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  1. I think it is simply a case of play the game rather than buy more stuff. Have you got new players involved? Have you tried some of the gazillion variants in boardgamegeek? I cannot believe that you have played out the most epic game ever created! Try some new races or board set-ups. Look at what others have done to expand their experience of TI3. There is no need release more expansions. What extra units would you need? Add some miniatures if you must, but this game is the most amazing, all-encompassing experience in board-gaming possible. TI3 plus SE has it all. What else can one say?
  2. How the heck could anyone get eliminated early??? If someone played THAT BADLY, wouldn't you have half a brain and let the take back their mistakes? That is SO noobie to have that happen, and I'm talking about the other guys as well!!! Have some fun for goodness sake, and don't forget you want to enjoy TI3, not simply win it in the face of poor negligent play!!!
  3. I also have both games. To answer your question, I would ask you to assess the people you will be playing with. If a pure battle game is what you are after, Starcraft is well and above the choice. The game is like the RTS game; love is in the explosions and rivers of blood. It is brutal and very confrontational. The one thing I will warn you about is the fact the game does require the commitment like some of the old grognard games I possess from the 70's and 80's. You have to be committed to playing the game quite a few times before you get the rules imbedded in your brain, let alone begin to grasp the flow of a game. Once you do you find a dynamic explosive nail-biting richly thematic game. Twilight Imperium 3 is a lot easier to get into IMO. It is the ultimate macro-gaming experience. The battles are a lot more abstract compared to Starcraft with simple rolling of d10 die plus or minus action cards or technological advances. It is not a wargame! The game revolves around achieving objectives to win points and ultimately the game, so don't get hung up on warfare alone. This game has it all. I love it to death the more I play it. There is a very deep decision tree in every game where every plus involves a minus, but it comes down to your handling of your co-gamers, whether through war, subterfuge or peace. Action cards inject random rule-breaking powers. The hassle is that a lot of the time they aren't critical for you and using them against someone usually makes them an enemy (unless they attacked you first). I have seen this game won by a player who had 2 key systems under siege and 2 other players beating him down. He won the game by winning his objective points without need of military power. He won via industry and trade growth! It was something to witness. So think about these issues. I appreciate both games with their expansions and own them all. I'll leave it up to you to decide. I know what my first choice would be. I choose TI3 because of the 4X (explore, expand, whatever) nature of the game and the people I play with enjoy it more than Starcraft. Starcraft demands more from its gamers but is richer as a strong military game.
  4. If you are seeking the most comprehensive space epic experience available in board gaming, this is the game. All other games of this genre use this as the base line to assess any other game. If you have the crew and time to play it, this game is the ultimate must-have. Most other games of this type cut away stuff and see their game as "Twilight Imperium Lite". If you've got this plus Shattered Empires, you don't need any other game. There is years and years of gaming is this one game. If you want more spice, there is a plethora of new rules and races to download in BoardGameGeek. This game is huge!!!
  5. An agressive Mina used resolve to jump on my Dracula at night. I used 'fangs' and won the combat which gave Mina her second bite and me 2 points for taking out a hunter. She was tooled up but it didn't help when I rolled a 6 to her 4 in combat. I hope this ruling was correct as the next turn my vampire matured and the game was over! Mina appears to me to be more of a seeker and equipment/event card source than a fighter at night. That one bite is devastating for the cause of he hunters if she is fanged or mesmerised.
  6. Make sure you get a city straight away. Usually, assault a 100 size city with your -100 casualties leader so you can't get hurt. If i can, I'll besiege Lenz ASAP to get a good second base. The major thing to do is exploit and promote any opponents beef with another and try to hit someone hard when you do so they can't hit you back. Use the trade routes to look like a good guy by cooperating with your neighbours and even bless them if you can. Don't pick at your opponents like a stupid crow. All it does is make them target you in subsequent actions. If you are going to do something negative make it devastating. Even try to bless the enemy of your enemy. That one's a real beauty! Disguise all ill intent at all times. A smart mouth from one of the other players has handed me the game several times. I was never a target, always a nice guy, and won all bar a couple of my games. "Caress or annihilate". Listen to Niccolo's advice!
  7. My one win was with the Barony. The big thing was to pump out fleets and send them out every turn. The major tech focus was on the yellow and XRD. After I had these I used resources to pump out more fleets. I managed to crush the 'Norr by creating a dock on a 3 resource planet right on the frontier. At the time it was a gutsy move because he had a massive fleet with a Warsun. 2 consecutive waves of ships burnt his and my fleets to nothing. On the 3rd wave I simply plopped my GFs down on his scorched planets with a minimal escort. This gave me the VPs needed to win. The Barony really feel the best for me. I like the rapid tempo of expansion you get despite your fleets being a little substandard in quality. Just don't get bogged down in a tech race. It's not a strong point of this race.
  8. All these replies are really good! Pros of the WarSun: High firepower, carrier ability all for one CC in fleet supply. Also some strong red techs on the way. Only one build slot at your spacedock. Again, all for one CC in fleet supply and allowable builds at the spacedock!!! Cons: Cost. 12 resources is monstrous for 2 hitpoints of damage! To beef it up as a self-contained fleet you need another 3 RPs to give it 6 fighters (which takes time at the nearest possible spacedock). To make it a truely unstoppable force you need a couple of carriers tagging along with additional fighters and the necessary GFs. This takes at least 2 rounds to build and another round or two to ge to the actual objective site. I guess it comes down to the fact it ain't an immediate game winner. The biggest problem with WarSuns is the loss of strategic initiative while you muster the unstoppable force. It really does take an inordinate amount of time to do. I've never lost a planet in my F2F games ever, but I've only ever won a game. The last game I played was beautifully won by a very beleaguered player. Militarily he was a shambles, but he clinched the game through a combination of technological, industrial and economic objectives. To put it mildly, I am still in awe of the win. I was the Jol Nar, possessing a fleet and position that was unassailable, enemies running away in sheer panic at what I had mustered, but this guy won the game like an experienced pro. Be careful of chasing the WarSun. You will be the galactic juggernaught but victory may go to the swift rather than the strong. Objectives win points, not isolated battles. BTW, if you're the Barony of Letnev (pretty much my favourite to date), don't even bother with WarSuns. Your fleet supply and production at your HS will push operational tempo like a bull at the gate. Go go go!!!
  9. Looking at some of the hell scary players I see posting here perhaps I might have to agree. I've met some of these guys when I was playing TI3 Wiki and guys like Mike, Fastfingers and Sigmazero are guys I look up to as amazing TI3 players. Maybe FFG might need to think about this post!
  10. CTuxford

    Lost Cards!

    I've had the same thing with a couple of games, and Thaad posted the cards for free to Australia!!! 17000km away!!! As you might tell I'm pretty freakin' impressed with the FFG customer support!
  11. Doesn't seem cruddy to the Dracula player that it becomes pretty obvious after a few turns where you are to the hunters simply because, if they sort out their search patterns, you are in the opposite area due to no encounters cropping up? I find the further they are away from me the worse I feel, especially when I slip out of Western Europe and saunter around the confines of Romania and Northen Greece? When you see the impatience in hanging around the West, the East gets a real rogering by the hunters! That's a cramped place to be hunted down and hitting the high seas sucks, especially with some of those event cards!!!
  12. The problem is you cannot play an encounter token on the Castillo Dracula. The rules are clear about this, so it would make a hide pretty obvious where Dracula is. Sorry guys!
  13. See my post about the combination of a revealed and unknown unrevealed Cylon. This game is priceless!!!
  14. I think the biggest hassle is the economic viability of releasing another expansion for TI3. Many events are contained in action cards, like forcing the rebellion of a non-home system etc. How much extra chrome can we have? I'd personally adore to have the Dune variant (which I have electronically from BGG) but how much better would it really make things? TI3 plus SE is a hell of a lot of gaming; believe me!!! Try an 8 player game. It's insane!
  15. So that's why I made sure the humans backed me up in everything, such as getting me out of the brig in one turn.
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