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  1. Thanks for all your effort on this. I agree with you. I may be an old geezer, but my memory's good enough to handling playing the "correct" way.
  2. The problem is NOT the levels gained, it's WHEN the "S" is counted. The LTP method seems to be the "right" way to me.
  3. Check the original post in this thread for how it can show up by killing just a measly level 3 critter.
  4. Thanks, mazz0! I think everyone on the "LTP" side of the argument totally gets the idea the RRG is supposed to be the law. What drives us nuts is: 1) How did they write something which seems to be so contradictory? The RRG is supposed to provide detail, not a new process. 2) The RRG for this game has some info which was left out, but is presented completely in the LTP. FAQs of other FFG games have occasionally corrected the RRG when their quest for detail led to errors. Is it possible we've got that situation again with Fallout? 3) The LTP version just seems so much better. No skipping! I'm sure we'll likely hear from "on high" the RRG is correct, at which point the LTP team will continue playing just as we please.
  5. Yes, this is the problem I have with the RR version, and why I like the LTP version better. I don't like the idea it's possible to "skip" some letters if one does all peg movement first, and then draws letters.
  6. Yes, Trevor 79, this is the crux of the problem. Ordinarily, the RRG expands and gives more specifics about rules. In this case, it seems to set forth a different procedure, and this procedure results in a different outcome than the LTP method. It may well turn out FFG will say "RRG is right, no matter what". In my opinion, the LTP is the preferred method. It bugs me they could give two contradicting examples for one rule situation. TK
  7. Nice. Thanks! I've tried both methods, and both work fine. I completely understand the whole "RR supersedes the LTP" idea. I would say there is not so much confusion over the issue as annoyance. It's frustrating they could write two examples for one idea which seem to contradict each other. That so many folks can read these two examples, and end up with approximately a 50-50 split on the "intended" interpretation, points to the fact this section could have been proofread a bit more carefully. Can't wait to hear the "real" answer!
  8. I believe you're right, JTShadow. I like the LTP rule, because it makes it a bit slower to level up. Either rule is really just fine, and I know everyone can play the way they prefer without harming the game one bit. It's really annoying they could write such (seemingly) contradictory instructions. Give us an answer, will ya?
  9. My thoughts exactly. "Skipping" a step can't be right.
  10. What are the correct steps to level up? It seems to me the LTP and RRG disagree on this point. Imagine this situation…I have 2 “special” letters: S & L. My XP marker is on L when I kill a Level 3 enemy. The way I think it should work, and the way I think the LTP describes it, is: 1) I move the XP marker back to the far left hole on the XP track, accounting for one of the three new XP. 2) I draw two letters, and pick one. Let’s say I pick P. 3) I then advance my XP marker the two remaining XPs for the Level 3 Enemy I just killed, and the marker ends up on P. However, the RRG describes it this way on page 14: “When a survivor gains multiple XP, he or she moves the peg for all gained XP, and then performs the steps for each level gained during that process.” This makes it sound to me like the steps are: 1) Move the peg for all gained XPs. In the above example, I would move the peg three spaces, to the leftmost hole, then to S, and then to L again. 2) Perform steps for each level. I’ve gained one level, so I draw two letters, pick one, and add it to the board. I’m hoping a designer will chime in on this one. I feel sure the first method is correct, but (according to my wife) I’ve been wrong before… Played two solo games so far. Really like the stories. TK
  11. Dam said: Of course you can, otherwise, what's the point of the movement box on the Space Hulk space (1 movement point to move to the Webway Portal)? Dam is correct, as usual. If you'd like to see it in the rulebook, it's on page 21, under "Movement Boxes". TK
  12. Black2 said: Relic seems to really slow as far as forums go. Why is that. Is it because the game is very very straitforward and not a huge need for questions… Surely this is it. As with most FFG games, the rules and examples are crystal clear, and no one has any uncertainties about any points of play. TK
  13. If you defeat one of these "solo", you keep it as a regular trophy. TK
  14. Relics are "Assets". The character asset limit is the only limit on their use. TK
  15. Dark Bunny Lord said: The cards with threat symbols do not tell you to draw more cards, and I think this is where your confusion stems. Instead they tell you to add their threat symbol to the space (which in turn typically means you draw more cards). So let's break it down into an example. If you land on a single red threat icon space and draw a card that has the red threat icon you then have 2 red threat icons on that space with 1 red threat card. Since 1 < 2 you draw 1 more red threat card. If you where to loose the fight and someone later landed on that space you now have a space with 2 red threat icons (one on the space and one on one of the threat cards) with 2 red threat cards, since 2=2 you do not draw any more threat cards. Dark Bunny Lord is correct! TK
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