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  1. Twn2dn said: Just checking that I have this right…if my opponent reveals RBD and I reveal Search and Detain, the card I choose to go back to hand becomes "moribund ->return to hand" but doesn't actually go back to my hand until after the discard effect of RBD, right? In other words, if I have 7 cards and my opponent has 6, I could not return a card to their hand to even out hand sizes so that nobody discards, right? Similar logic would, I assume, apply to Threat from the East. If my opponent plays The Laughing Storm then reveals threat, but I somehow win dom (+init effect in play), can my Search and Detain return his TLS to hand before it gives him the opportunity to discard my hand without affecting his? I assume not, but just checking. Thanks! - - - A second question…I know I've asked this before, but I can't remember. (Wish it were easier to search for the answers on rules questions.): If I have a unique maester character in play, can I reveal At the Gates to search for a copy and attach it as a duplicate? Thanks! I think you all have overlooked a VERY important part of the above questions, which is how Search and Detain really works! It says that you choose a card controlled by the first player, meaning that even though YOU win INT, if you want one of your opponent's cards to return to their hand, you must choose THEM to go first… and therefore your opponent will decide the order of the plots! If they are not entirely brain dead, they will not let search and detain's when revealed effect happen before their own plot as the quoted post suggests.
  2. Count me in for this! My email is SerCha0s@gmail.com and I will be playing for Team USA
  3. Lol Fieras, you have definitely improved on your deck building since then...I love how you had 9 limited locations in a "rush" deck (you'd have to play 8-9 rounds to get all them out on the table and by then I'm sure the rush probably didn't work)
  4. I thought the same thing at first, then I re-read the shadows rules. They say, "After an event card comes out of Shadows, it is treated in the same manner as a non-Shadows event card played from a player’s hand" which is why I'm assuming this card can be cancelled (by GJ or He Call's it Thinking) but I think Paper Shield does not work because if you are "playing it from your hand" you are essentially paying 0g to do that.
  5. Can Fist Full of Coppers be canceled by Paper Shield? I'm thinking No because the shadows event has a cost of 0g to bring it out of shadows which is still a gold cost right? (even though its 0?) Can someone shed some light on the subject? Also if it can be canceled it would go to the discard pile right? Not back into shadows?
  6. What about this scenario: You have a hatchling (lets say the green one) already in play, during challenges you use Ambush from the Plains to put Rhaegal into play and consequently your hatchling attaches to him. At the end of the phase, can you discard the hatchling to save Rhaegal from going back to your hand? Or since it's an end of phase effect, is there no response window for you to do this?
  7. I'll pick you up one Rings. Oh and in my defense against the claim that I forgot to bring you cards last year at Kubla, two words: Jet Ski KUBLA!!!!!
  8. Haha Rings, I was thinking "I need anti-Viper meta in my decks for Kubla" ...cue the Den!
  9. I'll come out to Vegas for Thrones...well for a tournament anyways, not for regular play nights. In fact, I have always wondered why there hasn't been a tournament held there yet! Until you get a regular play group going there is always OCTGN. Look me up on the FB OCTGN page or on G-chat (sercha0s) and we can get some games in that way.
  10. I figured as much since it doesn't say "Continue the current phase" ...just wishful thinking on my part
  11. The North Characters lose all immunities. Any Phase: If it is not the marshalling phase,kneel 3 influence and discard Den of the Wolf from play (cannot be saved) to repeat the current phase at the end of the phase. (Limit once per game.) If you repeat the "Current Phase" and you choose the Challenge phase, is it essentially starting a brand new challenge phase (so all the effects that would have worn off at the end of the first challenge phase expire?) or are you just extending the current phase for 2x its normal duration (and effects that remove icons or reduce STR until the end of the phase endure?)
  12. What if TLS was to get Vigilant back (lose deadly) and then his text box read, "While TLS is knelt, cards cannot be discarded from your hand"? This would take careful planning to pull off the card drawing/keeping combo which would greatly reduce the broken-ness...but without an intrigue icon, I suppose he would be fairly useless.
  13. We are going to have a great turn out this year. I'm looking forward to it and to taking Rings down...apparently he doesn't think I earned my last years Kubla Championship lol But this year we will have to do a 3 Champs (Bruno, Rings and Dobbler) and 2 runner-ups (Deathjester and Cha0s) pod cast while Dobbler is here! I will email Kevin this week to see if I can get him to come out. KUBLA!!!!
  14. As usual, it was great to see everyone at Kingdomcon. Even though its such a small con, I had a TON of fun! I played a crappy Lannister deck for Melee (deck list to follow) that I thought would be fun to play but never really did what it was supposed to. Anyways, it ended up in 2nd place!?! Weird, never would have predicted that! For joust I played Lannister again but this deck was much better built taking advantage of all the kneel Lanni has to offer. It went 2-1 which was a bit disappointing since I am almost positive it could have gone 9-1 if I played more games...so I missed the cut to top 4 by SoS Finishing 2nd overall was also disappointing since I was beat out for Overall by 1 stinking point. I suppose Kublacon will be the real test to see if I can break this curse of the 2nd places... The highlight for me was getting to match up with Bruno! (even after being away from the game for so long he worked me over good) It's great to have him back though!!!
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