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  1. CaptKhaos13

    1st edition

    So is anyone else playing the 1st edition of this still or am I the only one with a good copy of the original GW game. Just courious I plan on getting the new edition and the exps. for the hell of it but yeah still playing the 1st edition.
  2. That b-17 looks great! I was trying to find some models to use cause would like to come up with some p-38's and some other planes I haven't seen in the game yet got on the site you were talking about and didn't see much listed unless I was clicking on the wrong part
  3. Thanks for the response that is how we did it. I was going over the rules while we were going through it but just wanted to double check to make sure i didn't mess up. Thanks again
  4. Okay quick question I didn't see this in the rules at all and just wanted to make sure i was doing this right. The attacker moved into a woods section next to the defender who was in woods. the defender get the cover bonus of the woods but the attacker does not even though he is in a woods section is that correct. I didn't see anything in the rules about the attacker getting the cover bonus. If i didn't word this right my bad still in the middle of a game right now. thanks all
  5. Awesome paint jobs on the tanks and troops. I would love to do that with my mini's but don't have enough time and after playing a bunch of other mini games I am tired of painting. But they did look real good. If anyone knows where I can get the units but pre-painted let me know.
  6. Thanks for the response. I was thinking of something like that or using the memoir 44 idea for 6 players and have 2 people run the units on each side with the third person in the back helping out with strategy and other things just can't figure out what else the person in the back could be doing besides helping with strategy. We will be playing it tommorow I think there will be 5 of us so I might just sit back and let everyone else try it out and I will be helping with the rules and other questions people have since I am the rules guru for our group now that my old man has passed that torch on to me lol but thanks again for the response.
  7. Okay I picked up the game a few weeks ago and haven't had time to play yet cause of the holidays but I was wondering if anyone has any idea's on how I can make the game a 5-6 player game. My game group is kinda large and everyone normally always shows up and I feel bad if someone has to sit out for a game. Thanks for all comments and help with this question
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