and you gonna lose you better watch out with my deck im good in this and now with the new card so only kidding but i will beat you whenever so prepere yourself for this game you know it kidding.................................... :-p Don't worry, I will be.
  6. Its ok to me. Ok, lets trade! My e-mail is: The_Angel_Giova_7891@hotmail.com .
  7. TheChampIsHere said: I'll give you 3 Firagas instead of 2, 3 Blizzagas, instead of 1, and 1 Thundaga for Aladdin lvl 3 SR and Goofy lvl 1 SR. The Goofy would be for Morbidsanity because I feel bad for cutting off his trade with you. So...you want both of them?
  8. TheChampIsHere said: Good news! I got the cards, you can go look at my trade thread, so I now have more Firagas, Blizzagas, and Thundagas. We can do the trade for Aladdin lvl 3 SR. Ok. So, lets trade then!
  9. Anarchy_In_The_Galaxy said: Hey mailed your cards to days ago( the trade for triton) expect them soon Hey, about that...if you want you can send me your address on e-mail cause I haven't got your cards in the mail yet. Sorry if I didn't tell you early, its just that I thought that I was going to get them days ago so I didn't told you that I've hadn't got them.
  10. Can I negate the effect of simba with this effect? In my opinion, I could use it like that.
  11. I really dont think it works that way...
  12. RPG-Giova said: Broadway_Punk said: Roxas said: whoops sorry. wrong lvl 3 world. but yes because your opponent is not on you're world unless they challenge so it only affects you. You're world does not affect you're opponent unless it says different. So... a new question has risen. A player is not on your world most of the time, but when they challenge, they are considered to have "moved" there (according to the above post). Does this mean that a player with a Heartless on their world card cannot challege? And, if so, how did I miss that? I agree with broadway. In wonderland Lv3 says: "Friend Cards, Magic/Friend Carsd, and Dark Cards cannot be played here." In other words what I'm trying to say is that the effect does'nt apply in the player but in the world, so that means that the opponent cannot play dark cards there, nether the player (owner of the world card) can play Friend cards nor Magic/Friend cards. SO, that means that means that when your opponent wants to challenge you, he cannot use Friend cards nor Magic/Friend cards to attack you. That means that if the player (owner of the world card) challenges his opponent he can play the friend cards that he already has in play.
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