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  1. Hey Digi im back, sorry for not let u know any update of me, but im ready to play tcg, now im just gonna finnish my deck of set4 alot of strategies that i have, well see you later pal ~^
  2. Hey those bags that u wanna sell are from which set? and theres gonna be SRU or at least good cards in those bags?
  3. Do you know if GameWizard have the new set(4)? and do you know if there gonna be tournament soon?
  4. How do i get to GenCon if im not live there?, do i hv to buy airplane pass or GenCon pick players around the world?
  5. Na its kk Kiro, hey do you get news about the effects of Pegasus or Leon?
  6. Yeah but the queen of hearts of this new set (4) say this count as two dark villain its doesn't matter about the world limit?
  7. Really thanks Kiro ~^ about the last one i mean when u play a monstro lv1 limit1 heartless can be played there if i choose to play queen of hearts cause she counts like two dark villians, it means counts two spaces of the world heartless limit?
  8. All this question's gonna be of the new set 4: If i play olimpia and i hv olimpus coliseum does that mean i get +6 atk or i get the 3 support from the olimpia cause i played the world? Genie text say u can play it if u control a aladdin so i can play it with a aladdin lv2? Yuffie effects only works when u play it or can i keep using it in the next's turns? Pegasus say if i play olimpus coliseum card it mean theme's or only world? Leon works exactly lke Pegasus? To equip Oblivion with a Valor effect i hv to still discard a card or that only works with Roxas? I have Selphie and Kairi on the field i use the effect of both but if the named card is not what i said i hv to draw 2 cards or selphie just works at the beggining of kairi's effects? If i wanna put a Triton, first i need to have a lv 1 friend right? Its seem obvious but just for be sure, if i play a one hundred acre wood and hv a tigger and a winnie lv0 (ADA) and use them in a challenge they works lke Sephiroth? If someone hv a world where only i can place a heartless, can i play Queen Of Hearts? Just a few question's i know lol, but i just wanna be sure, well thanks guy's ~^
  9. Can Merlin discard Magic/Friends and negate his effects?
  10. I dont understand the effect well, can someone make an example please??? thanks guys~^
  11. yeap, i will let you know if i will go with the offer, and thanks...~^
  12. king triton $15.00 and Aerith $10.00?
  13. $5.00 for Chip n Dale, what you think?...
  14. Do you have Cloud, Aerith, chip and dale, goofy lv4, donald lv4, the King, king triton, Sephiroth, and one hundrend acre wood? how much each one?
  15. Hey do you send the cards that i sent you, cause i recieve the cards that i sent you, give me your address again to junito_935@hotmail.com cause something is weird, let me know...~^
  16. well you want him and beast lv3 set2 for her?...
  17. Can i have a fairy god for a herc lv3 set3?
  18. Im interested in daisy promo, what you think of a stealth sneak for her?, let me know...~^
  19. Thanks pal i got the cards today and is kk about the wait...~^ PriesTnSora +1
  20. Thanks Morbid i got the cards...~^ Morbid+1
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