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  1. Agreed. I have been watching the Onderon story arc for Clone Wars, and that has me itching to throw some rebels and Jedi together for a battle.
  2. Would there be anything stopping someone from making a post-Order 66 army with Anakin and clones?
  3. Sharkbelly


    X-Wings are way too OP for Legion.
  4. Speaking of droids, I have assembled my AAT. I'm working on adding some optional droid riders.
  5. I heard another rumor that the character might actually be Cobb Vanth. Or that might be speculation. But according to Aftermath, Vanth acquired the armor on Tatooine 4 years after Yavin, so before the Mandalorian.
  6. Yeah, if only Grievous came with extra legs! Oh well. Curls for the girls... err... droids!
  7. And here is Artoo with his bodyguard.
  8. And here is Artoo with his bodyguard. I modified this guy with extra arms from Grievous.
  9. I modified this guy with extra arms from Grievous. He'll be a labor droid for RPGs.
  10. Awesome work. The minis look great and the terrain does too.
  11. Rex looks great. And I love the Feldherr case in the background!
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