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  1. Oh well, there goes my idea :-)
  2. jhaelen said: Carioz said: It sets a bad precedent. It might (and probably will) change expectations of players that take part in tournaments anywhere. There have already been minor scuffles about prices in the past. Now that is interesting: can you give me some more informations on where that happened? If you'd rather not discuss it on the forums, can you send me a pm?
  3. I am puzzled: how does a tourney which might or might not happen, that you are not forced to partake into, poisons the way you play the game?
  4. If this is real and comes together it's a major turning point for CoC. I hope this gets advertised in other forums and enough steam to get going.
  5. One thing I'd really love over a Core Set II and a rotation, would be a Core Set I (2013): we all know that the Core Set, as it is, has two main problems. The first one is it is pretty awfull from a beginning gamer point of view. Seriously, playing it with the "mash two factions at random" system, coupled with the 1x of every card creates some unwieldly decks (case in point, how many threads have popped out in the past over all the forums on how such situation wield to wierd games?) and somewhat unsatisfying games. The second one is that it is terrible from a competitive player point of view: most cards in there are either uninteresting or "straight-to-the-binder-forever" surpassed or plain underpowered. And to boot, once you buy 3x Core Set you have little incentive to look at it again. What could work could be doing incremental Core Set. Let me do an example. Let's assume (for argument's sake) that Keeper of the Golden Path is surpassed (either due to Brood of Yig being available or whatever, let's just assume it). Now in the Core Set I (2013) there appears a version of the Keeper of the Golden Path with a completely different text, and let's assume it is more interesting or synergic with the current meta. You can obviously play either version but the caveat is: the card you have in play works as its text is. If you have the Core Set (2009) version you are stuck with 2 cost TT skill 3 cultist villainous. If you have the 2013 version you can use its new and supposedly better text. This allows to reprint the Core Set with a new, more "ready-to-play" composition, it makes each following re-issuing of it interesting for competitive players too, preserves cards which are deemed worthy (let's say Hungry Dark Young stay unchanged through all the reprints); it's actually less work than a new core set, as you have to pinpoint just the "Nate-******-this-up" cards and work with them. And you give everyone the new stories which seem to be a very asked for commodity.
  6. Italian Regionals 2013 Report Sunday 26 May 14 cultists and a referee gathered in Ravenna for 2013 Italian regionals; a few of them were established players (like me or Exo), a few of them were complete newcomers (fun fact: with two complete 3x collections and a few sparse set you can build a lot of decks ), but all wanted to compete (as a new player told me: “If I do not see how players which are good at the game play, I’ll never learn”) and have fun. Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone involved. We played 4 rounds of swiss followed by the top 4. First Round Nico vs Carioz -> Carioz Bancomat vs exo -> exo Leex vs giasbro -> giasbro Gregory vs Gi -> Gi avanteTemido vs Emme -> avanteTemido Demon vs Deco -> Deco Ray vs Arga -> Ray Second Round Carioz vs giasbro -> Carioz exo vs avanteTemido -> exo Ray vs Deco -> Ray Gi vs Leex -> Gi Emme vs Arga -> Arga Nico vs Demon -> Demon Gregory vs Bancomat -> Bancomat Third Round Ray vs Carioz -> Carioz exo vs Gi -> exo Arga vs avanteTemido -> avanteTemido Bancomat vs giasbro -> Bancomat Demon vs Gregory -> Gregory Deco vs Nico -> Deco Emme vs Leex -> Leex Fourth Round Carioz vs exo -> exo Gi vs avanteTemido -> Gi Bancomat vs Deco -> Deco Ray vs Leex -> Ray giasbro vs Gregory -> giasbro Demon vs Arga -> Arga Emme vs Nico -> Nico Semi Finals exo vs Gi -> exo Carioz vs Ray -> Carioz 3rd place Final Ray vs Gi -> Ray Final exo vs Carioz -> Carioz The factions played were: Carioz: mono Shub-Nigurrath (list at the end of the post) Exo: mono Shub-Nigurrath (from what I saw identical to my list) Ray: mono Miskatonic (tons of evading events) Gi: Cthulhu – Hastur (the one I played in previous regionals) Deco: Cthulhu – Syndicate Bancomat: Miskatonic – Hastur (see cardgamedb lists) avanteTemido: Shub – Cthulhu Cthylla giasbro: mono Agency Arga: mono Cthulhu Leex: Syndicate – Yog-Sothoth (skill lowering) Gregory: mono Hastur Nico: Agency - Hastur Demon: mono Agency Emme: Silver Twilight – Syndicate The deck I played was: 2 Ghoulish Predator 2 Twilight Cannibal 3 Under the Porch 3 Burrowing Beneath 2 Hungry Dark Young 3 Rampaging Dark Young 2 Shub-Nigurrath 2 Y'Golonac 2 Nyarlathotep 3 Marcus Jamburg 2 Displaced Chthonian 2 Grasping Chthonian 3 Snow Graves 2 The Stone on the Peak 2 Ya-Te-Veo 3 Shocking Transfomation 3 The Three Bells 2 Nug 3 Feed Her Young 2 Master of the Myths 2 Black Dogs A bit of the story on how this thing came to be: I’ve played and won 4 regional tourneys this month (France, Greece, Slovakia, Italy). In the beginning I settled for a *very* different deck (I think there were 3/50 cards in common with this one), which, to be honest, proved effective enough. However I realized it could have some problems with a subset of the decks I would be facing. The metagame, quite literally, forced me to change. Also I had the (right) hunch that some of the later tournaments would have allowed for The Key and the Gate, which would have allowed to use The Festival for resource ramping: in order to prepare for that I started dabbling in Shub resource ramp. This deck gave me the added bonus of doing some serious pre testing (yes, I am suggesting you to add The Festival in this: it really turbocharges it ). So, in a rush due to the upcoming tournaments I called my friend Graham and we started theorizing what could work. It was a bit of an hack job, as we needed to stretch the 50 cards in the deck to provide a bit of everything: beefy characters (the two ghouls and the Ancient Ones), resource acceleration (to survive rush decks), increased draws (Jamburg Porch), disruption toward discard pile strategies (Snow Graves and The Stone on the Peak), surprises (Black Dogs and Master of the Myths), support removal (which is critical right now), ability to rush in (Jamburg and Nyarlathotep) and recursion against mass removal (Shub-Nigurrath, Hungry Dark Young and Rampaging Dark Young). Yes, that was a lot for a deck to ask, but I think this one achieves the right balance. One of the keystones of this deck is the amount of “drawing” it has: despite being a Shub-Niggurath deck, it can really give you a sizable amount of cards in hand. Yeah, Feed Her Young gives you a card, but the big card drawing combo is Under the Porch and Marcus Jamburg. Starting from turn 2 you can, every turn, search for the most useful Shub-Nigurrath character you might want with the Porch, just to recur it with Jamburg. It’s plus one card per turn, and you get the come into play effect to boot (you need a support removed? Here comes the Grasping Chthonian. You want recursion? Go for the Hungry Dark Young.). This part is so critical that there are a number of card devoted to keep it going: Shocking Transformation is there to fish for Marcus Jamburg and Rampaging Dark Young just waits to trigger its response to pull it from the discard pile in case it gets removed. By the way: I never had it at a tourney (the ones where it was allowed I didn’t have the Key and the Gate) but you can easily see how The Festival feeds into this build: it can easily search for the Under the Porch (yeah the lack of search for it was slightly bad as I was forced to mulligan a lot in order to get it into the starting hand, but The Festival directly solves it), not to mention enable some more destruction with the Ice Shaft. Another part worth mentioning is the support removal: we know how critical is it in the current environment. As such, you should carefully choose the best available: Grasping Chthonian and Displaced Chthonian are a given, since the amount of search for them in the deck makes them readily available when needed, but the third slot is where the crucial choice stands. Burrowing Beneath or Thunder in the East? At first sight the choice seems easy: Thunder draws you a card and costs 1 less, so it’s three Thunders right away, right? Well, that is what I thought until my friend Graham talked me through the correct application. The supports you really want to remove are those you need to remove *right now* (Ice Shaft, Dimensional Rift, Under the Porch, you know the list ). For them, Thunder in the East is a dead card. The opponent gets to trigger them and you sit there unable to do anything. So I borrowed a page from Cannon (Chris Long, the Mentor to Vaughn) article (I think you might still find it somewhere) and went with the immediate effect of Burrowing Beneath. The tourney itself Round 1: vs Nicole “Nico” Agency – Hastur. While Agency Hastur might have been all the rage during the beginning of the LCG era, this faction combination doesn’t cut it in the current meta. I have to give Nicole props for playing really well for a beginner and for giving me troubles with the best events this factions have (an untimely Power Drain on Jamburg nearly ruined my plans), but in the end my deck proved solid enough. Round 2: vs Gianluca “giasbro” Santopietro Agency If I could count on having more experience than the opponent in the previous match, this time I was clearly outmatched in the experience department. You see, Gianluca was the person who introduced me to the game back in 2007-08. He has always been a devoted Agency player and knows the ins and outs of the faction really well. He came out of the gates real fast with a Transient fuelled Agent Clarkstone, and the following cost reduced Government characters… but the sacrifice of the transient resource would come back to haunt him later. I dug in, used the superior toughness of my deck to survive the initial onslaught and slowly but surely started to recover ground, all meanwhile the resource acceleration made it possible to begin fielding Ancient Ones. It was a brutal slugfest but in the end the sparse investigation icons (Jamburg and Nyarlathotep) and the abundance of terror allowed me to win. Round 3 vs Francesco “Ray” Villani Miskatonic University The third round in a tourney like this becomes a bit of a gateway: if you win it you have the near certainty of getting into the top 4 no matter the result of the last match; if you don’t then during the last game you have to be lucky of getting a good pairing (for the opponent tier) and to win. Now, Ray was unbeaten so far and was using a brand new shining and Seekers of Knowledge powered mono Miskatonic deck. I expected a lot of draw and some “bad struggles” evasion (Daring Bùjù, Zero Visibility, Chess Prodigy), and I wasn’t wrong. I knew I had to match his card drawing to stay in the game and I had to make him walk through as many bad struggles as possible (terror and combat). I was lucky in getting the Under the Porch and Marcus combination in my starting hand, not to mention a Twilight Cannibal. It was a really defensive game, where I had to trade space (his success tokens) for time (enough turns of Porch Jamburg to give me all the options I needed to beat him). At some point he was 2-0, but my field presence was growing, my hand was still full while he was buring through cards like mad just to avoid the struggles. In the make it or break it turn he played Flux Stabilizer, Professor Rice and committed his whole army in order to win the last story. I used Burrowing Beneath on the Flux. Dropped Master of the Myths and managed to deny him success. The following turn a timely Nyarlathotep allowed me to steal the story for the 2-1 (and making his efforts void). From that point on he couldn’t recover. Round 4 vs Giacomo “exo” Santopietro mono Shub I was pretty at ease this round. No matter the result we both would have gotten into the top 4, so we played pretty relaxed. From what I saw he was using the same deck I was (later I verified and that was true to a 6 cards difference). He won the coin toss and went second. Smart move as he would have gotten one card more than me, and, in such a tight matchup it might have meant winning or losing. Again it was pretty simple. By turn 4 we were both top decking. And that single card drawn during turn 1 was a character, which meant he had a character more than me on the field. Which in turn was enough to maintain icons and skill superiority throughout the game. Not much to say, he had more bodies, more skill and more icons than me: his victory was a foregone conclusion. Semi-final vs Francesco “Ray” Villani (again) Now it’s the point where the tournament becomes anti-climatic. You are basically facing the same decks you met in the previous rounds and the games really look the same. To be honest I suspect he drew a little worse than during turn 3, as I was able to get to the “turning point” much faster. Again, walking through so many terror and combat struggles, backed up by the never ending draw of Jamburg Porch really puts a strain to what mono Miskatonic is capable of. Still, props to Ray for bringing an underused faction to such a high place. Meanwhile on the other table exo was slaughtering a rough copy of the Cthulhu – Hastur deck that I was using before this one. I felt very relieved of having dropped it for mono Shub. Final vs Giacomo “exo” Santopietro (again) Do you remember the part where I told you all of the matches look the same in the top 4? Same thing happened here, except this time it was me winning the coin toss and going second. Now it wouldn’t be fun to write: like in the fourth round except in reverse, but that’s actually what it happened. I maintained one more char on the board than he did, had slightly more terror, skill and combat. Anticlimatic? Yeah. Difficult? That too, as I had to constantly keep the advantage I got. In conclusion: I am very happy of the change I made to the list, without it I wouldn’t have been able to win as many tourneys as I did. As an addendum I have to thank all the French, Belgian (I am not forgetting you FredHot), Greek and Slovak players, which tolerated my presence at their tourneys and allowed me to get a better grasp of the metagame. If I were to change anything to this list, I would drop the 2 Ya-Te-Veo for 2 more Ghouls; of course I cannot wait to play it with The Festival, as I think it enhances it immensely. I would like to thank Graham Hill for all the help he gave me building the deck before this one, and for helping me changing into this as soon as the meta proved too harsh. Last but not least thanks to all the players (and the referee) in the Italian regional: both newbies and veterans, you made it an incredible experience.
  7. As a side note, I received the prizes for the Italian regional one week after paying for them, so the "can't receive the prizes in time" looks even more strange. Oh and for those wondering, yeah, no answers from Franz Ksander on the two follow-up emails.
  8. @jhaelen: see the difference here is the Netherlands T.O. took steps to make sure the players could enjoy the tourney as much as it was possible, instead of just dumping the blame on "prizes not arriving" and make sure to work as little as possible. On a side note, the ideal T.O. would have just mailed the prizes to the winners. @Danigral: given the lack of communication I am encountering even in follow up e-mails I have doubts I can schedule anything in Vienna.
  9. Hello, I am writing here to let everyone know of what has been for me a major dissatisfaction at the upcoming Austrian Regionals scheduled for the 4th of May. On the 9th of April I contacted Frank Ksander, the tourney organizer, asking if the tourney was open to non-austrian players, the joining fee and the whereabout. The following day I got a reply by the tourney organizer stating that I'd have received full informations about the tourney in a day. The 13th of April, after receiving no information, I promted for a reply asking if he knew who was coming to the tournament. Four days passed without further reply until I prompted the T.O. again, stating I was in the process of booking my flights and lodging (see, I am not from Austria, but I like the game and I enjoy the odd tourney here and there). Meanwhile, given the lack of answers, I tried to contact Wolfgang, a known austrian player, asking if he knew anything about the event, but he said he wasn't likely to attend and knew nothing more. Yesterday (April 22) I received an e-mail from the event organizer stating that due to the fact that the prizes won't be available the tourney will be postponed to the 25th of May. Unfortunately all my flights and lodging have already been booked. Now, I might be a tad too bummed about it, but I think this is a major blunder and makes for a really poor experience: the lack of communication by the event organizer was rather disconcerning, and the random date change which was not weighted against the inconvenience it would have brought to the players. Furthermore, while I agree that the prizes not being available might have not been the best news for the players at the tourney, there could have been different solutions (for example mailing the prizes). Really, I think the reschedule should have been only if there was an objective, serious cause to not play that day. As a general observation, I think this paints the whole Regionals experience on a pretty shaky light. If tourneys announced for a month can be rescheduled with such an ease, there is almost no reason to put effort in participating. And to be honest, given how much there are claims that this game needs help, well, alienating players willing to make the effort to fly out for your tourneys doesn't seem the best idea to promote the game. Also, given the frequent moaning about the lack of players at events, one should expect some effort in run things smootly. Instead this is a prime example of why Cthulhu events are so ill attended. To sum this up, while I think there is no direct responsability from FFG on all of this, I think there should be some effort to avoid such situations. By the way, I've heard from other players, which might or might not chime in, that there have been no answers to their questions from other event organizers, so if you are a t.o., please do not be a douchebag and at least make an effort to make our tourney experience a pleasurable one.
  10. Hello, browsing the forums I came up to this rule answer: Rule Question: What is the proper timing for Prophesy cards? E.g. Hastur's Hamu XX 15:14 says: "Response: After a character is made insane, discard Hamu XX 15:14 from the top of your deck to choose up to two cards in your discard pile. Add those cards to your hand." Can I choose the Prophesy card just triggered as one of the cards to be added to my hand from the discard pile? Answer: Yes. You pay the cost of the card and then choose its targets. Now I am a bit puzzled: this answer doesn't really fit the current action framework from the current faq. a) Determine the cost (to either playthe card or pay for the card’s effect) or costs (if multiple costs are necessary for the intended action). b) Check play restrictions, including verification and designation of applicable targets or cards to be effected. c) Apply any penalties to the cost(s). (Any effects that modify a penalty are applied to that penalty before it becomes a part of the cost.) d) Apply any other active modifiers (including reducers) to the cost(s). e) Pay the cost(s). f) Play the card, or trigger the effect, and proceed to step two. Now, Hamu XX in order to be able to target itself need to be in the discard pile during b. During b however Hamu is still sitting on the player's deck since it can get into the discard pile only during phase e) Thus I'd rather say that by current framework it is not possible to have Hamu XX target itself. Am I right? If I am, care if I post the updated answer? Thank you for your time. Answer: As far as my understanding goes, yes you are correct. As always Damon might correct me. But I would say that I am fairly confident on this one.
  11. Problems with Agency: Structural 1) Utter lack of 2-1s in the low cost bracket (the closest thing is Government Exorcist, admittedly one of the top efficient characters in the game). 2) Low displacement ability due to lack of terror (under usual circumstances can displace only 1 character per story without using additional cards by winning the C struggle) hinders rush. These two points exacerbate each other to the situation where, if one player uses agency, he just keeps losing steam in prolonged games. Situational 3) Current metagame is chockfull of cards which hose the top agency choices really well. Good things in Agency: 1) Excellent low cost character selection 2) Great metagame tools: there are few points during the year when current cardpool almost dictate to use agency. Too bad that by the time big tourneys roll around it becomes always a second string choice.
  12. jhaelen, I couldn't have put what you said in better words. Are you sure you aren't slowly getting corrupted by the Dark Side?
  13. Question: given the huge overpresence of Mono-Cthulhu and Cthulhu split decks at regionals, how many of them did win? If I am not counting wrong, just 2 Cthulhu split. So the overefficiency of Serpents (and Khopesh) didn't prove so overpowering, after all. While I agree some Serpent characters are good, the fact that a pocket of (on the ground, so rather concrete and thus easilly counterable) efficiency for the Cthulhu faction can be found in that array of cards should not make us conclude that "cards should be balanced towards that standard", just that a feature of the Cthulhu faction is having a few character sharing a common trait and a rather aggressive price efficiency ratio (and before I get misunderstood, most Serpents are actually somewhat inefficient). I'd also like to point out that Serpents, in your analysis, are efficient due to what I call "business icons", so terror and combat. That means they have capacity to displace characters out of stories due to struggles. This however tells us nothing about, for example, how efficient are they in improving your draws (they are not) or at resisting removals (they are not). In the end I'd rather think of Serpents of a feature of the Cthulhu faction, and since I believe in factions specialization, instead of overlap, I am not actually seeing it as power creep, just as a defining feature. That's just my 2 cents, as I am not privy to pricing mechanics and design "rules"
  14. Is it Call-for-ban-day already?
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