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  1. Wasn't there a promo Investigator that was not included in the base game? Hopefully, that character will be included in this expansion.
  2. I believe the Elder Sign Amulet is correct at 2 Health and 4 Sanity. Because it is a physical item that your investigator is wearing, it will absorb one damage before breaking. (As soon as the second damage is inflicted, discard the card.)
  3. 1.7.1 Amazon All of my purchased DLC is gone. Is there a way to relink the purchase? UPDATE: I figured out how to restore in-app purchases. Go into your app settings and click on the MoM app. Clear cache. Then clear data. Open the app while connected online and the in-app purchases have been restored.
  4. So, would this also mean that it would take an Investigator two actions to remove two barricades from a single door?
  5. You are correct. Apparently, it is a very common error as I found here https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2012/03/26/rein-or-reign/ You learn something new everyday.
  6. Ill-fated Exhibit from Streets of Arkham. The curator says that you have full reign to explore the museum. Reign is misspelled as "rein."
  7. Clue Tokens may only be used on skill checks. As for Quachil Uttaus, we have never beaten him. Of course, he only awoke a couple of times. We DID win the game the other times, but this was by sealing 6 gates or closing them.
  8. First Edition is definitely not dead. In fact, I am preparing a game as keeper right now. I do enjoy being the keeper. Knowing things the investigators don't, playing and controlling the monsters, and watching the players debate on what to do next gives a real satisfaction for me. I also own Second Edition and will play as an investigator with my fellow players which is also very satisfying. Both editions are very fun. Also, first edition is definitely more modular as I can create my own stories with all of the current components. Second edition does not allow me to do that. Yet.
  9. I always imagine every door automatically closes behind you. You know, just like in every horror film and video game.
  10. I do not see this rule in the FAQ. There is a question on page 10 of the FAQ that mentions an encounter in an Other World referring to the "gate you entered" in which case, it is the exact gate. But if it is an encounter telling you to return to Arkham, then you return to Arkham from any gate leading to that Other World.
  11. I have the first edition and adding a doom token when the terror level reaches 10 is in the rules as was already mentioned. The terror track itself has colors and icons to remind you what happens when the terror level is reached: 3, 6, and 9 are color coded to remind you to close the shops. A doom token icon is on the 10 to remind you that a doom token is added. The terror level cannot increase above 10, so when it is supposed to rise again, it just repeats 10 every time. That is why you add another doom token the terror level "increases." For those of you that have the second edition board, is there a doom token icon on 10 of the terror track? If so, then you should be adding a doom token every time the terror level reaches (and repeats) 10.
  12. I thought I'd offer my opinion on this as well. True, you do lose your turn when you are arrested. However, in both Jail Cells you still do one (and only one) action. In Arkham Jail, you stand yourself up and placed at the Police Station during the Movement Phase. In Innsmouth Jail, Jail Break must be attempted during the Arkham Encounters Phase.
  13. You may be arrested during the Movement Phase, but you still must make the obligatory Jail Break action during your Arkham Encounters phase.
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