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  1. I'll have to say about 5 maybe 6 if there was not a huge ship for the imp to see at gencon but saying that my bank card still heavy after wave 4 and I've got preorders for the rebel aces to so if one there I'm hoping it comes out mid 2015
  2. hey guys to let people that live in london know orcs nest should be getting the book in on the 17/12/13 i may end my order with amazon and get if from there
  3. Sorry Erikb I like playing as rebels ( would like to play imperial as changed) but were the imperial do have more resources, scientist and money. So I don't see it as a problem that they would have this fighter. And as a rebels I would like to face one in a x-wing and try and take it down for the challenge But a imperial I would not want to fly one as it would make the game to easy. I like to play a game that challenge me and like emperor Norton it help me feel badass it I did shot in down.
  4. Donovan morningfire yes the three things you say abit the selling point of the tie defender but would also be the selling points of the tie advance the earlier ship. If the stats in the beta with afew lass weapons were for the tie advance maybe as fast as a tie to I would understand. And with the hawk-290 I remember read a in the x-wing minatures forms about the size and someone put up a pic of a poster they got with one the dark forces game showing there they did have it right in size.
  5. Me and some of the people I game with were thinking the speed should be 6 and up the handling abit but I also think one more shielding to the front as well. When I played x-wing alliance on the p.c one of the best feeling i got in that game was taking down a tie defender as you had to work hard. But also the fear I felt when facing one. but with the stats in this beta I do feel cheated of any of the feelings. I believe players should fear to face one and have to work hard to take one down. But they should never face more then one
  6. Myself I was hoping for the tie defender stats to be better and use the ship as nemesis. But never having more then one in the game. me and my friends are all think about making them abit higher for are games and we believe the stats in the book just do not fit what if should be. And was not the e-wing the ship the rebels built to combat the tie defender? Sorry my Star Wars lore not as great as it once was
  7. Hi I'm looking for a gaming group that play x-wing in London mostly play on Sundays or Thursdays.
  8. I'm looking to getting 3 but let's see what may out out at the same time
  9. Hey guys I'm looking for x-wing London base group to play more with x-wing
  10. sorry if my question are simple but its 2am here in the uk and i had a hard day at work. what careers are in this book for the p.c?
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