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  1. Robban-O

    Graver Art

    Great stuff indeed! Very much something for FFG to look into.
  2. Awesome inking and composition. The framing of a tarot is only making it so much better.
  3. Nice piece! It is maybe a little to bright in the colors. More grit if you ask me. The lighting is good but I would say that som backlighting would soften it up a bit. Othewise a nice composition for a character that I suppose are a stern person.
  4. Sorry, this piece clearly deserves comments. Not that it is bad, quite the opposite. Bad things: As mentioned before I think it lacks grit. The ork is dressed to well and the costume could use more patches, bolts and seams. It is a ork after all. My personal opinion about the new RT is that it is to "piratie". After all, it is not a different universe compared to the rest of the setting. The waterstamp sort of ruinings the view but I understand why you use it. Good things: Good composition and I like the gretching. Very nice colors, especially the face which I think is the best part. Nice detailwork and if I was FFG I would give you a call...or mail. Maybe not cover material but I have no problem seeing it as a interior piece. Awesome work all together.
  5. I think that if you don´t like mooks, then you won't have to use them. I get the feel that the crew on the ship is handled very abstract and it is suppose to be seen as a kind resource, like armour or engines. If you have a happy crew then your ship preforms better, so your aim is to keep them as happy as possibly. There might be some key persons with semi-personalities, depending on how much the group likes to interact with them, but in the end it is going to be like the usual focus on the players characters. The setting, as we all know, is not a especially static one. GW, BL and now FFG make changes all the time to fit their needs. Now is a RT-RPG and that means they will change the setting again. FFG will make it work, and for a lot of people and styles of play. That is what they have done in the other games, DH and WHFRP, meaning they will probaly do it again. If you don´t like mooks, you won´t have to use them, if you like larger scale with the character as spiders in the net you will be able to play that way. Even if the "canon" states that all captains have a lot of mooks you should not assume that will be the case here, unless you want to because then the game will probably support it. You will start pretty low key, with a small ship and getting the resouces to improve it and finally buy a bigger one is the probably the mainstream goal of the game. Traveller will of course be a huge inspiration and that is good. I do think that it will be less detailed though and more streamlined. The ship will be considered a extra character in the group and in space the characters skills will have a slight impact on the prefomance. I see a lot of number crushing but no problems handeling scale and mooks in the game. That will FFG take care of for us, which is all right and dandy.
  6. First of all, the scale issue will be adressed by the producers of RT so there is not much to worry about there. In my opinion it will probably work much like in Star Wars. Darth Vader has a immense fleet at his disposial. He actually gets around in a Super Star Destroyer, but in the end of the day he get down into the muck by himself fencing with his shiny sword. I think you should consider the scale as a backdrop more than a resource. Even if it is not realistic that you actually don´t use the thousands of men at your disposal most in stories about "high-powered" characters they do the work themselves. Han Solo is a general, for some unknown reason, but he is not leading battles from the rear. He is in it, kicking stormtrooper butt in person. The problem with scale is not in the game, because genrewise it has been proven again and again that even in backdrops with immense scale it is up the individual. The issue with scale is when the gamers tries look beyond "the dungeon" when they don´t have to. Sure you could sit back and let your minions do the work themselves but were is the fun in that? Ok, send a battalion of trooper into battle, but as long as the GM has prepared a little special dungeon for you and your merry men, with the battle as a backdrop, there is no problem. If you then want to add some kind of economic system to the game, like it cost this much to run your fleet but if you trade in this or that you get your dough it is up to you. It could be fun if you are into that. You won´t be counting gold coins and saving to buy a boltpistol might not be a issue but on the other hand, getting your hands on a special boltpistol (in a really awesome colour) might not be that easy. Think of the this way, you are not playing Napoleon but Darth Vader and how would he act in a battle, or political struggle?
  7. Peacekeeper_b said: No offense to FFG or Ross, Im sure it will be done well and look beautiful, but the whole endeavours thing is just another name for ADVENTURES. Lets see, to find the Warsprite you need a map, a salvage crew, special equipment and so forth. Yeah, there will allways be adventures in the classical sense that something needs to be done and to accomplish that certain difficulties has to be solved. The thing that I liked with endeavours is that they can be set by the players. That way the individual character can set a goal for himself giving the DM something to work with. My guess is that the player will be able to create a endeavour while the DM hammers out the details. Anyway player input is a powerfull tool that should be used more often. Especially when you compare to DH that supported a style where you had a all powerfull Inquisitor telling you what to do. A economic system that does not count the coins is also a very good one in my opinion.
  8. Well, aliens are creatures with a choosen human trait emphaziesed. The only alien worth being called alien are either Necrons or Tyranids and they are unplayable. You could argure that it would look good and fitting with the physical differences on the ship but other than that I can't see to real reson besides being able to have different stats. There is nothing about most of the races that just as easily could be done with a humans. They can be strong and angry like orks or wise and all-knowing like the eldar.
  9. Peacekeeper_b said: I think most people did see that variation coming. Really? Well, I said it first
  10. Well, trying my best not to be smug but according to the latest designer diary, I pretty much nailed the set up with navigators right on.
  11. Cifer said: .I assume that a navigator's place during a space battle will be somewhere deep within the guts of the biggest ship of the fleet (assuming configurations with one flagship navigating for the entire fleet are possible), for precisely that reason. The back-up plan would likely consist of the short controlled jumps chartist merchant vessels are forced to make which most likely makes the fleet unuseable for the war they're engaged in. Ok, deep within the ship, but what happens if the navigator is killed? You can get out of the battle but can you get home? I know I am streching it here but if the navigator is going to be a playable character, then he has to get out of the ship. I suggest that every navigator should have a couple of juniors, from his own house, in training. Not full fledged navigators but skilled enough to use the safest routs. You could always argue that it has not been heard of but on the other hand, no one had heard about the stuff in RT or this subjective thing called "canon" either before it was written. Otherwise the navigators must remain on the ship. Meaning you would loosing parts of the setting. Sure, the NPC-navigator could hire the Captain for a mission concerning his house but that can't compare by having the character in the group.
  12. Well, that depends on what you are after. Having a complicated system were different styles have different trait is not something I would like to see. But if you like to tweak the unarmed ability with a few more stats, dices and let that cover all styles and ways to cripple you fellow human then it is ok.
  13. Robban-O


    Agmar_Strick said: yes naturally, I mean I'm looking forward to watching it in 70 years when the rights expire. Well, Conan and Call of Chtulu should be free for anyone to use now but since they have become trademarks companies are able to keep control over them. Damnatus will probably never be legal to distrubute, and thank god for that. GW would never recover from the finacial blow of having a fan-made movie out there generating HUGE piles of money for the creators. Personally I don´t watch it for ideolocigal reasons. I think that GW should be able to control even our Dark Heresy campaigns so that no ambitious group tends to violate the brand by doing something unauthorized. Only official campaigns should be legal to play. In fact, come to think about it, I think that the only place were you should be allowed to play GW-products are at the GW-stores. That way the chance of making something unauthorized is lessened. I also think there should be commissars in the GW-stores in uniform. Precisly like it is now when they follow you around, registering every move you make, always ready to act in case something needs remedy, but dressed in stormcoats and a cap.
  14. Action_Carl said: "Navigators are mutants of a very special kind, and although their appearance can vary a great deal they always have the power to navigate through warp space. Although this is a psychic ability, navigators never have other psychic powers and are no more vulnerable to psychically attuned warp creatures than any normal human." (pg 150) Is this because of the rules or because that is the way they wanted the background? One of my reasons for wanting navigators to be psykers is because it sounds logical. If the Astronmicon sends out a psykic signal then you have to be a psyker to hear it. Psykers are psykers. The other reason is because of the rules. With psykic powers a navigator has another asset when it comes to regular adventuring and a place to fill in a party. I can agree that it sounds risky to have the navigator to tag along if there is only one on the ship but I am sure that can be solved. Military vessels also have one navigator and the risk of dying on the ground can't be that much bigger compared to die in a spacebattle. Anywat even if it is, then military vessels must have a backup plan.
  15. borithan said: Their first incarnation (RT rulebook) they weren't psykers as standard, just had a special mutation, but they had just as much chance as any other human to be a psyker, and had access to all the standard psyker powers (the only ones which were special being the ones for Astropaths, most of which actually had no tabletop effect, yet were listed anyway). Combined with the other things mentioned, it looks like that Lexicanum article is just wrong about them never having other psychic powers. I would not say it is wrong, only that the topic is open for discussion. After all, that article says that no one know the full extent of the eyes powers, only perhaps the paternova. But ok, the powers of the navigator is concentrated around his third eye. That does not mean his not a psyker, just that they use the powers of the warp in a different way. The eye could be the thing that protects navigators from being possesed. I don't think that is to far fetched since they can look into the warp with it and other people can not. A personal gellar shield.
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