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  1. I asked customer support about this and the gaps are actually fully intentional to reduce disturbances to the board if it gets bumped or anything. I have the message they sent me if anyone is interested in reading it.
  2. Wow, thanks guys! I do not know how you found it so easily but I really appreciate it! Thank you! Do you have larger images available somewhere? Perhaps on your website Jon?
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has, or knows a place to get images of all the expansion symbols/icons for all of the various expansions. I have done a google search but nothing has come up so far unfortunately.
  4. I for one will be hard pressed to have any interest in a 5th edition of the game. I believe that FFG has done an amazing job with all of their games, especially Talisman. I think the only way for me to ever buy into a future edition of this game would be if FFG is doing it.
  5. I am curious what rules you enforced for this. I have had the same problem that players tend to just explore more then want to encounter each other.
  6. I am just wondering, with the news of their partnership coming to a close, can we expect....or hope to see a final updated FAQ for all the new stuff that has been released since the last update?
  7. I am also OCD when it comes to being "complete" for games that I enjoy. I was originally not going to buy any of the hero and monster packs because I have a complete Descent first edition set, but when I saw that they came with extra quests and rewards...not to mention some minor tweaks to the heroes and monsters as well I needed to bite the bullet and get them all. I also have both of the game kits that were released a few years ago and the obsolete conversion kit. Four extra dice sets and the hardcover campaign book. I am currently missing the two latest Hero and Monster packs because my local game store didn't get them in yet, and 3 of the lieutenants because they were awaiting reprints and I refused to pay more for something that was going to be available again. I keep everything in 4 of the Dewalt Tstak cases and all my cards are sleeved - including the co-op tarot cards.
  8. Wonderful, thank you for the answer. As a magic player there is often times that "priority" can be applied to some situations but we more or less came to the same conclusion regarding this specific situation.
  9. So when playing last night, a situation came up and we did not know how to handle it. Essentially, There was a hero with the insight token on him, and the prophet had the skill "Omniscience" "3 fatigue - exhaust this card when a monster declares a hero with the insight token as the target of an attack, before rolling dice. Discard the insight token to cause the attack to miss" Now, as the overlord I had the warlord card in my hand "Expert Blow" "Play this card when a monster attacks a hero, before rolling dice. The Attack gains +2 damage and: Surge: return this card to hand" What is the correct timing of this interaction?
  10. A word of caution. Sea of Blood is the expansion that killed first edition. If you can find a copy of this expansion for 5 bucks, then I would suggest you pick it up. There are a "few" things that are nice to have, but that all depends on you owning the original Road to Legend campaign expansion for first edition. If the copy of SoB is sealed, and from the first print run, it should include a bonus hero - Nara the Fang.(look for a sticker on the front packaging) Not a super stellar hero but an additional one is always nice. if you own Road to legend then you can add all the dungeon levels to the deck for more variety and challenges. You will also gain access to some new skills...while some are only relevant for the water, there are some neat ones. You get an extra set of gold and silver power dice which is always great to have. Now the bad.... The outdoor encounters were not well thought out, and in some cases unplayable. The ship to ship combat is far too complex and has MANY issues. Water is also a daunting challenge. There is also an issue with not enough tokens/markers for all the encounters/dungeons. What I mean by this is that some levels require a whirlpool and a dungeon entrance tile. (looks like a skull) The tile itself is great - its a 3x3 square but the whirlpool and skull are printed on opposite sides....see the problem? This also happened with barrel and statue tokens. "scrub" is confusing to understand - read the rules and then see the FAQ. From my own personal experience, I only played this version of a campaign once...and never completed it due to all the rules issues. I went back to playing Road to Legend but used all the things I could from Sea of Blood to enhance the experience. I guess to sum it up, if you are looking to have a complete collection of first edition then you should get it to have. But do not expect to have a ton of fun playing it. I am sure there are many people who will agree with me on at least one or more of these points.
  11. To my knowledge, there has only ever been one expansion from FFG that did something like this. I am not aware of its success or reception though. The expansion was for Arkham Horrow - Miskatonic Horror. I would LOVE to see something like this for Descent and I feel many others would appreciate something like this as well. Also, glad to finally see this announcement.
  12. I second this. Perhaps we should all just make a simple post with a "yes" or something to show FFG how many of us actually want this. ....Assuming they are watching the forums at all.
  13. Personally, I think the next step for them is to make an all heroes pack to finish the remaining heroes from first edition. Despite the fact that I have the conversion kit and all first edition heroes, I would still buy such a set to have updated stats and new models. For those that do not have access to the first edition models this would be a great buy. There was a grand total of 48 first edition heroes, including all promo figures. With all the H&M packs, that is only 36 heroes. Would FFG make a pack of heroes...either 1 pack of 12 or 2 packs of 6? My hope is yes.
  14. Ah, yes. Thank you. Appreciate it.
  15. Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking. I may email FFG and ask if that was their intention with this specific weapon. Well, I tried to email but it wont let me. Zaltyre, could you email them on my behalf? I would greatly appreciate it. It would appear that you have good communication with FFG.
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