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  1. FFG is very nice and does replace a lot of things for free (i damaged a lot of cardboard stuff from TI3, got them replaced!). so, just ask the customer support, they are very friendly.
  2. but please be aware of the new Trade III card, rulebook shards of the throne, page 20: The Secondary ability of this card allows players to spend 1 Command Counter to break a trade agreement between two players. If the player breaks a trade agreement, the player gains 1 Trade Good. The Emirates of Hacan are immune to this ability.
  3. a titan could roll 4 black dice: RTL-rulebook, p.31: Monsters caught in a web remove tokens the same way, except that they roll one black power die for each web token, plus one extra black power die for each space they occupy beyond the first. an does an avatar count as monster? i would say no...
  4. Wanderer999 said: Is it legal for an overlord to deliberately move his monsters over glyphs so that heroes cannot access it unless they kill the blocking monster? I know this is true of potions, but not sure about glyphs. Seem to recall somewhere that chests can also be guarded in this manner. If it is legal, then what if all the players were in Town and all existing glyphs have been blocked? This means no one may enter anymore, and the OL wins by default due to his deck still constantly being drawn while the players are stuck in town. I was thinking that this is legal, except that it is going to take a loadful of monsters to completely block each glyph due to heroes being able to travel back to any square adjacent to the glyphs (total of 9 each) i guess, wanderer999 doesn't want to move monsters on the glyph to block it, he wants to "surround" the glyph.... XXX XGX XXX X= squares with monsters G= glypgh sounds legal to me....
  5. yes, and this is the real bad thing. and if you have the plot with the lighthouse where the heroes and the OL have to collect the keys on the map, it's really a pain in the a**...
  6. seems so....currently we stopped our SoB campaign and wait for a new FAQ or try to house-rule the encounters...
  7. wblackthorn said: one thing you must go and buy is the shark tatoo it is so usefull,also we found the shop item hammer that does knockback usefull,our main melee has both and used these to knock siren onto our boat where we killed her in a single turn,next turn we would of moved off teh map so we was very lucky. the shark tattoo will really help a lot. but if you don't draw it at the beginning, it's hard to get...
  8. Honn said: Yes, the LT encounters are broken. Not as broken as they might seem at first, but certainly not tested properly. In copper the heroes should never engage a LT, its just suicide. In silver the heroes should be able to force a LT to flee if they have upgraded their ship properly and gotten some items with LT encounters in mind (web is nice against the Siren). What seems like impossible range in copper turns out to be not that far in silver. The main problem however is not that the LT always win (they wont), it is that they can always flee. Unless you have Thorn to web them on turn 1 they can just run away and move a single step on the map, returning to restart the siege on the next turn. If the overlord tries to win through sieges, it will be hard to stop him (probably not impossible, but not a balanced game at all). how would you ever engage darkwind and fight him? he can sit at the edge of the map and send his flock of razorwings...and maybe sometime finish a hero when the hero is low on hitpoints...i don't understand how to fight any LT effectively. and i guess we have to fight them in copper before the LT's get the keys to activate the lighthouse... Unknown said: As for the maps themselves we are playing with a house rule called Fight the Current which fixes them pretty well. Simple version: When a hero uses the captains wheel to move the ship sideways he may save any unused movement (after limitation for sails has been counted) in order to fight the current. If he is still at the wheel when the current moves the ship he may cancel the current with his saved movement, on a one to one basis. He can only counter current going sideways and any unused saved movement is lost at the end of the turn. It allows the heroes to navigate some of the crazier maps, as long as they have someone strong at the wheel. sounds like a nice way to handle the currents. i'll think about that.
  9. hi, we're currently running a SoB campaign, still in copper but we think, we will loose soon. here is our setup: the heroes are: Runewitch Astarra Lord Hawthorne Mordrog Shilhuette overlord: master of the hunt lieutnants: the siren, darkwind plot: the one with the lighthouse and the runekeys. currently we had a fight against the siren....the OL was nice enough not to run away, he sacrificied the siren...but normally he would have been running around on the sea map with the siren and the heroes will not even have a chance hitting her. same with the second lt., darkwind? how will you ever have the chance to kill him? speed 7, ability to run...he will send is minions and stay out of range of the heroes...and slowly the heroes will consume all of their potions and have no chance to attack darkwind.... even the location cards are annoying....we had yesterday the "wild vortex", stones directly beneath your ship, if you roll a 1 or a 2 on the red die, the revenge is sunk after the first round....a chance of 33% for immediately loosing the encounter?? wtf?? we read the rules, the FAQ, everything, but i think we made no mistakes the way we played it...but this is really lame that a single die roll determines the outcame of an encounter.... any other experiences? does any group of heroes ever managed to win a campaign in SoB? BigYogi
  10. shnar said: BigYogi said: Q: Regarding the Falcon's Claw Copper Item, if a hero interrupts a monster's activation and hits the monster with a Web token, is the monster then unable to continue spending movement points? A: No. This is tricky use of English. A negative response to a negative question can be ambiguous. Why couldn't the author have said, "No, the monster is unable to spend movement points." Or "No, the monster can complete its move and is then webbed." Either case is a valid interpretation of the answer, and it wouldn't be hard to CLARIFY just a little bit more this response... -shnar thanks, you're right. negative answer to a negative question....i should read more carefully... and you're also right, the FAQ could be written a little more clearly
  11. mhmm....i've found two things in the new FAQ that seem to contradict each other: FAQ page 9: and here: FAQ page 10: what do you think?
  12. hehe....in my group we alwyas laughed about the 6squares dragon who's hiding behind a tree
  13. Antistone said: The "Large Monsters and Terrain" ruling that we all love to complain about appears unchanged, except for one new sentence at the end that contradicts both the original rules and the modified rules immediately preceding it. ok...and now? how do terrain and large monsters interact now?
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