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  1. Given that they asked us to submit team names for some undescribed contest and have yet to say even a peep about that, the lack of any info -- even just to say "Sorry, but this has been delayed a year" -- is poor customer relations in my opinion. What's it been now, eight months? Look at all the games that have hit the shelves since Blood Bowl Team Manager was announced - games that had not been revealed prior to this one -- and yet nothing on this one.
  2. Woke up last night a few hours after watching AMC' s The Walking Dead, and thought it would be rather easy to borrow some mechanics from Space Hulk: Death Angel The Card Game and make a zombie-themed game. Before I fell back to sleep I envisioned terrain cards laid out in a 3X3 grid or thereabouts, with zombies controlled by the games via movement icons and various action card events. This could be a nice Silver Line game, especially as there seems to be no current end to the zombie infatuation many gamers have. And slow zombies, by the way. Ragers could be handled in an expansion!
  3. I have one of my minions move the sliders for me, then flog him/her mercilessly if he/she knocks them out of place. Needless to say, my minions' terror track is constantly at a high level...
  4. Mr Squiggle said: Or they could go with a card based game.Players could cotrol lances of mechs or have a multi player version were each player controls one mech.Different houses would provide different card decks ( house specific mechs ) as well as generic mechs for all players.Spice it up with infantry and tanks and voila , an unreal game for beer and pretzel night. My snark meter is off, so I can't tell if you actually do or don't know about the old Battletech CCG that was out around 1996 from Wizards of the Coast. You could have as many mechs in play as you could build, usually up to five or so, along with tanks, infantry, artillery, air support. It was my favorite CCG, and I played quite a few.
  5. Note that the news items says we will "experience the core set later this winter." So at least February, more than likely, but before March 21.
  6. Given FFG's lack of info on this game and the Lord of The Rings LCG, despite stating here that updates were forthcoming [it has been about two months since FFG said the next LOTR update would be "next week"], you have to wonder whose job it is to post the game info here on the FFG site, and if that person has anyone checking on them a supervisor or boss. It is obvious that FFG gives a very low priority to following up with its fan base here when they make statements about pending news releases then we are greeted with silence. We seem to be more patient here with FFG than people are over on other sites, such as Boardgamegeek. In my job if I tell a customer I'll have something ready for them tomorrow or next week then ignore them for two months, I won't have a job after those two months. In fact, I would lose it long before then. And my (ex-)customer would be fully justified in seeking elsewhere for what they want, and never coming back to my business. OK, rant off now. It's been a long week and very long day...and a little news tidbit about Blood Bowl: Team Manager would have given me a bit of spring back in my step,,,whimper, whimper...
  7. Whine, whimper, no email response yet from FFG, no news...woe is me, woe is all of us...
  8. Now 10 days since I emailed FFG, and still no response...maybe I should email Thaad, she knows how to get things done....
  9. Frank6 said: Torbal said: OK, I broke down and sent an email to FFG Customer Service today. Mr. Peterson or one of his representatives should be contacting me shortly... Any news Torbal ? Nope, no news. I may have to cancel my $1,000 FFG order in protest !! [This would be the order that I WOULD place if I had the funds rather than a mortgage payment and wife to support....]
  10. Depending on where your components were in the Chinese print run that produced your game, a bit too much red ink, or not enough blue, may have been present. Too much red at the time of printing would produce the purple look. Or, the color separations may have been a bit off, giving a purplish border to the otherwise blue bits.
  11. FFG may read our posts, but very rarely do they respond directly here (and I've been an FFG forum user since before Runebound 1st Edition came out...)
  12. sirvolkar said: I'm glad someone else used GW Plastic Glue first as that was what I was intending to do. Glad to hear it works As for getting a buzz off of it, I once went to bed having been spending an evening gluing a box or two of Tyranids together. A few hours later I had the most real and scary experience of my life as I awoke to that feeling that something was in my room. I heard a droning sound and opening my eyes came face to face with what I can only describe as a bee-winged Hormagaunt hovering above my bed. I remember screaming at it and leaping out of bed, hurling my duvet over it and standing their, sweat dripping, for a good few minutes before getting the nerve to pull back the sheets and find that I had been dreaming/hallucinating. From then on I glued with the windows and doors wide open! Great story! Glad it wasn't me!
  13. OK, I broke down and sent an email to FFG Customer Service today. Mr. Peterson or one of his representatives should be contacting me shortly...
  14. This HAS to be out before Christmas, otherwise my pre-ordered Christmas present won't be under the tree this year...and it's my only present...
  15. How long for the support page?" At least one more day, apparently... Free crab tomorrow!
  16. OK, I've waited three weeks...How many of you have entered team names for the mysterious send FFG your email and keep updated about the game "thingy" they announced with the first (and only) news release on this game? I've yet to be contacted by FFG to let me know what my fabulous first-place entry has earned me...perhaps a bronzed jock strap once worn by the Mighty Zug... *See, this is what happens when fans are left starving for info after being teased with a news item on a great-sounding new game you're forced to contemplate winning a half-ogre's codpiece...Please hurry with more news!
  17. Play four heroes solo; last one to die is the winner!
  18. FFG now lists it as being available in "Winter 2010." So by next Spring, at the latest, by Christmas optimistically...barring unforeseen delays...
  19. marcemtp said: In what expansion are the sniper teams coming in? My reasoned guess would be the second expansion listed, "Operation Paperclip," as this gives players a new Allied commando force to play with.
  20. My guess is that teams will have similar stats for offense and defense, and that managers will hire/bid for star players that modify the basic team stats. I can also see some random event cards that would also modify game play. Star players would only be allowed to play for certain races But I imagine individual games between two teams will be determined rather abstractly, with nowhere near the tactical detail of the Blood Bowl minis game that takes around two hours to play. This would especially make sense if the game is designed to play through a whole season in one play session. Of course, this is mere speculation on my part...
  21. Was hoping to pre-order this today when I Thought-Hammered the Lord of the Rings LCG and Space Hulk: Death Angel the Card Game, both of which are pre-orders. But hats off to FFG, my order marks my first hobby spending of 2010 (The winter was long and hard, and I had to eat my minstrels...)
  22. Why even suggest that it may be like Dominion when we just have this one piece of info to go on? I prefer to hope that it will be just like being the manager of an Old World Blood Bowl team, meaning it will be a box full of guts and glory!
  23. Can someone, preferably someone from FFG, confirm if we can enter multiple entries for the team name competition? I'd submit the best of my own 16-team league if I could...
  24. As there is no forum site yet, I will put this here: FFG now has a banner ad for an upcoming Blood Bowl card game. It's for 2-4 players, acting as team managers attempting to build and guide a team through an entire season. Ad says it plays in an hour...Hopefully an official news piece is coming, and hopefully later today!
  25. The product info says monthly 60-card add-ons, which (I think) is about on par with FFG's other LCG's. And with two core sets it's playable by 4 players, another good selling point.
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