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  1. Ahhh, finally a new Cthulhu article! Fiona Day seems pretty darn good! Is that some sort of 'code-breaking' machine? I really appreciate the use of the recently rare Dreamer subtype! Looking forward to seeing what the other Cultists from The Sleeper Below are up to in the next article! Hoping The Sleeper Below is available at GenCon?!
  2. It's been well over a month since a new Cthulhu article has been published! Hello FFG, we're are due and itching for a second 'The Sleeper Below' spoiler/teaser! Considering it may be released next month the time is now to stir up some buzz?
  3. I've been itching for a follow up article! It's tough to see article after article after article after article for the other LCGs when Call of Cthulhu gets maybe 1 for every 20 if we're lucky! It seemed there was a lot more hype generated for the Syndicate box?
  4. Can Naomi O'Bannion use her ability on a Tactic if Snow Graves is attached to the discard in question?
  5. You guys really seem to be doing this up right! Others stores wanting to get LCGs going should take note! Good luck!
  6. Delayed for a Jan 30th release! Did 'Denizens' get snowed in?!
  7. Thursday can't come soon enough! Just got my Greyjoy house cards to use as domains to tide me over and then Marius's card gets spoiled and I'm Jonesin' all over again! The Yog box and it's Yithians really had me anticipating something special only to be disappointed with the Yithian discard focus. Don't get me wrong, overall I like what the Key and the Gate brought to the game. Terror in Venice I expected to be beautifully themed and it was with some nice meta nuggets included. I have a feeling Denizens will be unprecedented for what it will do as a faction-centered deluxe box.
  8. As I said and I don't deny, the core rule book is inadequate. Regardless of if a game does or does not have a well thought out and executed rule book, intuitive core mechanics are paramount. Of course we don't want to depend solely upon how much sense a game makes just by symbols and card text, I don't believe I suggested this and if I did I apologize. With any game of this sophistication there will be facets that are not properly explained in the initial rules, subsequent faqs and on line videos. That's where the game's community comes in. We've got a pretty good community around here. I'm not sure the title of this topic serves it well though.
  9. The rule booklet that accompanies the core set definitely has it's shortcomings. I think the game would benefit greatly if a new rule book were printed with corrections and additions. Just the inclusion of a timing flow chart and card errata would be a big improvement. I agree Jhaelen, including two sets of domain cards in the Core Set seems like a no-brainer! With that being said, the title of this topic 'Award for most confusing rules game' is misleading and could possibly scare away future players that are poking around trying to get a feel for the game and community. So if you are one of those Cthulhu curious individuals, I've been playing this game for years at a fairly high level and many people would agree that this game is one of the most intuitive card games available. More intuitive than most if not all of the other LCGs. As you can see there are plenty of experienced and friendly players that are happy to answer questions and provide guidance. So what are you waiting for? Dive in!
  10. The Conspiracy tourney at Worlds included a story deck comprised solely of Conspiracies. The games were a bit wacky with not all the players being intimately familiar with their effects and sometimes big swings when the effects were enacted! I for one really enjoyed the format and as I recall a good number of the participants did as well. Our local group has participated in a conspiracy themed league with great success. We even created our own Conspiracy card that was auto in play as one of the three stories at the start of the match.
  11. The 'Upcoming' page indicates Jan 23.
  12. I'm really looking forward to the appearance of Danny O'Bannion in Denizens! His daughter has been spoiled already. With the Blackwood Sr. and Jr. tandem out and about I think the chances are strong to see this crime lord in the set? A Polar theme was not appropriate to a strictly Venice-themed set so we could see some more. It would have been very nice to see Ithaqua in the Yog or M.U. box considering their considerable Polar theme! There are still a number of Ancient Ones missing from the pantheon. It would be a shame if they do not rend the veil before we see the end! Chaugnar Faugn Ithaqua Hypnos Abhoth Eihort Yeb- Nug's twin. Nyarlathotep- Yes we have him already but much of his aspect deals with his many various and unique manifestations. Daoloth Rhan-Tegoth Yibb-Tstll Bugg-Shash Quachil Uttaus
  13. I feel ya' Sully! After reading that the reprint of Secrets of Arkham went to '3of' I also wondered if the Core which was also on the reprint schedule could receive the same treatment but in the end I came to the same conclusion as Toqtamish, FFG is fine with status quo and prefers to apply their resources elsewhere. There would have to be some revamping of the insert and repricing etc. I also wonder how many folks would still buy a core as a whim to try something new if the initial investment was increased by so much?
  14. Drop the mulligan and do best of 3. I don't hate the idea of a sideboard but I feel the idea of 2X 30min matches is a less eloquent solution than 3X total 1hr matches - mulligan.
  15. There are a couple of articles in News from the month of October that you might find useful.
  16. Yes, Zoot Theatre Company usually has clips on youtube.
  17. I've done something similar to my Cthulhu CCG cards. Normally I'd mention the possibility of skipping Silver Twilight (8th faction) but including it works nicely with your plan of 4 varied and balanced decks. 2 Core 1 Secrets of Arkham 1 The Order of the Silver Twilight 1 Rituals of the Order Seekers of Knowledge and The Key and the Gate I like but many of their themes and mechanics are better supported by mono-faction decks. Yog/Shub, Syn/ST, Cthu/Has, M.U./Agen would be some possible match ups. Building two faction decks rather than mono-faction decks will help display what makes this game stand out, it's resource mechanic. I would also suggest if possible an even split between the two factions so it would be possible to occasionally switch up the faction matches, for instance 25 Yog 25 Shub and 6 Neutral. The decks can afford to be a little fat which may lead to them staying fresh by playing differently from game to game. Using CGDBs card browser you can find vital single cards outside of the list that you can acquire by only purchasing single asylum packs.
  18. It has been a lot more complicated for our local players than "... you're either going to Worlds or else you're not even considering going to Worlds". First of all, having Cthulhu Worlds on Thursday made it necessary for local players to have two additional days off compared to last year. This is not an easy thing to accomplish towards the end of the calendar year not to mention the holiday season coming up. Three players who attended last year will not make it this year just for that reason alone. Two of our new local players who were on the fence because of the way things were handled at GenCon are likely to now skip Worlds due to a lack of addressing effects triggered from the discard in the new faq and they both have free passes due to winning various regionals. You've mentioned Geography and overlapping events which also limits the value of attending. Obviously I don't expect FFG to move their headquarters. I only really expect them to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.
  19. How if at all will the changes contained within the faq effect the winning 2013 N. American championship deck? How beatable is Toms' deck and is it as game and meta warping as some claim?
  20. I was thinking 'From Beyond', 'The Cats of Ulthar' or the 'The Music of Erich Zann'?
  21. With Worlds looming, something worth mentioning is the state of FFGs' 'Organized' Play. With the gaffes of the recent past, the addition of a cafeteria and new Event Center will be an investment flushed down the privy if FFG doesn't get their act together and provide players with a smooth and controversy free tournament experience at Worlds 2013. Many players will be attending at great pain and sacrifice so I really hope FFG makes it worth their while! What do you 'the community' feel could be done by FFG to improve the tournament experience?
  22. We've got a local puppet theatre that has performed 'The Hobbit' among other cool stories and is doing 'Rocky Horror' for Halloween! They do a fantastic job and I was thinking of suggesting Lovecraft for next Halloween. What Lovecraft tales do you think would best translate to a fully staged puppet play?
  23. Last year we got a Star Wars Core Set to help ease our saddle sores after the 12hr drive. I wonder what FFG might dangle this year to entice a return trip?
  24. This should probably have been posted in 'Organized Play' instead of 'General Discussion'. Perhaps it could be moved? Sounds like a very nice event though!
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