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  1. What would be his abilities? I made up a first draft for Magos recently. But I'm not really pleased with it. Magus Special Rules Experience Cost: 750 xp. Prerequisites Tech-Priest Instant Changes Soul of Iron: All Interaction Skill Tests used against a Magos suffer a –30 penalty. The Magos should choose one appropriate Common Lore, Scholastic Lore, Forbidden Lore, or Trade Skill as his main focus and area of expertise. The Magos gains one bonus degree of success with any of his successful Skill Tests involving Tech-Use or his chosen Skill, and in addition gains +10 to any Opposed Test involving Tech-Use or his chosen Skill. Choose One: Weapon-Tech: All Magos become masters of machine spirits and the sacred workings of tech. Many, however, specialise learning the blessed and secret intricacies of particular devices such as guns. Once per combat, the Magos can enhance his weapon, or seek out the weak points in an opponent’s armour, increasing the Magos’ deadliness. Once per game session, a weapon personally wielded by the Magos from the las, melta, plasma, shock, or power category (this may also include the Exotic category at the GM’s discretion) increases its Damage and Penetration by an amount equal to his Intelligence Bonus for one Round. Armour-Monger: The finest armours and most powerful shields are all products of the followers of the machine god, based on the fabled and ancient designs of man’s glorious past. With years of training, a Magos can learn to enhance these protections, or use them in their optimum fashion. The Magos increases the Armour Points of any armour he wears by 2 on all locations it would normally cover as long as he has at least an hour each day to bless and prepare the armour. This bonus applies only to armour worn by the Magos. Tech-Tinker: Not all Magos focus on war. Some favour the workings of other more miscellaneous kinds of machinery. A Magos can increase the effectiveness of a piece of technology, increasing its function or output. Once per day as a Full Action, the Magos can increase the power of a piece of technology which is neither a weapon nor protective device. This, in effect, increases its function by 50%, be it the range of the signal it can broadcast or the amount of items it can fabricate. This boost only lasts for the duration of a single scene or encounter (this amount of time may be extended at the GM’s discretion). The GM always has final say in the exact effects of a boosted piece of tech. Unlocked Advances Magos characters gain access to a special set of talents. These talents available only to Moagos, and are purchased with experience in the same way as regular talents are purchased. Ally of the Departmento Munitorum Tier: 2 Prerequisite: Career: Hierophant, Magos or Sage Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social The character may re-roll failed influences tests when attempting to requisition equipment or troops from the Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, or a PDF. Call of Iron Tier: 2 Prerequisite: Mechanicus Implants Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Agility The character may lift or move any unsecured metal objects weighing up to 3 kilograms per point of Willpower Bonus within a 40m range. He may move the objects slowly anywhere within 30m but cannot make attacks with objects he manipulates. Once he ceases controlling the object, it falls to the ground. Alternatively, the character may instantly call the metal objects to him. The character must make a Willpower Test and spend a Half Action to activate this Talent, and it may be ended as a Free Action. Machine Spirit Empathy Tier: 1 Prerequisite: Binary Chatter Aptitudes: Intelligence, Tech When making an Skill Test using the Binary Chatter, Electro Graft Use, Gun Blessing or Technical Knock Talent the Magos gets an additional +10 Skill Bonus Watched From On High Tier: 2 Prerequisite: Fellowship, Social Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Tech Whenever Influence is awarded for completing an adventure successfully, the Magos gains a bonus of+1 Influence. Conditioned Intellect Tier: 2 Prerequisite: INT 40 Aptitudes: Intelligence, General When making an Intelligence Test using the Foresight or Total Recall Talent the character gets an additional +10 Skill Bonus Mental Aegis Tier: 3 Prerequisite: WP 50 Aptitudes: Willpower, Defence The character has a +10 bonus to all tests he makes to resist the effects of all psychic or warp based effects (including daemonic abilities and sorcery) and may re-roll failed Willpower Tests to resist any psychic powers that affect his mind. In addition, when the character is the target of a psychic attack of any kind (including direct physical attacks using telekinesis) he may force the attacking psyker to make a Willpower Test. On a failure, the attacking psyker suffers 1d10 points of damage plus 1 damage per point of the character’s Willpower Bonus. This damage is considered Impact Damage, directed at the head (more specifically, the face). The attacking psyker can reduce this damage by an amount equal to his Willpower Bonus but this damage bypasses armour and Toughness Bonus. Voice of the Omnissiah Tier: 2 Prerequisite: Mechanicus Implants Aptitudes: Willpower, Tech If you succeed your Skill Test when using the Disturbing Voice, Feedback Screech, Mimic, Rite of Awe or Rite of Fear Talent you gain an additional DoS.
  2. Did they copied the Ace Role from StarWars RPG?
  3. I think you're a little late to the party! Didn't found anything. Was "lurking" the whole week. So, had to post it... fast.
  4. There it is: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/8/7/enemies-without/
  5. [with bored voice:] Computer sais: Coffee !
  6. In one of my Supplement Books I could only find out that there are nearly 100,000 denizens and additional 5000 migrant worker. Maybe we have to measure it with a ruler?
  7. By the way. Very nice document you've done here!
  8. My whole schtick with making [Mind Cleansed] an [Elite Advance] was that Mind Cleansed would not translate very well as a [Home World]. As you have demonstrated, trying to include all of Mind Cleansed's juicy narrative fluff makes for a clunky bonus. Even then, the bonus refers to things that would have to be explained on a separate page anyway. Using an Elite Advance instead solves that issue since they naturally tend to span over several pages. Thats a point. But (only my opinion) instead paying xp for it I would my player "roleplay it".
  9. I made Mind Cleansed as a Homeworld Origin: Mind Cleansed Rules Characteristics Modifiers: - Fellowship, + Willpower Fate Threshold: 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 9+) Home World Bonus: Mind Cleansed: gain Jaded and Weapon Training (Las) Talent. Failsafe Control: Implanted Trigger Word known at the GM's discretion. Imperial Conditioning: +10 to WP tests to resist Fear or Mind Control. Shards of Memory: Flashbacks to pre-Mind Cleansing at GM's discretion. Can loose action at Trigger Situations Home World Aptitude: Willpower Wounds: 8+1d5 Recommended Backgrounds: Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Arbites, Imperial Guard
  10. This is my current Lost Talents List: http://www.filedropper.com/darkheresy2nd-losttalentsdescription Use it if you want. There are a lot of other Talents from DH1 Supplements my Players can only purchase when they take certain Elite Advances from the "Elite Advances Scriptum"
  11. I'm converting a list from all DH Supplements I got. (Origins, Backgrounds, Elite Advances) *** Battle Sisters Included *** It's nearly nearly finished. I will post it when it's complete.
  12. Gunmetall City Characteristics Modifiers: + Agility, + Perception, - Willpower Fate Threshold: 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 9+) Home World Bonus: Packing Iron: If you are, for any reason without a usable gun, either because you have been disarmed, caught unawares, or run out of ammunition, you take a –5 penalty on all Tests. Way of the Gun: Ballistic Skill +5; begin play with the Weapon Skill (SP) talent; +5 bonus on Tech Use Tests involving projectile firearms. Hiver Skill: Lingusitics (Metallican Hive Dialect) Home World Aptitude: Ballistic Skill Wounds: 8+1d5 Recommended Backgrounds: Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard, Outcast
  13. Lathe World Rules A character from a lathe world applies the following benefits during character creation: Characteristic modifiers + Intelligence, + Perception OR + Ballistic Skill, – Fellowship Fate Threshold 2 (Emperor’s Blessing 4+) Home World bonus The True Flesh: Lathe world characters posess the Mechanicus Implant Traits. In addition their potentia coil is specifically enhanced to meet the high energy needs of integrated weapons. Isolated by machines: -10 penalty to any Interaction Test to interact with characters who are not also from a Lathe World, Forge World or are initiates of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Lore of the Omnissiah: Lathe world characters start with Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Linguistic (Techna Lingua) and can swap one skill from the Backround option with Logic OR Tech-Use. Home World Aptitude Intelligence Wounds A feral world character starts with 8+1d5 wounds. Recommended Backgrounds Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Guard
  14. My DH2 book arrived this weekend. It's like a piece of art. Now, that I have vacation next week I got the time to add the missing Elite Advanced I will make for our DH Group, like Sororitas and Gunslinger etc.
  15. I like the cover! It rocks! Thinking about making a shirt with the logo on it.
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