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  1.    Personally I do not have problems with the requisitioning of IG. Special Forces ( the DW ) are not a "cure all"- remedy but work best when working in concert with regular forces. There are several tactical situations that might necessitate the deployment of a supporting unit.

    - The Kill-team descents into an underground tunnel system/hive/etc and the IG unit guards the entry ways to stop any outbreaks while the team terminates with extreme prejudice.

    - The IG detachment establishes an extraction point for the Kill-team ( landing pad, jungle clearing ).

    - The IG detachment performs a diversion to draw the enemy attention away from the real threat ( the Kill-team ).

  2.   I like this too. But some mechanism to refresh the inventory might be a good idea. So that after the first investigator has looked through the wares the players can`t just ignore the Peddler if his inventory happens to be full of crap. " OK guys. The peddler has nothing of interest to us. No Elder Signs. No Magical Weapons. Just some random stuff of no importance."

  3. Hellebore said:

    I don't see how guardsmen can be a viable fighting force when they don't survive even a single volley of enemy fire, because everything has scaled so far beyond their damage reduction that there's really no point in bothering with them.

       I could not agree more. The problems with scaling ( weapons in general and bolters in particular ) started with RT vs DH and have now reached their logical conclusion. I stopped some time ago to consider the systems of the three games ( DH/RT/DW ) compatible. 

  4.    Rumours are the most common way to lose control of a smoothly going game ( at least to my experience ). Terror level? No problem. Monsters manifesting left, right and center? Bring them on! But a failed rumour can be something that leaves you weeping in despair.  

  5. Santiago said:

    A movie to watch would be Enemy at the Gates....the Russian soldiers at the beginning are a good represantation of Imperial Guard

        Well, they are one example of IG. Remember that since the IG Regiments are recruited to Imperial service from various planets their backgrounds and training will have very different focuses.  

  6.    Cell Advances sound interesting. If the options are properly thought out they should give the more thematically minded players more food. Although I am not too fond of mechanics where the players must pay XP just "to get access". "OK, guys. We survived the mission and got Y amount of XP. How about we spend it to this Cell thingy? So we can buy stuff from it next week ( provided we survive )".

  7. Warhawk X said:

    With the 1000 marine rule most major chapters DO NOT follow that logic at all. For example the black templars actually number closer to 4500 if you count all their subsequent spawned chapters under them.


    My point is the thousand marines rule actually applies to very few major chapters.

         The "1000 Marine per Chapter" is a myth, pure and simple. Decessor already provided the link to the nice little article that deconstructs the myth. 

    And the Black Templars do not need any successor Chapters to break the one thousand Marine limit several times over. The TT games Codex:Black Templars states the following ( page 8 ): "If certain accounts are to be believed, they could be even be as strong as five thousand to six thousand battle brethren in total, a force that would be all but unstoppable if ever gathered in a single place." 

  8. The team needed to train and lead 1000 initiates would be at least 50 strong imo. The Apothecary team alone would need to be at least as large as an operational Chapter.

      You only need a minimum core of senior officers and specialists. During the period of formation and initial training, I would guess that a selection for training to specialist roles ( apothecaries etc. ) would happen. So the Apothecarion would consist of a few old transferred medics and their apprentices. 

    Either officers are recruited into the new chapter or seconded (like Deathwatch) to it until the 1st generation in ready to be independent. The new Chapter might be 'attached' to an existing one for the first generation - with the original providing the training and oversight of operations.

      Seconding is problematic if the old officers simply leave after the activation of the Chapter. What a fresh Chapter needs is experience. The cadre provides this and ensures that the first few encounters of the Chapter do not end in disaster. You need continuity.

    What happens to the recruited officiers geneseed - if the new Chapter is a blend rather than a straight donation? Unless it was returned to the original Chapter you would have different geneseed lines within one Chapter.

      I concur that it probably is returned to the officers original Chapter ( or possibly send to the AdMech as part of the 5% tithe ).

  9.    The old Index Astartes series had articles relevant to this question. In short:

    - The High Lords of Terra approve the founding of a new Chapter(s).

    - The Adeptus Mechanicus uses stored tithed Geneseed either a) directly as is ( as in 100% Ultramarine for example ) or b) makes a cocktail.

    - It takes approximately 55 years to produce 1000 sets of healthy organs. The organs are gown in test-slaves.

    - Although the Index articles do not directly mention it, it is reasonable to assume that a new Chapters officer core is chosen from an existing Chapter. The choice probably involves a lot  of politics, deals and honor debts. Does the honor of staffing a new Chapter go the Dark Knights or the Black Panthers? The former have an unbroken record of victories going back three centuries but the latter have the support of Inquisitor Lord Marsden.

  10. Hardrainfalling said:

    any ideas about how to do a Wraithlord?  i dont want to make it a vehicle but how much armour and toughness would it need to reprensent being immune to a lot of small arms and even basic bolters?

       The Radical`s Handbook had Wraithguard* ( "Seedworld Custodian Construct" ). Using it as a template you could come up with a Wraithlord by buffing some of the stats and Traits.

        *Basic summary ( without going into too much detail ). Unnatural S and T, Wounds 25, most stats in the 40+ range. Armour 7 all around. Impr. Natural Weapons, Natural Weapons ( Fists ), Dark Sight, Strange Physiology.

  11.    While the obvious task would be to board an active Titan in order to disable it, how about an indirect approach?

       A Titan under construction/ undergoing repairs must be sabotaged. While outright destruction is preferable the risks are too high. The Imperial High Command will settle for winning time. Some ways to achieve this:

    - Destroy the munitorum providing ammunition to its weapons

    - Kill the technicians doing the maintenance.

    - Assassinate the crew ( Some of them are on leave ). 

    - Sabotage the workshops.

    - Mine the valley the Titan must pass through.

  12. Tidomann said:

     One of my players, the devastator marine, after being swarmed by a horde of cultists decided to prime a grenade in his hands.


         "I detonate a fireball at my own feet" is as a RPG tactic as old as the Pyramids. I have run across this "tactic" in every possible system that uses hand grenades ( or equivalent ).

         My own suggestion for a house rule for situations like this are: 1) the player must succeed in some form of morale test ( because this IS an insane "final stand" choice ), 2) the grenade does automatically MAXIMUM damage to the wielder ( he is holding it for feth sake! ), 3) if the system has a "critical hit/damage" option, use it ( Righteous Fury in the case of DH/RT/DW ). Maybe even automatically applying a suitable critical damage result to relevant body part ( loss of hand is obvious ). 

  13. flamethrower49 said:

    If she is on the location where a gate opens, it doesn't.  End of story.  You don't have to draw a new mythos card.  You lucked into a reprieve.  (Unless the Deep Ones are Rising, of course.)  I don't see how this would be different on the first turn - she starts on an unstable location just for this purpose.

        I agree. What possible purpose does Kate have if you arbitrarily start nerfing her ability? It is the whole point of her existence.

        Sorry for the interruption. Carry on.

  14.   IH without any serious challenge. The lack index was first really frustrating ( who the feth prints books without indexes in this time and age? ). But some home made page markers plus later a fan made index solved the problem.

      RH gets the second place. Nothing spices a campaign better than a little Radicalism. Not too much mind you angel.gif. Otherwise some dimwits that call themselves "Puritans" might get some totally irrational ideas...   

  15. crisaron said:

    Russ himself prevented an extermination of all the human of Hive Armageddon just because he respected the IG as they fought valiantly against the hordes of chaos.

       Your thinking of Logan Grimnar, the current Great Wolf. Carry on.

  16. H.B.M.C. said:

    I love all the stuff that Marines start out with.
    Sadly they're missing the Melanochrome... Oh well. Can't have everything. happy.gif


        That is...well "impressive" might be correct term here. I just have a nagging feeling that keeping track of all the buffs and stuff is going to be a chore.

  17.    My personal take on keeping the secret of the Crusade. ( YMMV )

    Short term: plausible. Given enough trouble you can keep the secret for a while. Although it will require some very draconian measures.

    Long term: no. An ongoing operation of this magnitude will be exposed. There are simply too many variables that can go wrong.

        Considering the implications to sector level politics, the revelation and its consequences  would make for a very good Ascension level campaign.

  18. Kylen said:


    Seeing as Zilla and Fill haven't posted yet, in our game our Tech Priest goes undercover as...well...a tech priest. 



       This. I did exactly the same thing with my old T-P character. The Cult Mechanicus and its adherents are everywhere. From common maintenance workers to construction teams. If the place has any technology related systems, the chances are that the AdMech has a presence.

        Its the old "cleaner syndrome" at work. Nobody pays any particular interest to the cleaners washing the floors and emptying garbage bins. And they have access to everywhere.

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