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  1. Everything was clarified to me this morning. In short, without an easily identified set of "play from the discard pile" cards, I was overthinking the "trigger" vs "play" text. As I've been lead to believe: "Triggering" a card from the discard pile is not the same as "Playing" a card from the discard pile. As such, triggering does not momentarily remove the event from the discard pile and so is not affected by Snow Graves. Not to be confused with text of the cost or result of the effect being impacted by Snow Graves. So to cover my own bases: Dark Passenger: Dark Passenger in in the discard pile when the triggering effect for the Response occurs, which means it then cannot be used if Snow Graves is on the discard pile. Things in the Ground: "Instead" is a replacement effect. The cards never actually make it to the discard pile so Snow Graves doesn't interact. Interstellar Migrations: Since putting IM on the bottom of your deck is part of the cost, and you can't pay the cost with Snow Graves on the discard, the Action cannot be successfully triggered. Studying the Void: This is a 'trigger' not a 'play' and so is completely usable with a Snow Graves in play. Speak to the Dead: You complete the first part (mill 4) but you are unable to complete the rest. Mists of Lethe: You can pay the cost, but the effect (separated by the word "to") cannot be resolved. Checking to see if this is a legal play, since you could use the action but the effect would be cancelled. I don't know if there is a "you can only pay the cost for an effect if the effect can be resolved" in Cthulhu. Looking into it.
  2. I'm still really confused about how Snow Graves interacts with events in the discard pile, especially all the Yithian effects. For example, if I have a Snow Graves on my discard pile: Dark Passenger: If you discard this from the domain after draining the domain, since it is in the discard pile when you want to respond, it can't leave the pile, correct? Things in the Ground: Since the text is an "Instead" we assumed that the discard cards never make the discard pile and so are put in play? Interstellar Migration: So since the cost is to put the card on the bottom of the deck (which can't happen) then the action cannot be used? Studying the Void: Can you 'trigger' this, but not 'play' this? Speak to the Dead: Can you even play this? Or does it mill 4 cards and stop there? Mists of Lethe: Can you pay the cost (Return the card in play to your hand) even tho you can't "to put Mists on the bottom of your deck"? This goes back to the "trigger" thing above. Basically, can you pay a cost even tho you can't resolve the effect? Thanks in advance for any clarifications.
  3. Do you still have everything? I'm verrrrrry interested, and am trying to get some cash freed up to make an offer if 'yes'.
  4. Unrelated but another keyword question: If I have 2 attackers, but only 1 with intimidate, could he actually nullify the STR on my other attacker?
  5. This is a really stupid question: But as an attacker, even if you don't win the challenge, the defender has to kill a participating character if you have more "Deadly" characters? I never really read the rules doc, and just assumed you'd have to win . . .
  6. So there have been reported wins with Bart-Voyage and Martell-Voyage? Where are these decklists? I must know how they pulled off these big-deck shenanigans!
  7. Is there a software package availble for organizing and running LCG events? Seems like there should be but I can't find anything. With 6 different LCGs and several miniatures-based games in the pipeline, all with different pairing rules and tiebreakers, as well as a significant growth in the organized play world, it seems like if there isn't there probably should be. And soon.
  8. So far so good. Excellent info (thank you everybody). I'm bummed that I missed the Steadfast MU on Educated Officer. Rookie mistake. And following some additional card research and reading the posts, I'm seeing that Skill control is not the right way to go from Syndicate in this deck. I don't think I can go 3 affiliations here, and since I only need the Kopesh on James Logan to combo, I'm going to have to hard-cast (MtG, sorry) Shriven and Resolute on Agency Bodyguard. I may still splash a couple Cthulhu cards to single resource for Called by Azathoth, since it's really good here too. So here I am with 30 cards in: 3x Canine Guardian (Agency 1/1 C) 3x Agency Bodyguard (Agency 2/2 C) 3x Experienced Muscle (Syndicate 2/2 C) Solid and supports Logan, so it seems like a good play. 3x Peter Clover (Syndicate 3/3 CCI) Since it's so difficult to remove Ancient Ones, I figure maybe I can just avoid them? 3x Richard Upton Pickman (Syndicate 4/3 CCI) This guy is my Ancient One killer I hope. 3x James Logan (Agency 5/5 CCCA) 3x Shriven and Resolute 3x Khopesh 3x Flanking Maneuver 3x A Call For Help (to quickly get Logan or Bodyguard)
  9. I respectfully disagree: While there are rules clarifications necessary in order to build the deck, the resulting decklist shouldn't be in the rules forum any more than the rules clarification should be in the deckbuilding forum. That being said, the list is forthcoming. So far, I know this: 3x Canine Guardian 3x Agency Bodyguard 3x Educated Officer 3x James Logan 3x Shriven and Resolute 3x Khopesh I need a way to control Invulnerable characters, so I think Handcuffs go into the list. I can also use Flanking Maneuver I think. I could use Recovered Icebreaker and instead of main-deck Syndicate, splash the S&R and maindeck Cthulhu instead. I could possibly use Evidence Locker to play Khopesh or S&R from the discard pile too. So now I need to lean toward either Syndicate or Cthulhu. I feel like I can get more control of the Invulnerable characters with Syndicate because of the Skill control, but I'm new to CoC deckbuilding so we'll see. Any thoughts? On the deckbuilding, not the "is this a rules or deckbuilding" topic.
  10. So here's the play: Agency Bodyguard w/ a Shriven and Resolute attached. Play James Logan, find the Khopesh in the deck. Infinite bullets? I think this works, but here are the questions: 1) I can find Khopesh with James Logan and attach it to him, right? 2) The timing I assume on this combo is: -Trigger Khopesh attached to James Logan -Disrupt the wound on James with Bodyguard -After wound on opponent's character resolves, Respond with Shirven and Resolute on Bodyguyard, to ready bodyguard. -Rinse/repeat. I'm good,right?
  11. Blackmoor Estate reads Action: Exhaust and pay X to discard the top X cards of a player's deck. Since the ORD defines targetting as "The word target is used to indicate that an effect is directing a player to choose 1 or more cards for an effect to resolve on." I'm going to assume that they chose not to use target, and that you are selecting (not targetting) a player for the effect. However, I'm in agreement that it's written strangely. It should likely say "Choose an opponent", but since CoC is pretty much 'as intended' then my assumption is that it's written so that you can choose any opponent or yourself for the effect.
  12. So, as always, I apologize if this has been covered infinite times before, but . . . The question is: Khopesh of the Abyss: Action: Choose a character. That character and attached character each take a wound. Agency Bodyguard: Disrupt: Exhaust Agency Bodyguard to cancel 1 wound dealt to a unique character. So the question arose: If Khopesh is on James Logan (or any other unique character) am I able to wound the opposing character, and negate the wound on mine? Or is the effect from Khopesh some how negated if either of the wounds are negated? Thanks.
  13. First, I apologize. I play far too many games with far to many variations in rules. I'm sure this is covered somewhere, but I can't find it: Crowbar reads: Action: Exhaust attached charcter and return Crowbar to your hand to wound a character with skill 1 or lower. So the question is, if the character is already exhausted (say he's committed to a story) can I use Crowbar? Depending on the game, sometimes you can use a power like this because it doesn't say "if you do", on the other hand there are games that infer that 'if you didn't do ALL of the costs, you don't get the effect." Regardless of the answer, can you also point me in the direction of the ruleset that defines this rule? thanks
  14. We've got a couple players in the Menomonee Falls/Milwaukee area that would join at Games Universe or a significant event in Madison. The biggest challenge for my group is that we tend to show up at the local Milwaukee events, and the same 4 guys that would have shown up at my house, are at the store. Not a lot of desire to go if we could have stayed home for the same turnout. I'm hoping that Games Universe can get a rotating schedule of LCGs so that there's better turnout and more players. Between AGOT, COC, WHI, NET, and now SW there could be an event each week (same night) for each game, and then people could plan ahead and get there. (Fingers crossed)
  15. That is . . . disappointing. The Rivers are barely playable, but with the possibility of using Flood Waters to pile on the triggered effects along with KotHH gave me a small glimmer of hope. I guess I'll just put them back in the binder . . . . Thanks.
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