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  1. Thanks for the insights people, guess we go back in there and try harder!
  2. So we played Descent several times now, and it takes much much MUCH longer then the 3 hours on the box. Last game we did quest 4 from JitD (vanilla), lets say it took 8 hours. Is this normal or are people just taking too long on their turns? The heroes did clear every room in the dungeon, and tend to kill everything in sight, till time started running out for them. Since eventually the OL got shitloads of threat and could basically play everything he drew. Last two quests went similar, any thoughts on how to bring down game hours? Its okay to spend a few hours on a game, but this way we can only play it on a saturday to have enough time or leave the board for another day. And not got anywhere close to doing two quests on one day. Kind regards
  3. Playing descent right now, Overlord pays spiked pit trap card, when a hero is moving towards a monster. He fails the dice roll, so hero falls in. Does his turn immediately end now? or is he allowed to spend what movement points he had left? In this case, he had 2 points left, used it to climb out of the pit, putting itself in an adjacent space, which was adjacent to a monster as well. Since he declared an advance, he proceeded to attack the monster. So is this allowed or does the falling in pit interfere in any other way then I just described? Thanks for the info!
  4. Many thanks for such elaborate answers! Seems we picked the right answer for most questions, but its better to be sure! We def played Command wrong. Cheers for clearing up the fogginess!
  5. Thanks for the quick Response dribbler! Quite helpful, only thing that keeps me puzzled is the Fear ability. So if a Monster can hit 4 heroes, one hero has the fear ability, the monster has no surge to overcome it on his dice, he misses everyone?! That makes sense, however if it should make sense, then one hero dodging should mean only that hero not getting hit either ;-D Btw, does the Commander gain the bonus as well? Usually with those sort of abilities, the one possessing it only radiates it, so it benefits others and not himself. But the desc is confusing that it seems to imply that the Commander gets the bonus as well.
  6. Dear Community, I got Descent JitD around christmas. Me and my friends played the first quest, everyone was excited about the game! Despite most things being crystal clear, there were instances where we could not interpet the rules to complete satisfaction. Hence a list of questions concerning situations that left us miffed at what to do precisely! Any insight from you more experienced players is greatly welcomed. Apologies if some questions should come across as obvious. If two sides question the rule printed, I just want to be safe rather then sorry! 1) Are heroes allowed to trade gold? We can find no direct mention of this anywhere. 2) Can you activate special abilities on heroes' items multiple times? E.g. a weapon has Pierce 2 for 1 surge, hero rolls 3 surges, can he accumulate the ability, making it Pierce 6? 3) How do you treat sold treasures? Do you make a discard pile or do you put them back in the general stock? The first seems fairer for heroes since they wont have a chance to draw the same 'useless' card again. The OL let them randomly draw from the appropriate treasure stack, so we didnt play drawing the first one, you could draw, reflecting the choice you have when shopping. 4) Can you cancel pierce damage with shields? We got a little discussion over this due to the text on shields and the description at the Pierce ability. We figured you can. 5) Do you keep getting bounty for killing an Undying master monster several times in a row? So it is the same monster who rises from the dead because the overlord meets the dice requirement. 6) Command ability: the description leaves us confused whether the command ability gives the possessor of the ability the bonus as well? And the three tiles range, do you start the count at the spot where the one with command ability stands? Thus effectively everything two spaces away from the 'Commander' receives the bonus or is it three spaces away? We felt three spaces in every direction would make it pretty powerful, esp for heroes. 7) When a monster with the Sweep ability hits several targets of which one has the Fear ability, does he miss everyone or just the one with Fear if not overcoming this ability? 8) Quickshot, the heroes pissed their pants when facing Manticores. Does quickshot let the monster move and attack twice? Or must the abide to heroes' turn rules, thus move and attack or choose to just attack twice? 9) Are you allowed when hitting someone with a Knockback to let the knockback end on a pit? Thus letting the target drop in a pit? To us it sounds perfectly plausible. 10) Do monster abilities cancel each other out? E.g. the hellhound has pierce and the breath attack. Does the pierce only count if he does a normal range attack or does it affect his breath attack as well? That's it! I hope someone can give us a few pointers. Thank you in advance for the assistance. Kind regards Maurits Pruysen
  7. Thanks again! So far we seem to feel the Midnight character has it too easy, esp if he gets Jahzir. The way to make it easier for the heroes, it lowers the threat roll for the Midnight Player, so thats not a viable option. We are going to try next without lowering it and making it easier with the good for the heroes. To shorten the game and even the odds we almost always use the normal Runebound variant where heroes have to spend 1 less experience counter on stat upgrades. At least the game times become manageable this way. Maybe our heroes are still doing something wrong. I guess you really have to barter a lot to gain quick upgrades to your gear. The ones included in Midnight tend to have trouble with the green challenges. Some are pretty hefty compared to normal Runebound.
  8. Thank you Rivan for the quick response! I know what you mean. Whilst playing you really start to doubt yourself. Loads of times I browsed through the rules but couldnt answer the questions asked by my friends. So any stuff you found out, I would love to hear. Overall the game seems a nice hybrid of Descent and Runebound. Thats why I got it, to see if my friends would enjoy one evil player versus heroes, before buying Descent.
  9. Dear Community, Quite recently I got my hands on a Midnight expansion pack. The rules are quite different from the basic Runebound set. Going through the rules of the expansion, to our regret, some things remained unclear. So we had some questionmarks whilst playing the game. I was hoping to find some answers on this forum! It mostly concerns matters not elaborately addressed in the rules that came with the game. First question concerns the Barter step in a City: -You are near a city, succesfully enter one and have dice to spare. Can you do a barter step in the city now and after that do the market step? Or must you only do a market step? Second question concerns being knocked out: -If you are knocked out, do you keep your unspent experience counters? Then there is the threat value: -Is there anyway for the players to increase the roll for the Midnight King player or is it set at the start of the game using any of the alternative plays? In our first play through it seemed that the threat level raised fairly quickly opposed to the heroes gaining levels and items. Finally a question about the mechanics concerning Jahzir: -The description of his shadow power is rather vague. It mentions putting gold counters somewhere when upgrading his power (and incidentally the threat). Where do these gold counters go precisely and what is their purpose? Seems to us his ability is really powerful, the cost fairly low. So we figured we dont grasp it entirely. I hope someone can clarify things a bit! It looks like a great game! But as said, while playing we felt we were doing things wrong, and the rules didnt help out. The Midnight player seemed seriously at an advantage. Heroes had great difficulty gaining their first few levels. Any pointers on making it more balanced from people who are seasoned players are greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance. Kind regards. Maurits
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