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  1. All this question's gonna be of the new set 4:

    If i play olimpia and i hv olimpus coliseum does that mean i get +6 atk or i get the 3 support from the olimpia cause i played the world?

    Genie text say u can play it if u control a aladdin so i can play it with a aladdin lv2?

    Yuffie effects only works when u play it or can i keep using it in the next's turns?

    Pegasus say if i play olimpus coliseum card it mean theme's or only world?

    Leon works exactly lke Pegasus?

    To equip Oblivion with a Valor effect i hv to still discard a card or that only works with Roxas?

    I have Selphie and  Kairi on the field i use the effect of both but if the named card is not what i said i hv to draw 2 cards or selphie just works at the beggining of kairi's effects?

    If i wanna put a Triton, first i need to have a lv 1 friend right?

    Its seem obvious but just for be sure, if i play a one hundred acre wood and hv a tigger and a winnie lv0 (ADA) and use them in a challenge they works lke Sephiroth?

    If someone hv a world where only i can place a heartless, can i play Queen Of Hearts?

    Just a few question's i know lol, but i just wanna be sure, well thanks guy's ~^

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