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  1. In my opinion we are not talking vacuum. We are talking about a case where Juke is always possible (since omegas have comm relay), while opportunist is dependant on many other factors (have you done segnor / koigoran ; does enemy have focus/evade <- Juke strips focus, better here). Math, in case it matters: 1) In case opponent has agi 1, he has 3/8 to throw evade, opportunist with no token hads 4/8 chance to hit. So at agi 1 opportunist wins by 1/8 average dmg. 2) Agi 2 opponent has 1-(5/8)^2 to throw evade = 0.61, while opportinist with token does 6/8 = 0.75 extra dmg. 0.14 advantage to opportunist. 3) Agi 3 1-(5/8)^3 = 0.76 vs both tokens (actually this is closer to one token) while extra die has 0.94 chance to hit.
  2. You seem to mean why its better to give Opportunist to Omegas than to Blacks. But why give opportunist to anyone? If the assumption is that enemy doesn't have tokens, isn't Juke as good? Opportunist vs Juke comm relay ship: 1) If enemy has focus, Juke is better. It can strip one, Opportunist can't be used. 2) If enemy has evade, Juke is hugely better. 3) If enemy doesn't have tokens and you have stress, Juke is better. 4) If enemy hasn't got tokens & you are free of stress & don't have any tokens except evade: Opportunist is going to give 4/8 extra damage, Juke about 3/8*(opponents agility) max 1. So after a bit thinking I think that Opportunist is better, if you can use it &: 1) Opponent has agility 0-1 2) Opponent has agility 2 and you have focus / TL 3) Opponent has agility 3 and you have focus + TL Actually all 3 cases are still quite close (1st one, if opponents agility is 1). And you pay 2pt more & get stress with every use.
  3. Aces start (or boost) from both sides of shuttle. So that the approach has shuttle in the center. Otherwise it can be too easy for opponent to block both / one of the aces. Crash the shuttle in the swarm. Count it as acceptable losses. Aces try to use the time granted by getting rid of hard hitting / crucial targets. Try to use palp for damage at the start, unless enemy catches one of your aces in several arcs. If he catches aces for one arc or so, don't worry. Destroyed ships are worth more than stealth gone.
  4. PILOTS Jan Ors (33) HWK-290 (25), Twin Laser Turret (6), Nien Numb (1), Wired (1) (<- Or Crack Shot, remember though that CS works only at arc) Green Squadron Pilot (23) A-wing (19), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Crack Shot (1), Push The Limit (3), Autothrusters (2) Corran Horn (44) E-Wing (35), R2-D2 (4), Fire-Control System (2), Push the Limit (3) Nien Numb makes it easier for Jan to keep on A-wing. A-wing is the blocker and Corran shoots from the back. My general advice for squad building is that, if you play for elite pilot slot, its better to use it (or have a very good reason not to; eg points just don't match). Also I like to point out that I'm not personally fond of Corran without Engine Upgrade. Too easy to be left inside too many arcs.
  5. Your (Sixgun387s) list looks quite hard. Omega Ace has terrible action economy & PTL stops you from using segnors effectively. PS 9 with 100pt will not be flying last against over 50% of tourney lists. ParaGoomba Slayer's list is good & tested list. However it is quite far off from your original list. So to get a bit closer to your original list, I suggest you add 2nd interceptor until you get Omega Leader: Fel: PTL, RGT, AT, SD Jax: VI, AT 2xOmega Squadron: Crack Shot So start out with quite traditional 3 aces list & switch out one for 2 Omega Squadrons. Now 100pt won't matter so much as Jax is going last against Whisper & Soontir anyway and is quite annoying to Poe & Corran also. I would fly this more like aces list (opposite to swarm). Preferably aces starting from sides (not far off from Omegas though) & Omega Squadrons from center.
  6. I see you are quite far off: 1) FAQ changes very often, about once per month 2) Playtesters also (in addition to balancing) report strange combos / FAQ mistakes / suggestions to FAQ 3) You clearly haven't looked deeply rules for Ion Projector / Captain Oicunn. See Budgernaut's answer on the first page.
  7. There is a lot of discussion in this forum about alternate solutions to things, example thread "Should TLT had required to spend focus?" So any particular reason why you are flipping in this thread? Also I don't believe that you want the game not to change anymore. I believe you are waiting next wave as the rest of us. And what specifically is wrong with my examples?
  8. Thinking about Bossk & R2D2 made me realize how bad the current timing ruling is. FAQ does clarify certain unlclear aspects. It doesn't generally make rulings that contradict another rules (just clarifies). Except in this case. There is nothing unclear how things should happen with R2D2, if there was no specific FAQ writing. Now the specific FAQ writing overrides the general rule (which should not ne FAQs role, just clarifying). That is confusing rules writing and should be avoided.
  9. dantop83: Initiative is determined at the start of the game (lower points squad owner decides or in case of tie, winner off a roll decidec). It doesn't go back & forth during activations / shots. Same person has the initiative through the whole game.
  10. OK, again sorry for R2D2. However as with Bossk, its FAQd separately even though it could have been done with a reasonable timing FAQ. Regarding of changing ther core rules: I don't have a gripe with core rules. The core rules don't consider much timing outside of modifying dice step. The problem is there starts to more and more abilities outside dice modifying. About Captain Oicunn vs APL palpshuttle: Why would Oicunn kill palpshuttle, if owner of palpshuttle had init? Both abilities trigger after the movement & there is no specific FAQ in either of them about it (now I checked ). Same for ion projector.
  11. FFG has been very reasonable in listening playtesters. I could have started my rampage by posting directly to FFG, but since I know that is better to discuss it further & do it through established playtester, if necessary, I'll try it that way. I won't push it further, if it seems there is no need. I just predict there will be major FAQ change to timing in the future (current wild west situation is unstable).
  12. I thought about it, but there has been these larger discussions about rules in general (TL checking etc). While my post discusses rules, it isn't about unclear rules or their intentions. Its the state of the game. While I can see this is kind of whining (though I'm not doing it because some of lists don't work, I'm doing it to help playtesters note hazardous points), I can see this has not been vain as I noted Theory during a league game of the rules & now Serrate also says he had black hole regarding this rule. It tells me people haven't really thought about it. Notably every new card currently has to FAQd against every existing card (unless a good universal rule is done... and currently FAQ tells even FFG doesn't like current rule in many cases) . So the problem is just raising, we see the tip of the iceberg now.
  13. I'm just saying that initiative is lame solution fin a long run and it wouldn't have to be the answer. I wish playtesters would keep keen eye on future mods and see, if the timing rule should be changed. In Serrate's example again the one who has init, does his/her thing first.
  14. I have suggested an answer at the end of my original post. Bossk FAQ kind of tells me they want attacking (active) abilities first, since it tells Bossk/DTF worked in init order after realease, but before FAQ change. I can live with this ruling, but woudn't it be good to make the ruling more general than FAQing several cards invidually (also there is a wait between card & FAQ)? For the road: Caiptain Oicunn (1hp) collides palpmobile (1hp) with APL. Initiative wins, not shooting phase, so Simultaneous Attack Rule won't trigger.
  15. OK, Bossk was a bad example, since its FAQd in Bossk entry, sorry. However Ion Projector is surely real for now. Also Bossk FAQ entry kind of enforces me thinking there should be general FAQ answer to timing that works (my answer would work there). There is no grave problems now, but as more and more abilities are invented outside dice mod steps, it would be best to react sooner than later.
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