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  1. What is the future for Runewars the board game? One last expansion with Orcs and Dwarves like we had for Rune Age? Runewars 2nd Edition? I love TI4, own Android, Netrunner, X-wing, Descent, LOTR LCG, Runebound and other smaller FFG games, but I am really hoping to see Runewars come back triumphantly with a revised edition like we saw with TI4 and the full 6 factions. Its such a good game that we still play regularly. Thanks so much for everything you and many others at FFG have done for us gamers!
  2. I found Unbreakable Bonds at my FLGS, but no luck with "Caught in a Web". I'm not paying $90 for 1 hero and 1 quest.
  3. Yeah, I really hope they revive this one with a reprint... 2nd Edition.... something!!!! C&G Expansion is going for $125 USD on Amazon.. I could buy a lot of other games for that price.
  4. I would love to see another expansion with the Orcs and Dwarves like what was done with Rune Age. It was still only 4 players but there were more options and alternate scenarios for play. One can hope!!
  5. I bought the expansion pack, I would love to have a full set of components for House Arryn.
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