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  1. Morale takes frequent hits, but also has the most ways to boost it. A strong president will help a lot. It's also likely that you got unlucky and saw a disproportionate amount of crisis cards that targetted it. More experience will help with that. Some advice: XO (Executive Order) is your friend. If you have one, use it. There are times when you won't want to (such as when you're the pilot and need to Maximum Firepower) but for the most part, it's a good bet. There's always a risk that you'll give a cylon a stronger reveal than he would have had, but it's better to know who they are now instead of having them hang around and wait for the perfect moment while sabotaging their choice of votes. Don't be afraid to fail checks. If food is strong and you get a vote on food, losing the food is better than risking that the next crisis hits your already low morale and you can't pass it because you spent all of your votes on saving food you didn't need. Discuss this before the game though, as saying "we should fail this check on purpose" is a good way to turn a table of new players against you even if you're human. Keep an eye on the colors in a check. For example, if the destiny deck hasn't cycled and you see the third negative blue card show up, you know that someone with blue is a cylon. Don't waste anything on a non-critical situation. For example, an extra morale is nice, but if you're at 6 there's no reason to drop your die roll adder on it. Save it in case a critical nuke or crisis roll appears.
  2. Kushiel said: Holy Outlaw said: 1) When a cylon reveals, he/she keeps 3 cards, discards the rest, and draws a Super Crisis. On subsequent turns, the cylon draws two skill cards of any color instead of the full (previously color-restricted) complement of five they drew as a human. ...though I seem to recall that the Res Ship space itself places a restriction on how many cards players who start their turn there draw, in much the same way that Sickbay does. Like HO, it's been quite a while since I played with the base set, though, so I could be wrong. The base set's ressurection ship has no restrictions on it.
  3. "Never use Aim" is a myopic viewpoint that can only hinder someone's play, not help it. "Rarely use Aim" is ok.
  4. One thing I can say is that if you mix them, you should probably use the Ionian Nebula instead of New Caprica. NC's massive shift from the base game can be a pain for new players, even really smart ones. That and, IMO, the Nebula fits a lot better with the BSG theme than NC did.
  5. The edit button is at the top of the post, but the forum software takes it away after a certain amount of time (not sure how long).
  6. Not sure. I haven't read all of the cards (I like them to be a surprise). I do know that there are several ways besides just Baltar to look at loyalty cards, including Crisis cards and Quorum cards. And that some of them came before Exodus.
  7. I haven't mixed Exodus and Pegasus, just played with one or the other, so can't really answer most of your questions. But I can hopefully help with this: Advice on Upping the Paranoia? This may just be fallout from our 6-player Pegasus experience with a sympathetic Cylon Leader, which basically cost us an unrevealed Cylon and replaced him with a character that everyone ignored. I'm thinking the Conflicted Loyalties option is the most obvious thing to add; it seems simple, and is clearly designed to do just this. Any take on whether to include both Final Five and Personal Goal, or does one work better than the other?The Final Five cards have zero effect unless the players are looking at loyalty cards a lot. If your goal is to up the paranoia, leave them out. If you want tons of paranoia, leave out the blank "You are not a cylon" cards and only use the ones with Personal goals. you may want to start with increased resources if you're doing this though, as there will be some guaranteed losses should the humans survive to the end.
  8. Sure, you just blew up 8 items. But they were 8 items which weren't useful enough to keep equipped. Sure, you can get some nice stuff if the party is hoarding gear, but whatever it is at best it's a backup weapon and a cool disposable item. If the party lets you target that person, it's their loss.
  9. Alric is tough, but fatigue and/or power potions plus dual wielding a morning star in the off hand can chew him up pretty quickly.
  10. However, if you really like him being around, there's nothing stopping you from slipping his cards into the decks. If he appears, treat him just like any other raider for the Exodus rules.
  11. Skowza said: Most every game that we've played since I picked up Exodus has left me sitting in a position where I have to choose a pilot or support character, and I've picked Lee every time. I wasn't a big fan of him back in the day when the game first came out, but I really grew to like him during our Pegasus play. I'm actually getting tired of him, but he's so strong as CAG, is there really any point to choosing anyone else? Start on Galactica and activate 2 Vipers, place the 2nd one on the board and jump in with Lee's ability, activate a Viper with the CAG ability, and still get another action? No other pilot comes close! What about the "games are supposed to be fun" reason? If your fun level is dropping because you're constantly playing the same character, stop playing him.
  12. If Sharon reveals as a Cylon before the sleeper phase what happens to her extra loyalty card that is still in the deck? I know if she is executed pre-sleeper the extra card is still drawn, but does the loyalty deck end up with 2 extra cards instead of one for the rest of the game in this situation? AFAIK there's been no errata, so the deck ends up heavier. Do abilities that state "do in your action step" work when not on your own turn? I know this is explained for Movement in the rulebook but nothing for Action related skills. example Lee Adam uses Alert Viper Pilot, and during his action activates his viper to (Move/Escort/Attack), or Kat using her Hotshot in FTL with a executive order. If something specifies your action step, it has to be done on your turn. If it just says Action it can be done any time you have an action. I can't get to BGG to look at the characters, so can't speak to your specific examples. If a player with a personal goal is executed is anything related to the goal triggered? It seems like it just discarded with no consequence in the rules, but sometimes it feels like a loophole to take a morale loss if will save you the game otherwise. There are many loopholes like that with execution. For instance, if your only pilot reveals in the middle of a nasty fight, you can have Cali shoot someone so that they come back as a pilot. They're all legal, albeit not very thematic. Are revealed Cylons immune to other effects that make them discard cards other then from a crisis? such as with a revealed Final Five from a execution? No. Does a Human/and or Cylon player who is executed with a Trauma Token via a effect from a ally card (making them draw trauma) put one of their own Trauma on the next Ally card? or in the case of a human since they discard all of their trauma, and then draw three new ones put one of those new tokens on the next ally or is a token from the pile randomly added to the Ally? Do every step in order. So you first resolve the disaster token fully, then get a new ally, then move on to the placing of the trauma token. Since you now have tokens, one of them goes on the ally. How many cards does the Sympathetic Cylon draw while not Infiltrating, or on the Resurrection Ship? I keep thinkings its one, but can't seem to find the passage on the rulebook for this :[ The same as any other cylon. Are you allowed to activate a card/ability/choice if you do not meet the full/or partial requirements for it? example A crisis with a choice says A) "xyz" B) current player discards 4 cards. Are you allowed to choose option B if you do not have 4 cards to discard? what if I have 2, or zero cards? What if it's 2 players that discard cards, and neither player has any? or some combination enough/ not enough to meet the choices requirements? Another example would be a Quorum Card that does "xyz" and then discard 2 cards am I allowed to play this with no cards to discard? Yes, that's legal. This is more of a advise question then rules, but how does everyone treat secrecy in there games? We used to be more open on certain things not to the point of saying what we had, but more strong hinting at sort of style, but we switched to the more non discript style of the FAQ and most humans we play with come off shady as frak and I've come to notice cylons winning a higher percentage of our games with the rate of Civ ships on the game board and the odd number of our pilots becoming Cylons, the last push for victory is always down th the wire with at minimum 2 resources at 2 or less at the end of the game with everyone hoping someone did'nt forget a personal goal. I guess this is the excitement of the game, but I just find is semi difficult to weed out smart cylon players who stay hidden all game helping just enough 99% of the time, and know how to count the destiny deck (even when some humans will spike skill checks to throw them off) We play pretty close to the FAQ, using phrases like "a little" or "a lot."
  13. 1. One space. She's using Communications, so she still follows the limits that her ability doesn't specifically override. 2. Don't know. No boards handy. 3. That's up to your group. If your group has concerns about secrecy, the FAQ has very strict rules for what can and can't be shared. If you're group isn't too concerned with it, then any sort of unverifiable statements might be allowed. Or in other words, ask them.
  14. The first sentence is clear, you can play BotB when any viper attacks, not just your own. The rest of the cards use the standard English implied "you," so the one that plays it is the one who rolls the die, not the person you played it on. Kat could play it on another pilot and hot shot it (if it's her turn), but if the other player plays it on her she can't (regardless of whose turn it is).
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