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  1. hi all AGAIN im back with new idea ... with BGoA we need to divide monster cup in to hexagon monsters and all the rest. So i create next monster cup just for our beloved Black Goat. Enjoy. Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/284162801/BGoA_monster_cup_scovron123.rar and here you have few shots of it:
  2. heh i didnt see anyone form poland here :/ scovron Kielce / Poland
  3. to have some proper music to arkham horror i buyed "dark corners of the earth" adventure game and rip music form "sounds" catalog there isnt too much of it but its rly cool and making the mood. I recomend you all to try that
  4. if you want, you can try and make your own monster cup like i did: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=113&efcid=1&efidt=30655
  5. Hi, im playing with friends using all expansions :] its not so difficult to play with all the rules but it makes game rly long (like 8 hours for example). But if anybody want to play with less boards/cards just take and play one of the scenarios. The're alwaeys bringing fresh air into AH play for me
  6. heh both of that investigators are my favorite :] rex with his starting possesions and clue token skill, and lily with self healing stamina sanity and fight +6 for only hands using. Imo they are way overpowered if you compare them to someone like bob jenkins for example....
  7. well you know all that there i plenty of places used/created by H.P.L so imo it wont be last board :] and here's list : *from wikipedia* Historical locations Binger in Caddo County, Oklahoma (The Mound) Copp's Hill, Boston, Massachusetts Red Line (MBTA) Pawtuxet (now Cranston, Rhode Island) Newburyport, Massachusetts Ipswich, Massachusetts Bolton, Massachusetts Salem, Massachusetts Many locations within his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, including the (then purportedly haunted) Halsey House, Prospect Terrace, and Brown University's John Hay Library and John Carter Brown Library. Danvers State Hospital, in Danvers, Massachusetts, which is largely believed to have served as inspiration for the infamous Arkham sanitarium from "The Thing on the Doorstep". Catskill Mountains, New York Fictional Central University Library in University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to Lovecraft there is a copy of the Necronomicon here, but the University of Buenos Aires never had a central library Fictional locations Arkham, Massachusetts Dunwich, Massachusetts Innsmouth, Massachusetts Kingsport, Massachusetts Aylesbury, Massachusetts
  8. dont know bout you but imo there shouldnt be smth like H.P.Lovecraft investigator... playing as a creator of all that world? It would be better to try and create smth like hpl guardian :> but rly imo he is one person that should not be involved as "name on board"
  9. Hello in this topic i want to start posting some thing that will add some fun to your game ( at least i hope ) i'll post the final product and how to do it, and so on i'm inviteing you all to post also your creations and "how to.." so that other ppl also can find that helpful now the first one is my monster cup MONSTER CUP PAPERBOX: 3 pages ready to print are here http://rapidshare.com/files/177120097/monstercup.rar in good resolution how do they look like? here is model to cut out: and here is some photo how do it look like when you cut it and glue it :] in my model i cut that closing from walls (i add that note also in cut out jpg above) but you can do it as you like, as for all construction. After cuted out i glue it to some hard paper so it will be solid and here is the monster cup aka grave cup ;] Note: marks on walls are names of gates and sealing symbols which i found in "necronomicon" i hope that you'll like it ENJOY
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