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  1. So does "defaulting" on a bank loan constitute a cost (thus avoiding Finn's ability)? As the card reads ("player must discard") it seems like this would not affect Finn, but I've been mistaken about such things before.
  2. Ebonrook said: On our first game my friend who was playing as Dexter Drake pretty much was the comic relief of our story. Not at all intentionally. Same thing happened in my first game... while Monterey and Mandy ran all over the board killing things and shutting gates, the player who was Drake got trapped in the Spell Shop by a shoggoth in the streets that didnt move the rest of the game. Drake sat in the shop for three rounds before making a break for it and getting KOd by the shoggoth (to wind up in st. mary's, still trapped). It took him three more tries to escape from the hospital (each time he would fail his evasion, pass his will or have enough sanity, then get KOd)
  3. So my friends and I just picked up our first Arkham expansion, Innsmouth (we hadn't been having too much difficulty with the base game and thought a little bit of Ancient One beat-down might be exciting). The problem is that several of Innsmouth's ancient ones have worshipper abilities that affect monsters like Gnoph Keh and Tcho Tcho, which can't be found in either Arkham or Innsmouth. It seems a little shaky to blow these abilities off altogether, so we though we might replace the monsters that we don't have with monsters that we do have. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What monsters would you all suggest to replace the monsters we don't have? Chaugnar Faun and Zhar deal with Tcho Tcho and Tcho Tcho Priests Rhan Tegoth deals with Gnoph Keh
  4. They're monsters that, at least flavor wise run around by themselves in their own societies, unfettered by demanding Great Old One's or enslaved by just plain Old Ones
  5. Ah, I was referring to white boardered, Prodigee, my apologies. I've made a syndicate deck, incorporating all the elements people have mentioned in this thread, and it still gets kicked around by my other decks, due to an inability to get by control cards or place a significant amount of success tokens without relying on Panic
  6. RW Chambers is probably my favorite, and August Derleth is easily my least favorite (that I've read)
  7. In the LCG thus far, I haven't been particularly appreciative of the syndicate faction. It's an excellent support faction, in my mind, with cards like Patsy, Dutch Courage, and Low Blow being perpetually useful, but I didn't really see much winning potential playing mono, with the exception of Panic (which is, after all, only one card). So I decided to try out a mono Syndicate deck, and I found that it was carried almost entirely by Panic. I tested it out against three other decks, my Agency-Hastur character-light control, a friend's Shub-Agency Y'golonac Shotgun monstrosity, and another friend's interesting Yog-Agency-Neutral combat struggle extraordinaire deck. Against the first deck, Agency Hastur's control cards proved a great deal better than Syndicate's, and the games weren't even close. In the second, Syndicate could not bring enough of an early rush (having few useful 1 cost cards, with the exception of Patsy, who is defensive), and, while it got two stories early-ish in most games, could manage the speed to get three before Agency Shub could bring out lots of character-removal and characters, couple with Y'Golonac, a shotgun, and five domains. Dutch courage provided a bit of an obstacle, but it stopped the Syndicate deck from being able to use enough exhaustion that round, and soon bit the dust Burrowing Beneath. In the third game, early sledge dogs, some (tougher than mine) investigation, and a judicious shotgun blast sealed the game on turn four. Subsequent games offered similar results. The conclusion I drew from this (about which I would love to be proven wrong), is that mono-Syndicate is fairly slow, and incredibly vulnerable to removal. The lack of good one cost cards, and the almost total reliance on two costs for everything (Like a Moth, Low Blow, Alhazred Lamp, Dutch Courage, plus a bunch of characters), insure that the deck can't really get going until around turn three, by which time I've found most other decks I play will have gotten a story or two (or three), and be well stocked on removal or other nasty tricks, making the game very difficult to win, excepting the fortuitous draw of at leat two Panics. The only solution I've been able to think of is Sledge Dogs, but given my own tendency to play Interrogation Center (what witht the prevalence of the Dogs and the Descendent), I'm rather hesitant to do so. Anyway, I'd love to hear whether you agree or disagree, and whether I'm possibly missing something essential (I don't yet have the Twilight Horrors pack, and am still missing the Ancient Horrors AP as well), or maybe just not thinking of something. Keep in mind that I'm not dinting Syndicate as a second, or first, faction in a two faction deck, I'm just wondering if mono-Syndicate is viable, since it seems to me to be the only top tier faction in which mono isn't viable (with maybe the exception of Shub).
  8. At the same time, I believe the stories say printed skill 3 or higher/2 or lower, and thus the shoggoth would NOT effect the outcome
  9. For those of us who don't speak french, is there a chance you could translate the cards? Or are they just too small too read?
  10. Not exactly going with the theme, but Silver Twilight Temptress is one of my favorite new Cthulhu cards, with the ability to lure non-investigation people away from stories. She's great during a big push, and in AP 2 of the Julia block, unless I'm much mistaken
  11. Hey all, I picked up Arkham Horror for Christmas, played it once or twice, and loved it, but I have one or two quick questions. This might be in the rulebook, but I'm notoriously bad at finding things: If an investigator is in another dimension (say Yuggoth) when the only gate to Yuggoth in Arkham is closed, what happens? We played that the investigator got lost in time and space, but I just want to double check. And could anyone recommend an expansion, if I was going to get just one?
  12. So I was reading Foucault's Pendulum, by Umberto Eco, the Italian author, when at the height of the drama, one of the characters chanted "Ia! Cthulhu!" It seemed kind of out of place, as the entire novel this far has been about the Templars in Europe. I was just astonished that a fairly "intellectual" (for lack of a better word) would just throw in a Lovecraft reference off the wall. The quote had no larger implications for the rest of the book... Anyway it got me thinking about how little things like that just sort of seep in to modern culture- has anyone else noticed anything similar?
  13. State College has fluctuated over the years. Right now we have three or four players, but its been as low as two and as high as eleven or twelve.
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