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  1. Regardless of exactly what, it does appear a great deal of work was put into it just as Richard said, so... awesome! I will (try really hard) not to doubt again. The artifacts, etc make me think that someday there could be a sort of the "Decent Road to Legend mapboard" for strategic moves (or quests) for your heroes, before they ever make the battlefield. Z
  2. I imagine Mr Borg chuckling to himself as "Heroes" was revealed to the masses. I look forward to seeing more. Z
  3. Zeal

    BattleLore and More

    Thank you Richard! I'll try em out this weekend. Good to see signs of life for beloved BL. Z
  4. Zeal

    BattleLore and More

    Well, I believe that all reasonable explanations for delays and building expectations with no results have been exhausted. I tender that there is a more economic reason to explain the silence and seeming indifference to these forum loyalists.. . .
  5. BuddhaBob74 said: Thaadd is the customer support LADY. Now see if she can do something about FF's pledge to get "Heroes" out by last winter. Thaad Rocks. Helped me on a similar Descent issue, and as I recall my gaming group had a Runebound issue she speedily fixed as well.
  6. Caboose said: Space Where do you live in Colorado then? Just curious - since Todd lives up north and I'm here in Aurora... Cab And I'll be back a couple times this summer if you lads want to throw down again.
  7. Well, then it is fortunate that you will get lots of painting practice grinding away on the base set. My one painting piece of advice? Less is more. . . Z
  8. Caboose said: And u aren't jumping on the opportunity Zeal? Look at how u can direct the Battlelore line!! LOL (And I suspect there will be some nuking of some goblins along the way! <G>) Cab Well Cab, online marketing is exactly what I do, but I'm a bit farther along the path than this position requires, or can pay for. Besides, every one knows that Dwarves are far better suited to marketing than Goblins. Goblins are more suited for direct sales. . . Z
  9. Well their recent job posting sounded like they were looking for just such a person to take the time to. . . *ahem* . . . market to the forum masses: " Manage extensive content for the company website, and other avenues as needed" Perhaps it is not a wanton disregard of sensitive gamer feelings, its just a staffing issue A few interviews, a relocation to MN and 25k a year, it could be yours! " http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/News/employment/marketing-content-coordinator(1).pdf Z
  10. toddrew said: gheintze said: I will be first in line -- no doubt about it. But this wait for information is maddening... Second. You'll be second in line BAH!!!! ( Zeal curses his willpower, knowing he too will be among the first to hold the shiny, pretty plastic)
  11. It is remarkably quiet from FFG actually. I don't frequent the other forums as often as I used to, but there seldom seemed a single thread that Mike Z or Thaad or Christan Peterson did not chime in on at some point. Are there no FFG champions for this forum? Z
  12. Well, they are busy formulating their April Fools Joke, and that takes team effort. I know they will get around to us. . . Z
  13. Zeal

    BattleLore and More

    Old Dwarf said: I really don't think Negative Moans caused DoW to bail,they got out as they didn't have the ability to carry through on a product they sold us on.As for turning people off seeing complaints about lack of information,well BL has been dead in the water,whose getting active over that? Negative Moans? Sounds like the making of a new lore Card. Maybe a future necromancer on the council. . . Zeal
  14. Zeal

    what next

    Caboose said: toddrew said: derros87 said: the next expansions im gonna buy are prolly gonna be the goblin ones I can't argue with that decision I know Zeal would argue quite a bit with that decision though - or definitely got some respect for those little green dudes! Cab I yearn to crush those gobbys under my iron dwarf boot in a future clash. . . Alas I must find a new opponent in my new locale. But we shall meet again Cab. . .
  15. Zeal

    BattleLore and More

    Thank you for posting Richard. This is more news than we've heard in 15+ months, so really good to hear, and exciting possibilities about. Now I will shut up about no news for awhile and enjoy speculating how each of these releases might look in final form. Z
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