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    Jonny WS got a reaction from PzVIE in FFG and Gamesworkshop   
    I for one will be hard pressed to have any interest in a 5th edition of the game.  I believe that FFG has done an amazing job with all of their games, especially Talisman.   
    I think the only way for me to ever buy into a future edition of this game would be if FFG is doing it. 
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    Jonny WS got a reaction from Cotgrave in Full Sets - Possible / Advisable ?   
    I am also OCD when it comes to being "complete" for games that I enjoy.    I was originally not going to buy any of the hero and monster packs because I have a complete Descent first edition set, but when I saw that they came with extra quests and rewards...not to mention some minor tweaks to the heroes and monsters as well I needed to bite the bullet and get them all.  
    I also have both of the game kits that were released a few years ago and the obsolete conversion kit.  
    Four extra dice sets and the hardcover campaign book. 
    I am currently missing the two latest Hero and Monster packs because my local game store didn't get them in yet, and 3 of the lieutenants because they were awaiting reprints and I refused to pay more for something that was going to be available again.   
    I keep everything in 4 of the Dewalt Tstak cases and all my cards are sleeved - including the co-op tarot cards.  
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    Jonny WS reacted to any2cards in It is once again time to BEAT THE DEAD HORSE ...   
    Dear FFG ...
    It would seem that your announcement of a digital app for Descent 2nd Edition is drawing much appreciation, and dare I say it, many new people to the game ... there is anecdotal evidence that sales of your base game and expansions has increased since the announcement of the app.
    With the influx of new players to this game, you know what would really complement this app and help all of those new players play the game well, and as it was intended ???
    How about a new, updated, well organized FAQ?!!!  With the same amount of effort that you put into your Star Wars' games FAQs?!!!
    Your last update occurred in February 2016.  Previous to that the last update was a year earlier in February 2015.  Both of those releases barely qualify as an update, as the amount of content that is NOT in the document is stunning.
    This document still comes woefully short from what it should be, and I really would hate to have all of these new folks who have invested in this game, abandon it due to a lack of an effective tool to answer typical questions that arise when playing.
    So, please do us and yourself a favor, and release an updated, effective FAQ.
    Thank you.
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    Jonny WS reacted to Kethith in The Chains that Rust   
    Everybody is talking about road to legend and I'm just waiting to hear something about Chains.
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    Jonny WS reacted to any2cards in Road to legend   
    I will be happy to play the OL.  You and your friends can play heroes, and "game the game".  I assure you that I will stand a very good chance of beating you.
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    Jonny WS reacted to Zaltyre in Guardian Axe   
    As written, it seems to work. I really feel like the intention was "when you defeat a monster WITH THIS WEAPON..." but it isn't printed.
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    Jonny WS reacted to AndrewMM in Guardian Axe   
    RAW, you should be allowed to do this, and I don't see any balance problems. It just seems odd thematically, though.
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    Jonny WS reacted to Zaltyre in Possibly a really dumb question.   
    "During your turn" means "during the perform actions phase (anytime after equipping gear but before your end of turn) but not interrupting anything but a move action."
    The order is entirely fluid. A hero could suffer a fatigue to gain a movement point, attack, spend the movement point he gained with fatigue, then search. He could attack, search, then fatigue movent points..
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    Jonny WS got a reaction from any2cards in Co-op and ties   
    I found it!
    On page 11, there is a small box titled "The golden rules"
    If a game effect has multiple potential targets and the
    intended target is unclear, heroes choose the target of the
    effect from among the potential targets.
    Well at least I know now. 
    Thank you all for your input.  
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    Jonny WS got a reaction from allenkwest in Doom the Board Game   
    Doom was such a great game, but I feel like Descent (1st edition) was far superior in every way. 
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    Jonny WS got a reaction from any2cards in Mists of Bilehall sleeve counts   
    Thank you, I did not realize that post of useful links was so comprehensive.  

    I will try to reference that with similar questions from now on.   
    Good work on all that stuff!
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