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  1. Here are Jyn Erso and the Pathfinders.
  2. Work on Jyn and the Pathfinders is coming along nicely. The base coats and washes have been applied.
  3. I heard a prophecy that there will one day come a model, born of no father, which will finally bring balance to the game. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  4. I agree. The points values should make it fairly easy to create balanced scenarios for players to fight through (think of the CR system in D&D). This would lend itself very well to fun, thematic, narrative games.
  5. The board looks awesome! How did the battle go?
  6. E-web on an assault tank?!
  7. I hadn't thought of that... I bet it would.
  8. The Snowtroopers and the E-web are now finished. Up next are Jyn and the Pathfinders, and then I am finished with every model in my possession.
  9. Very nice! Everything has a very realistic look to it.
  10. Those new models look great! Krennic's face in particular is awesome.
  11. I love the idea of a weird Imperial parade where Vader, instead of tossing out candy to the kiddies, throws his lightsaber and force chokes people.
  12. Snowtroopers are up next. Here is a test of the color scheme: Base colors applied: Washes applied and the first coat of brown on the bases:
  13. Or check out your friendly local gaming store, if you have one... 🙂
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